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Highlights #633

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Saturday 02/24/01 (part 2)

Sorry. I am going to have to start attaching.

Can you guess who said this?


Can you guess who gave the following (excerpt from) a speech below?¬ I'll
wait for a few guesses, then I'll reveal who the speaker is.¬ Email me if
you're really curious ([email protected]).

Hint - it wasn't Gandhi.

I'm willing to bet someone will get it, or get close at least... :-)



A worn-out and obsolete world order will not be capable of saving humanity
and creating the natural conditions indispensable for a dignified and decent
life on the planet. Real equality of opportunity and genuine justice for all
human beings of every nation, ethnic group, culture and religion cannot
continue to be put off in any corner of the world. This is not an ideological
matter; it has become a matter of life and death for the human species.

(...) The first symptoms of crisis are already visible, and that crisis
will be even more profound to the extent that the real economy is
transformed into a speculative economy, encompassing most of the financial
operations taking place in the world every day.

The conflicts between centers of economic power will increase, and the fight
for markets will be fiercer. The usual objectives of any system of production
have been turned upside down: the economy does not function and grow to
create goods and services; goods and services are consumed to make the
economy function and grow.

Nevertheless, there is not the slightest indication that those who control
the bulk of the world‚€™s power and resources are capable of understanding this
reality, and even if they did understand it, they have neither the will nor
the real power to change it. (...)



Nope... but you're on the right track that it isn't someone generally
accepted as 'progressive' by those in most countries... :-)

The Play:


Dear Harsha,
After all, this (list) is nothing but an endless play of concepts.
If anyone wants to propose differently, I'd like to hear it.

What is available from "others" is available "here."¬ And "others"
cannot be taught, but only offered the 'permission' to learn for/from

What the *$#^&$# am I doing here?

Love, Omkara
Well, I am here to enjoy the likes of Sri's Dan, David, Gloria, Greg, Jerry,
James, Judi, Susan, Andrew, Jan, White Wolfe, Michael, Mark, Bruce, Gene, and
so many...and you Tim along with so many others.....

Oh and of course, I am here to be kept abreast of Sarloji's guru rating

Frankly Tim, I am here for the great and wonderfully wholesome entertainment
and fellowship. Thanks to all.

If there is a God we must see him:


"If there is a God we must see Him,
if there is a soul we must perceive it;
otherwise it is better not to believe."
‚€”Swami Vivekananda

If your heart is not laughing
you are not on the right track.

White Wolfe:
...the faces and names of the Godhead are multitidinous...he is singing to
you in birdsong...she is daucning in your heart right daughter
reminded me of this recently....thank you for the lovely
complements the poem me thinks....^^~~~~

further up and further in,,

If your heart is not laughing
you are not on the right track...EXACTLY!



> > Even when someone's chosen path is on the face of it idiotic, Greg
> > consistently demonstrates his faith in the wisdom of All-That-
> > Exists by supporting those upon whom he bestows his benediction to
> > Carry On,

> This is something I usually miss, the 'consistent' behaviors of
> others.¬ Generally approaching every message like it was the first
> I've ever read by them.¬ I don't know why.

Well, there's certainly something to be said for that. Do i know you? Still
there is also something to be said for the opposite, ie noticing
consistencies, or patterns. If nothing else it can be a training for
noticing patterns in ourselves. Does require a memory though, then we get
into all kinds of tricky stuff like getting stuck in the past...

Sri Nisargadatta's smoking¬ ¬

If Sri Nisargadatta was so advanced how come he still had the need to smoke?
Isn't habit and need attachment?
If a 'minor experience' destroyed my most powerful
¬ desire/passion/pastime/habit. I do not understand how others far advanced
can still be attached to their habits.

I do not understand how someone who has seen the 'light' could still be
interested in candles and match sticks?
The Difficulty of a Divided Godhead:

Dan/Doc Hobbes:
>From: [email protected]

> > Learn it now, learn it later, makes no difference.
> > Skills! What skills do you need to die and transform... none my >
> > none.

>but there are skills to living.

Yes. These are the same skills. However, let us not volley this point, the
experience of 'living' is the experience of 'dying' as well. At each moment
your body is exploding into millions of atoms and then reforming you. Some
cells or atoms are lost and new ones found and others still seek replacing.
What are you attracting, repelling, and seeking... it is, as are we, just
light 'after all'.

Consciousness is like anti-matter and matter is form. (Star Trek)... where
these 'absolute mix' is called reality and it is as scary or peaceful as you
make it however, be aware, it does not turn on over night nor does it shut
off over night.

Patience... the first discipline on the road to all things...

In other words, if you wish to lead to a more exciting, crazy, lifestyle
than you are used too, be aware that there 'may' come a point (like in
realizing that you are a little more grown up than your environment and the
disconnection and loneliness this brings as a result) where momentum is
realized and the effects domino out beyond your control.

The struggle is found while holding on to 'setting' as an 'identity' and not
a thing subject to change as opposed to you being a subject of time
observing a setting that does not change but so to is not the same.
Visa-versa is the transition into the living that is approaching.

The point of 'no-return' (beyond your control) is a vacuum called momentum or
warp or worm hole. Past the point where momentum is realized (the point where
the 'point, body, Christ, Tao, whatever' becomes perpetual and is void of
your direct intention) what you call living (or dying) is consciousness +
form + action to initiate intention = direction (path, way, journey,
whatever) to perpetual momentum.

It is here where you can STOP for a while and just play out all the 'items'
that approach you, created by you, for you, from a time before and will lead
to the time after.

Like a single rain drop hitting a still pool followed by an onslaught of

Growth, like learning, is achieved by adding and not taking away. Nothing is
lost or wasted in the growth of a flower all 'parts' are used and no
'pieces' are left to be used by another.

The greatest fear (and only fear if you think about it) is the loss of
'identity' at the moment of release. This is simply not so and has been used
by fearmongers for generations to create power for their false gods and
idols. Demons taking your souls and deals with the devil and that kind of

For others, it is the fear of keeping their identity after release as then,
as they evaluate and reconcile themselves to a changing point of view, it
just becomes a matter of time before the process corrects them 'in their
environment' as consciousness is separate from form.

In other words, we can only hope that when 'the word' changes it will change
you with it.

>I believe these are important.

Good choice.

>Get tired of mental kung fu.

Tired of fighting too. The kingdom, the body of Christ, the population, Tao,
Jesus, and a cat. I wonder if the cats would be so quick to love a monk...
they are just cunning scavengers you know.

>I like camping. I've heard the
>population really thins out over
>15k feet. It's a place to go if
>you don't need much.

As long as 'not needing much' includes a warm sleeping bag as the
temperature really 'thins out' before night fall.

>now? later?
>I'm waiting on someone
>and in no hurry.

Thus, the conflict. For whom do they wait? Not being in a hurry is likened
unto accepting any karma created during the 'hiding and seeking game'.

Thus, the one for whom you wait is changing as are you. Is this to be a
change together or a change apart? Each choice leads too and away until it
is made... then there is only too and away is a leverage point not a
reference point.

>I walk that direction

Slow careful steps are for those that are learning to walk. Without
direction these are not steps.... and look more like stamping your feet
trying to stay warm.

When I am settled, I will teach. Until then, I am trying to find something
to teach.

Shaking off the snow
a bear and two opened eyes
spoke to the sky.

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