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Tuesday, February 13


my brothers and sisters,

...a close relative of fellow seeker, Brother Omkara, has just
passed is odd how death makes us come to face to face
with our relationship with Love, with the Godhead...the power of
loss and suffering, suffering and loss is overwhelming...they
shatter the fixed mind and break the stoney heart open again and
again and again and remind us that we must be vulnerable and
surrender as does an infant to Higher Love in order receive, to
hear, to see, to know to touch the Beloved and to realize that
as (S)He is without, so is (S)He is being this
eperience we call life is all about Agape, Compassion, Charity
enfolding us in an eternal and infinite integral


Dear List,

My thanks and gratitude to all for the well wishes and 'warm
fuzzies' :-).

Right now my thoughts are with my mother and other surviving
family members (especially her immediate family members). They
are much 'closer' to the whole thing and will be attending the
funeral. And likely many of them haven't examined death and the
nature of loss closely as examined here, and have little
'buffer' when events like this occur.

Anyway, I had an interesting dream last night. I don't remember
any specifics, but it had something to do with 'the nondual' and
what happens or seems to happen with the 'nondual experience'.
The specific words I remember from this dream are "Incandescent
Assistant." I don't know what that means, but it was something
about the coming of an 'incandescent assistant' -- perhaps what
some call 'the inner guru' or 'grace'.

I thought the mind's choice of these words was interesting, and
something rings very true about it. Something like a constant
(undisturbable) "inner" glow or humming that replaces the
"typical" greater/lesser degree of agitation and craving.

Nonduality Salon

Mid-winter snowfall;
Morning comes with a blaze of sunlight.

The clarity is amazing; Sun sparkling
off the new snow, and the cold, crisp air
burning in the nostrils, steaming warm and cold.

Later in the day, the clouds come,
and a new snowfall begins, each snowflake
so different than the other, yet also,
lending to the deeper drifts;

Each snowflake expressing what it does,
Expressing the same thing so differently;
Each one is made of ice, yet appears different.
Each one simply expressing its unique quality
Yet all are made of ice and of clean water.

Deeper the drifts now, and night falls again,
The large moon shining on the new snow.
Silence descending on the world as darkness falls,

All the snowflakes as one drift; All at one.
The striking glow of the moon in the clear air
Reflecting off all the snow, the beauty of it.


Pieter, I have great respect for Sikhism. I was born in Punjab,
the birthplace of Sikhism. The Sikh Gurus are our Gurus. My
grandmother was from a Sikh family. At HarshaSatsangh we have
always shown respect for people of every religion including
Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism, Judaism and
all other spiritual traditions. Everyone is welcomed with open
arms and is embraced as a brother or a sister. Jerry's original
comments on HarshaSatsangh attempted to inform the group about a
certain point of view. It just happens that the teacher is Sikh.
I read over Jerry's post again and there is nothing negative
there about Sikhism or the Sikh Dharma. Similar comments have
been made in the past about other teachers who happened to be
Hindus or Buddhists or others. Observations about teachers made
by people do not imply that anything negative is being said
about the religion itself.

I have a deep admiration of you Pieter and I find your
relationship with Yogi Bhajan to be beautiful and inspiring.
Thank you for sharing it. It is clear that Yogi Bhajan has had
an immense positive impact on the Kundalini Yoga community. Many
of the people I have come to know through the internet lists who
belong to 3HO are positive, wonderful, and bright people.
Although I have no personal knowledge about this controversy we
must respect the rights of people to express their views and
opinions without being labeled as anti-Hindus or anti-Buddhists
or anti-Sikhs. In a free society, the exchange of information,
ideas, and views is critical for a healthy evolution. We can
still love and respect each other while holding diverse views.

It is the nature of the mind to see differences. It is the
nature of the Heart to Know Oneness. May our mind merge in the
Heart and reveal our Eternal Self-Nature.



I attended satsang with Prasad tonight in Sedona. Prasad is a
disciple of (guess who) Poonjaji and claimed to awaken in 1995.
His website is at, where you can read some
quotes and view his photos.

I can't say it wasn't interesting, but I did not experience the
same intensity I felt during Ram Tzu's visit to Sedona in March.
(Seems like Sedona is on a lot of gurus' itineraries!) Actually,
when Prasad walked in the room, in silly white pajamas and
flowing hair, I had to suppress a chuckle. Something in his
manner told me "poseur." I mean, he reminds me of John Ritter,
the comedian from _Three's Company_. (Take a look at some of the
photos on his webpage . . . there's something about his face
that just makes me want to break out laughing, like when I look
at Bill Murray or Jim Carrey.)

The satsang was indeed more like a stand-up comic routine. Or
sit-down comic. Prasad sat on a ugly orange sofa in the room,
and the floor was covered with an even uglier green carpet that
looked like rotten guacamole. (The meeting was held in the
headquarters of the "Keep Sedona Beautiful" society.) He was
bracketed by some flowers and photos of Ramana (to his right)
and Poonjaji (to his left).

Prasad got right to the point. We are God, no bullshit about it.
Everything is Self. Everything is the Beloved. He was right
on-target, honest, totally straightforward, and did not pull any
punches. He seemed, though, to be trying too hard, almost
struggling with his audience. I was a little embarrassed for the
others in the room, as the spiritual "maturity" seemed rather
lower than what I witnessed during Ram Tzu's satsang. The first
woman that Prasad called to come up and sit with him had to be
coaxed five times before she would even agree to sit next to
him. He asked her some questions and it was like pulling teeth.
When he tried to offer her prasad of a small piece of chocolate,
she simply *refused* to take it! I mean, really, it's very rude
to turn down prasad. (Prasad with a small "p".)

(I would have lost patience with some of these people. Why come
to satsang if you're not ready to be Free? If you don't want it
that badly?)

Prasad eventually called me up to come sit next to him and we
bantered a bit. I said I felt like I was on Leno's "Tonight
Show," and he agreed. He said we should all pretend that this
was his living room or den, and we were just here to have fun.
Prasad's main message was not to take anything seriously, it's
all just role-playing. No disagreement there.

He asked me to talk about myself. I told him that in the
beginning I was That, then I was Somebody, and now I'm That
again. He loved it. I spoke of the frustrations of talking to
others about This. He said, well, screw it. I felt like an
idiot, and my responses were peppered with phrases like
"Realization is like, so cool!" -- for some reason Prasad's
comical manner made me shy away from being really
hyper-intellectual, or else I didn't want to steal the show from
him, so I just played the hip young knower. (He said I gave good
satsang, however.)

Prasad is quite hilarious. He had a hard time coaxing a young
woman to come up and start dancing, which got him into a thread
about shyness and how irrelevant it is. He started dancing by
himself, mocking the woman, but she didn't seem to mind. He just
started twirling around in circles, making faces and comments
like "Ooh, look, now I'm shy . . . now I'm not shy! I can play
either game!" He did admit that a certain amount of shyness is
sometimes appropriate for social reasons. "I have some shyness
myself, otherwise I would just fuck you right here!" . . . that
nearly brought the house down.

It was a lot of fun, I must say, but I still felt that Prasad
might have been trying a little too hard. He didn't seem to have
a lot of control of his audience, as he practically had to beg
people just to open their mouths. There was a lot of agreeable
laughter and smiling all around, but I think a lot of the people
were just being entertained rather than challenged.

He gave out another round of prasad at the end, this time
strawberries. He put a huge strawberry in my mouth and I mumbled
a very mangled "Thank you!"


In that case, think about the poet who visited Ramana
frequently. This poet could have "jesufied" (forgive the odd
expression) Ramana completely, by comparing him with avatars and
writing stories about fighting demons and the like while
meditating in the dark caves. Ramana as Ramana is inimitable
already; depicting him as the savior of modern man and fighting
demons would have created a myth.

Long ago I came across a version of the evangel, published by
the Rosicrucian Press where Jesus was a teacher, much like
Ramana but instead of being in the same place, traveling
throughout the country with a small group. Or if you prefer, a
small scale Buddha. This made much more sense than the
"official" version of the NT.

The cross symbolizes the burden of self very well. Unless
something is done, one will be crushed by the weight of it. A
teacher who isn't realized is called scholar or pundit.

This is very much the point to convey. The "authorities" of
official religion have everything to lose if it becomes clear
that the "idols", when seen in the right perspective, weren't
"special" teachers.

From childhood on, there was no alternative but to solve a
problem, or to find a perspective from where the problem would
no longer exist. This has become a property of "habit mind" so I
cannot relate to problems at all. Being "waco" at some times
comes from a transformation by K. that is so fast that one
looses all 'ground' or 'reference'. It won't disable
'functioning as usual' like performing duties and taking care of
loved ones. So enjoy 'funny farm' for as long as it takes :)

Pure consciousness is a fact; in pure consciousness "all there
is" forms a unit. The human body, as a finite expression of
consciousness, won't be overloaded with information; the sum of
all information boils down to "I know nothing" or Silence and
the universe turns out to be the proverbial absolute zero :)


I propose to you that you follow this visualization, if you are
able. It draws upon your ability to perform hyperdimensional
transforms, which I know that you can do.

Take a cone (or pyramid) and push the point 'down' into the
structure, until the base of the cone surrounds the tip; the tip
is now _inside_ the cone, which is now a sphereoid, hollow, with
an internal point, and an external 'dimple' on the outside
surface, backside of the point. This resembles the 'universal
Budda' or 'apple' shape of the 'Mandlebrot set'. (this is
referred to as a 'hypercone')

Visualize that the infinitely sharp point is pointing 'up and
into' the hollow sphere; all of what that point 'sees' is an
extension of 'itself', but it does not necessarliy 'know' that
'it is the point' of the whole thing.

To 'see' the entire extant universe from a single infinitely
sharp point, is alluded to as 'transcendental insight' in the
tradition of Vajrayana; and to know oneself to be the 'point of
the whole thing' is the point of the whole thing. The 'external
surface' of this hypersphere is the 'unconscious'.

Further, if we postulate many many sharp points _inside_ the
sphereoid, we are closer to the multiplex Being-state which We
are, now. One aspect of many many sharp points, is the
appearance of the outside of the sphereoid; it is now densely
dimpled, and thus there is 'less' unconsious.

Given 'enough' sharp points/dimples, what happens? ""POP!"" That
is how we migrate, via hyperdimensional hyperconsious
'imploding'. All of the 'points' have become ONE point, and the
process repeats.

I am that migratory consiousness; that is why I contain a
'virtual multitude'. I am the 'single-identity' alias of the
many points which comprise the progressive action of that
'evolutionary process', and the same process is occuring right
now, on an ongoing basis.

To recognize oneself is to 'know Atman'; to recognize 'other' is
to know Atman. Yet, Atman is 'merely' an _alias_ of this ongoing
migratory process. I am not the face in the mirror, any more
than I am the mirror itself. There is seeing, and there is
Being, and I am Being, seeing.

The 'deeper mystery' is the 'reason' why all of this is taking
place; 'we' migrate, recreate, as what we are. Please take a
moment to feel the _imperative_ which is the underlying drive
for all of this; to feel such, explains a great deal, but not

It is important to note that 'we' all have access to this
'talent' of hyperdimensional analysis; it is 'simply' the
equivalent to the human concept of the 'onboard navigational
computer' and is the 'correct' use of 'mind'. It is of great
importance that this 'mind' be unburdened of any 'recursive
looping paradoxical calculations' (empty), so that it may be
able to respond _instantly_ to any need for navigational
course-corrections. That is to say, that poise and equanimity,
are desired qualities.

As you know, Boolean logic, if applied, can resolve most
paradoxes, but not the paradox which underlies that logic
itself. L Wittgenstein was one who knew and directly stated

'My body' is my 'cockpit' and my feedback-system; I know what I
am doing, and the results of what I do, by the quality of the
experience that I have 'in this body'; this body is thus the
'virtual display' of a vehicle which is so powerful and complex,
that a 747 is but a hang-glider by comparison. By attending to
this 'display' and the apparent 'surround', I am able to move
purposefully; the 'existence' of 'body' and 'surround' is no
more than 'mouse-cursor and GUI', a convenience, for this Being
and vehicle.

I have tried to show how and why 'nothing may be dismissed' and
'nothing may be accepted'; I have tried to show that it is the
_tentative nature_ of existence which is the point of the whole
thing, how fragile is existence, and that is the nature of
_integrity and immunity_. There is _nothing_ which can change
that; to know oneself is to know the infinite. My
hyperdimensional existence is Being, my awareness is seeing, and
I Am That.

Phlying Phree, Phrasors on 'phun'...

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