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Highlights #591

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Friday January 12, 2001


Advaita or nonduality is a name or symbol, just as a teaching is a
symbol. Everything I'm drawn to is a symbol for nothingness and in
everything is a symbol for nothingness, which is a symbol for something
else. Everything stands for something else. Nothing is what it is.
That's the dream. Because everything is nothing other than what it is.
Then flying out of the dream comes, like Neo in The Matrix. It's not
that the dream or the Matrix is unreal. It's that everything becomes
real, or what it is.



Hi Ron,

Nice to meet you. I understand Metta is a very good and penetrating
person to come into close communication with.


The REAL reason NDS hompage is so big!

IT comes from big big Mind, not from small mind.
Those illusory creatures who are 'still in' small mind
find the page way to big.

Actually, Jerry is way to advanced to be a programmer?!?!

I love the NDS home page. It is a fluid space that constantly changes.
The links in the page inevitably lead one back to the home.

All grace and beauty to Jerry and Dolores for creating the NDS Salon
and home pages.
Love eternal-Michael

Hi Michael,

Thank you for remembering Dolores. When I'd sit in my room with books
and notebooks all around, staring out the window, knowing nobody, it was
always Dolores who had the confidence that there'd be a reaching out and
contact. "Yeah, well maybe so, Dear," I'd say. "You wait and see," she'd



C Harrington wrote:

If I answer it.... dualism pops up again......but I will type
word/symbols for the fun of it anyway.
The "I" for which I am searching is the subjective knower who cannot
become the object of its own knowledge. It is obvious, then, that "I" can
never know who "I" am.

> It looks like I can't know whether I am or not.
> It looks like the idea that I am has no basis in observation.
> andrew

We cannot observe the the observing self; but, we can experience it
directly. It has no defining qualities, no boundaries, no dimensions. It
is not an object.
Beyond the observing self is unperceived, inthinkable and
indescribable---This is Atman (or IT). In short, the inner "I" (atman)
cannot be described in terms of anything known. Every time we attempt such
a description, it retreats before us: as the Upanishads put it, Neti
neti---"Not this, not that." For the mind can never formulate a rational
idea of what transcends reason---*pure consciousness*---any more than light
can illumine itself or fire burn itelf or teeth bite itself. Pure
consciousness is like light. Since it is idea-less, image-less, and
concept-less, it is able to to entertain ideas, images or concepts; *yet* it
cannot be described in terms of *any* of these. Just as light is the
object-less ground of illumined objects, the knower is the un-known ground
of all that is known.
The Theravadan Buddhists describe this state as neither perception nor
non-perception. The Taoists say simply "Isness", but "that whereby we
perceive". The Upanishads say "Thou art That". It is One without a second.



Here all along, nobody has named me

Here all along, just with
no name, no self-reflective
sense of having a presence.

Presence itself never knows itself
as having a presence.

Believing that I can have a presence,
I take a name and give names
to everything. Now, this presence
can make its presence felt, and
distance has been created.

When background and foreground
are the same, there is no distance,
and I don't need or have a name.



tried and tried to know myself
looked exactly

(finding nothing is the great surprise!) yet

joy of joys and

wonder of wonders

i am always here

in playful silence,

Beam me up, Wolfie.
Turn me over, this side is done --

I'm unfolding by enfolding.

No more to be seen, I'm everywhere now.
Everywhere now, I'm only nothing.

I'm snowing.
Let's go and play in me.

Here's a godhat for the godhead.
I'll be a cloud drifting through.
I'll be the drifts and then through.

Ah, it's good to be through.
Really through.


P.S. Which hat do you want?
Bartholomew knew.


(note: here "the above" has no reference to previous post by Dan)

If you really believe the above (you are serious), then you're
operating under a very deep fallacy: The fallacy of "spiritual

Nobody is ahead or behind anyone else, except maybe as far as "head-
knowledge" goes (which is worthless).

If you are a "seeker," PLEASE understand that until that seeking
ends, one way or another, your "path" is taking place on a
treadmill. Walking, you go nowhere.

There is nowhere to go. Understanding this is to "gain" EVERYTHING.
To "miss" (as Osho is so fond of saying) is to founder like a
drowning man, forever (eternally) tossed about on the waves of the
illusion "someday, but not now."




Hello Everyone,

I believe I have just had a deeper understanding about this whole
situation. That has come and gone before me a hundred times. But
this time its gone deeper. More meaningful. And basically that is,
that there is no one to understand what being enlightened is all about
No one to get or hold onto any understanding about it. Or that there
is even a deeper place to understand from.

So simple yet is so powerful the illusion that the one who asks
these questions is already one and the same with the answer.

This is beautifully said. And 'yes?' is the fuel for other


TERRY MURPHY sour miso

from Paul Reps, "Zen Flesh, Zen Bones"


The cook monk Dairyo, at Bankei's monastery,
decided that he would take good care of his old
teacher's health and give him only fresh miso, a
paste of soy beans mixed with wheat and yeast
that often ferments. Bankei, noticing that he was
being served better miso than his pupils, asked:
"Who is the cook today?"
Dairyo was sent before him. Bankei learned
that according to his age and position he should
eat only fresh miso. So he said to the cook: "Then
you think I shouldn't eat at all." With this he en-
tered his room and locked the door.
Dairyo, sitting outside the door, asked his
teacher's pardon. Bankei would not answer. For
seven days Dairyo sat outside and Bankei within.
Finally in desperation an adherent called
loudly to Bankei: "You may be all right, old
teacher, but this young disciple has to eat.
He cannot go without food forever!"
At that Bankei opened the door. He was smil-
ing. He told Dairyo: "I insist on eating the same
food as the least of my followers. When you be-
come the teacher I do not want you to forget

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