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Friday February 2, 2001

CHRISTIANA sends first "episode of the salon"

Images playing with this line, while standing inline at the post office:

"X-Apparently-To: [email protected]"

In the wee hours before dawn, a group of yahoos met at the local salon for no apparent reason other than
to play poole and hang out in the alien-freezone of non duality.

Drinking the infamous HeBrew, with the pithy slogan "Don't pass over, pass out", they inquired into the
appearance of alien movement in the pinball machine and it's potential effect on their poole cues. Poole
being a consummate matrix game of appearance-disappearance (based on cue's position) any alien
movement was cause for deep inquiry.

Jerry, the intrepid salon owner and erstwhile comictender, told them to "nevermind" the cue; that poole
had a way of arising it's own mastery. Yet the yahoos kept the brew alive, not to contest the mastery, but
from a need to hold and open the game space together.

Sarlo was going to give the joint a 4 star rating, but he got waylaid as he stepped outside for a smoke and
was overtaken instead by a pack of white wolves. The wolves lead him to the deep sand shore where they
together witnessed the wind from Michael's laughter generating waves which threatened to capsize Mark's
boat. Mary, of course, held the ballast in stay.

Back in the parlor, Gloria, wearing only one sandal, served stabilizing wisdom crackers and tea to the
excited guys at the pinball machine, inviting them to sit It out for a bit.

Here, in the wall-less salon, you'll find spiders and doctors and fish with gills; riverdwellers with deep sand
shores; melodic tunes for movement dancers; canaries gazing in countenanceless mirrors; and ordinary
yahoos just being with none other.

Suddenly the wind, from the howl outside, blows open the door and in come the master poole players.
The pinball guys step back in awe. Maybe they'll finally get some answers to the alien movement.

But the masters know their game, and no minor pinball glitzch is going to call their cue.

baited breathfully, all abide... till one by one, the clear glass balls on the poole table spill into pockets of
laughter. xc-it clears the space with simple runes carved on lithographic limestone; as the dawn arises on
Dan's matin verse.


ED & GENE go "beyond enter and return"


Greetings, Ed... you replied to me:

>Hi Gene, you said in response to:
>"Essentially what I am suggesting in my post, what I am experiencing
>now, is encountering the tonal presence of others when responding to
>their messages. I experience this as a Stream...of consciousnes that
>flows from the Still Point through the Central
>integrate with my essence, emerging as a bodymind emanation, an
>awareness-energy field called "us". Are you tuning in to this?"
>G. Yes, of course. It is my constant experience, similar to what you describe.
>E. It's gratifying to hear this Gene. The nature of this "process"
>is rarely discussed so it is difficult to know whether others are
>"tuned in" or understand it.

Ed, my attempts to 'understand it' have not (yet?) borne fruit. I do
see that the nature of the Being does include many very fine powers,
including what is referred to as 'psychic'. It is too bad that this
word has become associated with outlandish and irrelevant concepts,
'because' it is essentially central to my experience as 'a Being'.

My experience is that I am a gigantic spotlight, able to illuminate
anything I put my attention upon. Perhaps you have had a similar
experience, to a degree.

Chief among the useful information disseminated by the ancient
masters, is similar to what Carl G Jung warned; "Do not identify with
an archetype". By this, I refer to also, the Yogic precepts which
instruct to beware of being seduced by any developing 'Sidhe' or
Yogic 'super-power'.

I advise to reserve coming to any conclusions concerning your
developing awareness; please allow this development to occur, aside
from any conclusions. In a sense, you can consider yourself 'along
for the ride'. Eventually, you may have the experience of having
'your identity' revealed as a very minor player in this whole thing.
Thus, the advise to 'not identify'. Another way of saying, is to take
on faith, that there is no 'do-er', but "G-d".

>I should think a space where one can resonate in abidance with
>others, especially when one is having some difficulty "being there",
>would be of significant value. I would also think an open door for
>discussing any residual issues would be beneficial too.

Yes. From my POV, what is going on, is 'just about residual issues'.
Each aspect of 'Karma' that is up, is to be dealt with. This is the
real issue, from my POV. But this is the short way of saying
something, that is very complex. It is all about allowing the natural
development of the Being; a major part of this allowance, is to
realize what I call 'abiding' as the central attitude. To allow what
happens to occur, and to also see it as a language that must be
learned. Like, if you were to go to a place where a language was
spoken, which you did not understand. To understand this new
language, is possible, if one allows the 'total immersion' method.
This is what I advise; allow total immersion in the flow of 'what
is', and seek to learn that (first) it is a language, and (second) to
learn this language. In the jargon of Vajrayana, what you are looking
at is called 'Display'.

>I seem to be heading in that direction and appreciate observations
>from different perspectives.
>Thanks, Ed

Livingly yours,

==Gene Poole==

DAN on Kali and archetypes


Jung thought that archetypes,
being more powerful than ego,
were capable, once "triggered"
by activity in an individual's
psyche, to "possess" that ego
for the duration of that one's

In other words, once the archetype
is triggered, it will influence
unconscious meaning-making
until one dies -- according to Jung.

One has no choice about identifying
with the archetype, as it makes
itself always inherent in the identity
once its formulation is "accessed".
Kind of like a megavirus just waiting
to be invited in by some activity of
a computer. A virus that won't
destory the computer's operation,
just continually influence certain
basic directions and ways of interpreting

The only way "out" at this point is "further
down and in" --
By which I mean, not fighting the archetype,
but discovering one's nonseparation with
the Source of the archetype -- in synch
with your statement that going along
for the ride is inevitable ...

And by saying this, I'm in synch also
with the direction of your statement
about the truth of "no-doer" ... yet saying
here that this only "works" if it is
not taken on faith, but is *known*
as one's being, hence allowing nonconflict
with any archetypal activation.

As this *knowing*, one is beyond the
map that Jung provided, for there is
no ego-center here, and that is why
archetypes are not a concern here.

The great archetype of the Dark Mother,
(e.g., Kali), which Jung discussed as
wreaking havoc for some of his clients,
is also a doorway to the Unknown (as
Ramakrisha proclaimed) and actually
fully through the doorway, one is
beyond any archetype, be it Kali,
Jesus, or God.

Kali is the great destroyer
of illusions, and the Christian religion
suffers from lack of this important aspect
of female energy (found in Qabala, and
hence available to Christian Qabalists) --
once possessed by her
there is no way out but through ;-) --

Oh Mama,

-- Dan



--- In [email protected], "Michael Read" wrote:
> September, 1999, my car was vandalized. It is a nice little red
> Chrysler LeBaron convertible with a white top. I awoke one morning
> to find that the top had been slashed. No big deal. It is just a
> car.
> At the auto store I found some vinyl tape to try and fix the cut.
> When I told the checker why I wanted the tape, she grabbed her
> stomach and doubled over in pain. Several friends of mine exhibited
> the same symptoms when told about the vandalism. They appeared to
> be in extreme pain and it wasn't even thier car!

> Whatever we think we possess is transitory.

What if such thinking isn't present?

> Whether it is our car, our house, our body, our neurosis, our very
> life. It is an illusion.

The "thinking we possess it" is illusion. The entity who thinks it
possesses it is illusion. The attachment is illusion.

Whether the items themselves (bodies, trees, cars, ad infinitum)
are 'illusions' or not, you may wish to take up with a philosopher.
That is no longer of interest here.

> Wait a minute!!!! I just said everything was an illusion and
> everything is god!!! What the f**k?!?!?

Exactly. What the f**k? :-). What difference does it make, if the
attachment is not there, if the entity who thinks it possesses is not

When the need for the 'illusion vs. Reality' concepts is over, it is
over. "Illusion" and "Reality" are conceptual modes, useful if there
is attachment. If there is not attachment, these words mean nothing.

Advice to all readers: It may be unwise to switch attachments
from 'the material' to 'the spiritual'. It may not be wise to merely
change concepts from "the world is real" to "the world is illusion."
This is simply replacing one set of concepts with another.




The man pulling radishes

pointed the way

with a radish.
Issa Kobayashi



Let's look at this closely.
The only reason that reality
seems "meaningless" is
because we assume there
is a meaning to be given to it.

With that assumption, either
we manage to impose a
meaning (which is
a projection of the past,
of memory and associations
around a center in thought)
or we aren't able to impose
a meaning and feel we are
living with a meaningless
reality and situation.

That still involves a subject and
an object, a "me" and a "reality"
which is meaningless.

And this "me" -- what is it except
for the attempt to impose meaning?
If there is full dropping away of even
the intent to have meaning, or the
assumption that the can be a
contructed meaning, where is the "me"?

When the "me" is not, reality has no
meaning, but it is not meaningless.
It doesn't lack meaning.
In fact, one could say that it is
"meaning" itself - "meaning" that
doesn't point to anything nor to
anywhere outside of, or other
than itself.


Hola, Terry!

No sensei here.
Just a word-typing
apparatus ;-)

> > Hi Terry,
> >
> > Let's look at this closely.
> > The only reason that reality
> > seems "meaningless" is
> > because we assume there
> > is a meaning to be given to it.
>OK, so far. I get this. This meaning is something we construct.

Yes. Another way to say this is that meaning constructs
itself by assuming there is a meaning. That assumption
is the "me" that seems to be there to impose (construct)

>Meaningless only arises in opposition to meaning.

Yes. Meaninglessness is the negation of
meaning, implying its lack. So meaninglessness,
by negating, affirms the possibility of meaning,
by negating that possibility.

>So in some sense,
>meaninglessness must be the first step in every inquiry, since I
>assume that just about everyone starts off with some kind of
>constructed meaning about reality. So this is not such a bad thing.
>Its the proverbial first step in the journey.


There aren't many steps.
There is one step, which
isn't really a step.
A step goes from here to there.
This doesn't.
The first step is the last step.

In terms of "constructed meaning"
the only step is when there
fully is no meaning, hence
no meaning lacking,
no "meaninglessness".

> > That still involves a subject and
> > an object, a "me" and a "reality"
> > which is meaningless.
>OK. You guys go so fast. After the first step, now we get to
>deconstruct what we constructed, including self and other. Or at
>least look into it to see what it is.

There's no "after the first step".
The "first step" ends
"before and after" ...

What I'm discussing above is
just pointing to what there
is no pointing to --
to what the "first step"
actually is -- it's not to say
that I'm describing something that
would "happen" after a
first step.

Because there is "now" no
before or after, there is
no first step - this is the
first step.

> > And this "me" -- what is it except
> > for the attempt to impose meaning?
>Or what this "me" considers to be "meaning". So I create meaning,
>which by some magic, creates me in turn, in the attempt to create or
>impose meaning. Wonderful.

Look at this closely.
Don't assume there necessarily
is someone who can look.
"Looking is" ...

If/as "looking is" ...

The dichotomy of meaning/meaninglessness
is clarified as conceptualization only.
Conceptualization is meaning-making.

And yes, this same kind of dichotomy
is there with "I" the meaning-maker
and the-meaning-that-is-made.

The meaning implies the maker of the
meaning, and vice versa.

If/as "looking is" ... the dichotomy is
apparent -- the dichotomy can't
sustain itself. There is no ground
for it. The meaning-maker only
is, if there is meaning being made,
and meaning being made only is,
if there is a meaning-maker
(i.e., a reference point for what is
meaningful, to whom something
means something).

> > If there is full dropping away of even
> > the intent to have meaning, or the
> > assumption that there can be a
> > contructed meaning, where is the "me"?
> >
> > When the "me" is not, reality has no
> > meaning, but it is not meaningless.
> > It doesn't lack meaning.
> > In fact, one could say that it is
> > "meaning" itself - "meaning" that
> > doesn't point to anything nor to
> > anywhere outside of, or other
> > than itself.

>Again, here you have made a gigantic leap. Dropping me and pointing
>to "what is". That's the way to do it. You must be the Michael
>Jordan of non-dual pointing out. Thanks. Terry.

Yes. It's more than a giant leap.
It's suddenly "inconceivability"
in all directions, but without

Suddenly, there is nothing to
any kind of conceivability.

A concept can arise, but it
has no ground anywhere.

It's like a giant building floating
in air with no support.

But describing what it's like
is extremely limited - all
there are available are
metaphors and pointers.
And *it*'s not like anything,
nothing represents it,
and pointing has no "meaning" ;-)

But, you *know* all this.

Your *knowing* is the only reason
that any of this even seems
to make any sense at all.

Now, suddenly, your *knowing* is
alone, all that is.

There is nothing to make sense of.

Making sense of anything is simply
"back" to the "one step-no step".

The reason this is more than a leap
is that it is not possible that
meaning has ever been constructed.

Suddenly, *knowing*.

No meaning maker, no meaning
ever *really* took any stage.

The stage is only the appearance
of the ghosts of meaning and meaning-maker,
a cognitive arising that has nowhere to
arise, because the only validation for the
arising is the "validator" who is there
because what is "being validated" assumes
and is assumed by the "validator" (and vice versa).

Suddenly, Michael Jordan and hoop are frozen
as he is in mid-air. He has nowhere to come
down, nor can he go back. There is no
way to close the gap between the ball and

Everything is still. There is no motion.

"Now" Michael moves, the ball swooshes
through the hoop. Everything "continues".

Only, there is no "Michael" in Michael.

There is no viewer.

Movement "happens" -- but as
there is neither meaning nor no-meaning,
one could as easily say "what happens?"

Causality is undone "now", except as
a language convention.
Memory is undone "now", except
as a perceptual convention.

All these here word-trick pointers serve no
purpose. Their purposelessness is
the fact of the exact meaning-no meaning
dichotomy which is where we started.

We are back at the one-step, only step,
non-step ...

Thanks for sharing your sincere inquiry,

-- Dan


But what could a teacher possibly teach?:)
Another series of do's and dont's
A list of what to think or what not to think
Another variant of "you are +that+ already
A new series of power stretching workouts

Moldy old wine in newly perfumed sacks
That yet could be tasty when poured with Love
But just moldy without...

There is nothing to add...
What could a teacher teach but
to ~learn~ from "whatever happens?"
Which is "what is".

But those calling themselves "teacher"
would they know what that means?
So what is taught?

Another series of do's and dont's
A list of what to think or what not to think
Another variant of "you are +that+ already
A new series of power stretching workouts

When the Buddha was teaching, Buddhism was flowering
When Sankara was teaching, Advaita was flowering
The teacher was the teaching...

What do a fishing rod and a lineage have in common?
Both start with a handle
But from there only get thinner...

Happy exercising folks,
at least it's good against depression...


Friday, Feb 2
Psalm 109 [p. 233-234]

Be not silent, O You whom
I praise!
Many are the fears that envelop me,
causing me to act without
I become boastful that others may
not see me tremble,
and I speak ill even of my
In return, I become alientated from
those who love me, and
from You to whom I pray.
Hear my plea, O Compassionate One,
in your mercy, come to my aid.

You appoint an angel to watch
over me,
to protect me as I face
my fears.
As I meet temptations, You strengthen me;
my faith and courage increase.
May the day dawn, when I become
like the eagle,
and soar to lofty heights!
May I break the fetters of fear and
welcome peace into my heart!
May I grow in wisdom and abandon
my self
to You with radical trust, and
may I suffer willingly to reach
maturity of soul!

May I open myself to change;
to being guided by the Spirit;
may I risk the unknown and
live into the Mystery!
Awaken me to the holy, to the divinity
of all creation;
O, that I might honor the sacredness
of all life!
May all the resentment and bitterness
that live in me
be transformed by your Love!
Help me to recognize the unmet needs that
have turned to desire and lust;
create a clean heart within me!
Let all that has been stored in secret
come forth into the radiance
of your Light;
O, wash away my hidden faults!

For You are kind and merciful,
ever searching for ready hearts,
and comforting those who cry
out to You!
Implant your gifts within my spirit,
that I might offer them out
to those in need!
For, I long to do your Will, to
co-create in joy,
to become a beneficent presence
in the world!
Become like a garment wrapped
around me,
clothe me in the raiment
of your love!

>>>> + <<<<

Lectio Movements

1. Read the Scripture passage for the first time. (It helps to read it
aloud softly.) What phrase, sentence or even one word stands out
to you? Begin to repeat that phrase, sentence, or word over and
over, allowing it to settle deeply in your heart. Do any insights
begin to arise? Do not expand these insights right now; this can
be done at a later time. Simply return to the repetition of the
phrase, sentence, or even one word, savoring it in your heart.

2. Relish these words; let them resound in your heart. Read the
passage as often as you wish, learning these words by heart as
you continue to repeat them in your mind.

3. Let an attitude of quiet receptiveness permeate the prayer time,
an openness to a deeper hearing of the Word of God.

4. As you continue to "listen" to this phrase, sentence, or even one
word, a prayer may arise spontaneously in response. Offer that
prayer, then return to repeating the word in your heart.

5. When you find that you move beyond the meaning of the phrase,
sentence or word to the gift of the divine presence of the Word, rest
in God as long as the Presence or attraction remains.

Note: These steps are not separate, but flow into each other.
There is no hurry to finish any particular chapter or verse; it is more
important to listen deeply to God's word to you at this moment.

To extend the practice: After the resting, take the phrase,
sentence, or word into your daily activity and listen to it, reflect on
it, pray over it, and rest in it as time allows during the day. Allow
it to become part of you.


Greetings Holy One,

All are included in Love's Presence! There is always an intimate,
open, direct Communion with God. God always Answers in Love. It
matters not what path you've traveled, be it A Course In Miracles
ACIM, Christian Science, the Bible, the Urantia Book, the Infinite
Way, Advaita Vedanta, etc. It matters not if you have followed Jesus
Christ, Ramana Maharshi, Mary Baker Eddy, Buddha, Nisargadatta
Maharaj, Krishnamurti, Joel Goldsmith, the Holy Spirit, etc., for You
are the One.

With the Glory of Love, Awakening Mind is willingness to question all
beliefs, seeking not to change the world, but seeking to change one's
mind about the world and self. The Call to Awaken is clear: "You are
the Gift of God" This Awakening Mind Yahoo Group and its list of
messages is devoted ONLY to this Experience, and thus the ONLY focus
is the exposure and release of illusion so that Divine Love may be
fully Experienced Now. Relevant questions, inquiries, and requests
which focus on releasing error (forgiving illusion) and accepting
Atonement (healing) are and will be addressed. Search & read the
archives and/or have messages sent to your e-mail inbox. E-mail or
voicemail and your questions will be addressed on the mailing list of
the group.

A link to subscribe to the group list is now on the Awakening Mind
web site at:


Join now at:

Thanks! Happy Awakening.

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