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Highlights #612

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Monday Feb. 5th

Personal notes from Gene Poole:


Hi Fellow NDSers...

I thank you for your kind remarks, following the delayed appearance
of the pic I uploaded.

Thanks to TimG, for the tip on the filename.

Yes, I am proud of my sons, I admit it. I love them both dearly.

I have a good (if removed, by distance) relationship with their
mother, to whom I frequently give thanks for (what can I call it?)
being the mother of my wonderful sons.

James has recently finished High School, one semester early. He had
earned extra credits, by taking college courses (mainly in computer
technology) while in Junior High School. So he proposed, to his
school principal, that he might be able to 'drop out' legally, with
the support of the system. This is what occurred.

James is now studying Information Technologies (IT), with several
goals in mind. He is planning on college, starting next year, but in
the meantime, is learning enough network engineering skills, to be
able to competently run and remotely administer large TCP/IP based
networks. He is becoming competent in several programming languages,
and is a 'past master' at HTML.

He has an active social life, and is well-liked and respected by his
peers (most of whom are still slogging through High School...).

As much as James is drawn to intellectual activity, his younger
brother Ivan is active physically. He has a true warrior spirit, from
his day of birth. He excels in all sports, and delights in constant
activity. He does have a penchant for video games, hackysack, and
wild times. He spends time with 'his' dog, Zeus, and is learning how
to drive. He shares his mother's amazing skill in mathematics, and is
destined to become some sort of financial whiz.

Some comments on how I have 'raised' my boys may be in order, judging
by your remarks here in NDS.

I was careful to teach them, in their earliest days, the difference
between 'shit and Shineola'. While watching TV, I would ask them
questions, to direct them to consider and eventually understand the
powerful manipulative forces at work in our public entertainment
media. This has been an excellent and fruitful strategy; they are not
often deceived.

I have taken them on extensive and frequent wilderness backpacking
adventures, teaching foraging and survival skills, such as the
identification of wild medicinal and edible plants. They have spent
many happy weeks, 'surviving' with minimal prepared food, eating the
local and free foods, and understanding the difference between edible
and toxic. They have had frequent encounters with wild animals, and
have learned the ways of the insect world as well.

I have always had an extensive library, and this is the environment
in which they grew up. Books and periodicals of every sort have
always been at hand, to stimulate and fulfill every interest and
curiosity. As well, a myriad of instructional videotapes,
documentaries, and expansive science-fiction movies have been their
constant fare. Laugher is the primary expression in our home; my sons
frequently comment on how easy-going our family is, in comparison to
the other families they visit. We all spontaneously help each-other
in all tasks, but the house has the look of a true 'bachelor pad',
believe me!

During our years of living in Hawaii, Ivan was a mere babe, having
been born on the island of Maui. Later, we lived close to the active
volcano on the Big Island ("Big Island Mo' Bettah!"), with a feast of
guava, mango, papaya, passion-fruit, mac nuts, lychee, and pure rain
water freely given by Goddess Pele. The boys loved to frolic in the
surf, learning the ways of the ocean, and what it feels like to step
on a sea-urchin. Ouch!

Well, enough for now. I do not mean to take up too much space here,
with personal stuff.

Thanks again to everyone, for your kind remarks...


==Gene Poole==


Nonduality Egroup in French:

We offer a group discussion at <A
HREF=""></A> and internet site at <A


An anonymous letter:

I received the following letter, which I forward to the list, keeping
the author anonymous. I'll forward responses.



hi I am a computer engineer, doing research in artificial neural
network since last 9 years.I personally believe that soul is
exist.I am closely work with many neuro-sciencetist.Most of them
even believe about the existance of soul.But in front of science
we felt very handicapped, bcos we have no proof.In science it is
not clearly defined what is consciousness.What is I-ness.Is
I-ness is separate from consciousness.or consciousness is the
attribute of I-ness or vice-versa i.e. is I-ness is the
attribute of consciousness??? so can you agree with me to define
all these thing clearly??


Is is infinitely simple.

And it is far too "fast"
for concepts.

"Fast" isn't the right term,
as it doesn't go anywhere ;-)

... just as "impersonal" isn't
the right term - it doesn't
lack something called
"the personal" ...

Indeed - if you try to throw
a "net" of concept around
it - it is already gone.

If you allow the net to dissolve,
it is always "here".



To try to hit the intangible
with the tangible is
to use the foreground
to contest the background.

If you unhear this, then
tangible and intangible
are noncontradictory,
and foreground and background
are the same non-thing.



Hi folks,

I feel that words are 'a finger pointing at the moon',
When they are used wisely they point more accurately.

.... 'dancing' is another approach provided that it is non-mental,
and therefore emphasizes 'feeling'.

and All that Jazz,

I AM THAT I AM Ramana Maharshi


Dear Lists,

I'm now hosting a 'journal' on, in addition to the regular
website, The Core. Much of what's posted on will be taken
from areas buried deep on The Core, or from various sources, as the
occasion arises. I won't be treating this like a "diary."

For those who don't know my web addresses, The Core is at:

The new livejournal site:




Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt our regular scheduled broadcast
with these late breaking developments from the frontlines of the
Enlightenment Wars.

This is your anchor-being, Whadya Gnolwes, with this special report.

First: let's hear from our special correspondent, B.D.A. Sikar, who is
at a hidden camp deep in the middle of nowhere. B.D.A., what is the
latest from your perspective.

Whadya, I'm here in the ultra secret hideaway of the Philosophic
Panthers. They have been and are continuing to develop new and even
more powerful weapons in thier campaign to dominate these wars. Thier
latest effort culminates is what can only be a most devastating (at
least in thier view) terror device. It is the lastest in new and
improved Logic Grenades. Back to you, Whadya.

Thanks B.D.A. The Panthers haven't made much headway in the last
quarter of a century or more. Logic grenades aren't exactly new
technology. Do you see these latest efforts to be any real

Yes, Whadya, that is the key question here amongst the Panthers as
well. To give you a perspective on that I have here with me one of the
foremost developers of the LG mark V, Carl J. Idmanns. Carl, what can
you tell us about your newest weapon and how is is it an improvement
over your older versions.

Well, B., may I call you B.? Certainly. Well, B., as you know the old
LG mark III just wasn't getting the job done. It was noisy, you could
see it coming and quite frankly, it had lost it's appeal. The mark V
on the other hand is quite dazzling. It can instantly paralyze the
mind and bring it into line with accepted standards. That has been our
goal all along. Yes, we indeed do see the Panthers moving into the
forefront with this new technology.

There you have it, Whadya. More on this story as it develops.
Reporting live from the middle of nowhere, I'm B.D.A. Sikar signing

Thanks B.D.A. Now, on to other fronts. We have it from reliable
sources that the Suffering Squadron has joined forces with dissenting
elements of the Karma Corps. They are attempting to purchase a battery
of concept cannon to be used in thier campaign against the Fortress of

The Righteousness Brigade is still slugging it out with the Engineers
of Experience. The collateral damage has been minimal over the past
month or two. However, millions are still without serenity.

The Meditation Marauders have been taking causalities in ever
increasing numbers. Some say this is due largely to the efforts of one
man, Kapitan Kundal. Some say that there is no such person while
others attest to first hand encounters that have left them stunned.

And the Free Will Destineers seem to have developed immunity to the
effects of landed mindfields. At last report no one has been able
verify this report. The FWD's motto 'Let fate be your guide on what to
decide' was last seen as a graffiti on the walls of the Fortress of

For a wrapup we turn to our resident analyst and veteran war
correspondant, Imma Nutting. Imma, what is your assesment of the
current situation?

Whadya, we can see from here that the lofty Tower of Enlightement is
still standing like a bright beacon on the Horizon of Reality. So far
no one has made it there and come back alive. That is to say we cannot
recognize any successful attempts to bring the Tower down to the
common man at this time.

Thank you Imma. You may want to get that twitch looked at.

Well folks, that's all for now. For more developments in this ancient
and timeless struggle - stay tuned.

Whadya Gnolwes, signing off.

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