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Highlights #603

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Saturday, January 27

dear one,

all desires

in the sweetest and fiercest desire

fulfill it



There is no effort because
awareness itself does not strive,
and it is awareness itself
that is awoken into.

There is intensive effort because
most of us seem to require exhausting
all of our resources
before the essential
giving up.

There is effort because
imagination stops short of

There is no effort because
dreams about the struggles
to be what we are not
is what we are awakening from.

There is no effort because
the Work
is only a slight shift of awareness
from mind activity
to silent beingness.

There is both effort and no effort
until the choice
becomes obvious,

and until choice




There is the humming of Beingness. Some call it 'the life force'
-- some call it I AM.

Beyond that is the witness of that Beingness. That witness is
the Absolute.

When the 'desire to be' is gone, the Absolute only IS. The
desire to BE is the root desire. All others branch from this

Careful... if the Beingness goes, the body dies or becomes a
robot. U.G. Krishnamurti calls it a 'calamity.'

"You" don't want enlightenment. You don't want it. That's why
you feel you don't have it.

You have got to go. The root-cause of 'you' is 'the desire to be

Investigate the humming. The body is humming with 'life-force'.
It is prior to 'me', it is consciousness.

Consciousness is universal, but sustained by the body.
Consciousness = Having a form.

All forms are conscious.

Who were you 6 months before your conception?

Find out. Nothing else matters.




Is the purpose for spiritual practice to allocate one's time to
be engaged in something one feels is more uplifting or through
which practice one will achieve better mental and physical
balance and higher states of consciousness? Or is the purpose to
realize one's Non-Dual Self, That which is at the substratum of
all experiences and in which all experiences are felt to be

If the purpose is the latter, then coupled with all practices
and meditations one should remain aware of who experiences the
practice, the visions, the flows of energy, activities and

An enquiry should be maintained as to who sees and from where
the seeing arises, to recollect the seer (that part which is the
source of seeing) in all experiences.

In the Yoga Sutras of Patenjali, the third aphorism is "The
purpose of yoga is to isolate the seer." The Seer is the Atman,
one's own True Self, devoid of the images that appear in the
field of consciousness. The Seer is the "I AM" that is mentioned
as the Name or First Name of God in all Religions, which abides
singly as Self, as That Consciousness (beyond time and space)
that Lights each of us and the entire Universe in all its
dimensions and planes throughout all time.

As one practices various spiritual disciplines: sets of kriyas,
postures, pranayamas, meditations, mudras, or practices of
non-judgement, forgiveness, prayers, chants, sitting in
stillness - the organs and glands and nerves (nadis) and psychic
centers begin to purify and build up a charge, such that the
mind comes into a single balance, and electromagnetic stillness,
where there is a complete harmony devoid of any imbalance in all
action and reaction. In this balance, there is a linkage sensed
in the core of one's being between the individual and the
Universal, wherein one's True Being is discovered to always have
been in the Universal.

This Universal Consciousness, one's True Self, is the Light that
we see by. Therefore, in all practices there should be an
awareness as to where the Light one sees by originates.

This Seer, one's True Self, is that part of every thought and
experience, where one says and has the impression of "I am ...
this and that." and "This and that image and experience and
object of attention are mine."

When one is able to always enquire as to the source of this "I"
- the seer in every practice, the Seer, or that "I" which is at
the substratum of all that is seen, similar to the self
illuminated screen on which a film or slide appears, or the pure
diamond which takes on the color of the images it is places
against, begins to manifest a churning in all the nerves, which
begins to dissolve the notion and idea now prevalent in the mind
that the sense of "I" is related to the images appearing in the
mind and related sensations in the body. One begins to abide as,
what one might call, one's Diamond Body, and as the sense of "I"
is distilled from the mind, the body/mind dissolve in
all-pervasive radiance of Self.

At that time all the images in the mind, including the psychic
centers and attention to all experiences seem to fade into
brightness, similar to the light illuminating a picture on a
screen is increased resulting in the picture brightening to
white. The sense of "I" in relation to images dissolves and one
abides in the Singularity of one's own True Self.

When one recognizes that the purpose of the practice is to
isolate the seer, and one first begins to enquire into that part
that sees, i.e., the subject "I" versus the object of focus of
attention, there may be the idea, as one extrapolates back, that
it is someplace in the middle of the head. But it turns out that
it is in the same location as where we point to when we say "I",
which is to say, in the right side of the chest in the synod or
pacemaker of the heart. When this Center (not a chakra or
psychic center), the Hrdayam, is felt, it begins to pulsate "I"
as "I" in a nerve between the Hrdayam and Sahasrara (brain).
This pulsation of the Self dissolves the idea that the images
impressions and experiences in the mind and body are related to
the Self.

There is an inversion in Consciousness, where, before there was
an outer focus of attention, the outer including all inner
experiences, after attention itself has been relinquished, and
one abides as single simple Self pervading and prevailing over
everything. What one was seeking through spiritual practice has
found the seeker, and the seeker discoveries that It is their
own True Self.

In reality, the one calling themselves the seeker, engaging in
various spiritual practices, cannot find the Self, but by always
enquiring into the subject "I" - the part that sees, a link is
established such that as the body begins to come into
electromagnetic stillness, which balances and polarizes the body
in the heart, the True Heart suddenly reveals Itself as always
awake, and there is a sudden recollection of one's True Self.
One becomes the essence of the (Sikh) Mool Mantra and abides
singly as That.

The mantra of anyone realizing their Self might be:
Blesses am I
In freedom and I
I am the infinite
in my soul
I can find no beginning
no end
All is my Self
All is my Self



OD: If the idea seems appealing, it's a good idea (although
'quality teachers' are hard to come by these days, even in India
and such).

MF: yes, even in Mother India. And equally rare are "quality
students". There just aren't any Milarepas around today.

OD: If a person tends to be a loner and is the type to 'go it
alone' then it's quite possible to discover the 'inner Guru'
(some call that Grace) and follow only that. The only purpose of
an outer guru is to awaken the inner guru.

MF: First off, i wouldn't say that the only purpose of the outer
guru is to awaken the inner guru. As far as being a loner type,
sure there are those who are organically disposed to that
"path", though for the vast vast majority, it is just a part of
psychology, of conditioning, more strategy to avoid "death".
Everyone needs Help. External help, from other people. Even the

MF: I would say that the surface play is as much Reality as
anything else.

OD: Depends on your definition of 'Reality'. And what you think
"is" is <grin>.

MF: What shows up on the "surface" is the indication of how well
what is "below the surface" is integrated. There is no

OD: True, but what's *BELOW* "below the surface?" Whatever That
is, it is integrated, it has ALWAYS BEEN integrated, nothing
needs to be done to 'integrate it'!! If what's 'below the
surface' (a different definition in your case than in mine)
isn't "integrated" then one needs to see a psychologist and
engage in talk therapy, not pursue the 'spiritual'.

MF: Ok, i am in no way talking psychology. Though i do think
most people can use a good therapist for a while. We are both
talking about the same thing "below the surface" (i think). Call
it I AM, This, Just This, It, Is-ness, Oneness, God, That,
Godhead, whatever. It really isn't below any surface, there
really is no surface to be below, but we are into that analogy.
Whatever we call it, the nature of identification, of the
illusion of separation, does not allow the expression of this in
human form. So to me this is the integration needed. Integrating
the truth of the Nondual Reality, with our activity, our speech,
our very breath. You said in a recent post, "it would *never*
happen that anyone here on the list would kill or physically
harm another member, among those who have even once glimpsed
'the true nature'". This is an example of the integration of
"the true nature" which is "below the surface" with our actions,
though i would say that one glimpse is not enough. The
integration takes some time.



The journey to theWay is one of eliminating beliefs, opinions,
and labels that do not apply to and are not required by your own
person which is identified as theSelf independant of all other
things (including the sense of self).

This is the 'essence of being' without need, desire, or craving
for validation or value. It is self-evident... or not. The 'ego
traps' are here.

<hint: rather than offer your beliefs, opinions, and labels to
others, ignore these personal 'perceptions and judgements' as
you are either an excellent living example of you or not; there
is no need for discussion and there is no in-between. Simple.>

If done correctly, only the issues of life and death will remain
to reconcile. Consider, 0=1, nothing containing all things and
nothing yet, nothing and all things are not contained by any
'single thing'.

Time exists to get you from here to there but is disconnected
from any concepts you may or may not have regarding living and
dying. All time is perfect and can not be changed once it is

Try this at home with a partner or in a student/teacher model.
Ask questions that do not refer to or require the responder to
describe, provide an opinion of, label or compare people.


PS... My Super Bowl Prediction? The commercials are going to be


"What is" : beyond assertion
or denial, affirmation or
negation ...

Disillusionment is the door.
Nothingness is the keyhole.
The boundary of thought is the key.

The final teaching was given
in "Ghostbusters":
"I am the keymaster and
you are the gatekeeper" ...

Insert key in keyhole, turn:
ying and yang never separated,
as the entire universe
neither is nor is not ...



I hereby announce satsang
which takes place this moment,
which is this presence neither
mine nor yours,
which is beginningless and endless,
and which the entire universe is
attending as we speak ...


I never used to bite my nails
until I started participating
in this list.

But it's okay -- my nails
are also growing twice
as fast as they used
to ...


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