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Highlights #644

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Wednesday March 7, 2001


jade chopsticks
stir rainbow pearls
ruby bowl dropped upon diamond
shattered jewels

All is flowing and moving as it should.
Understanding the stillness of this flow
Being as being - the witness state
Opening to relative movement
Mountains of fear are crumbled to the dust of love

~Michael Read

For a moment lay your cheek on the cheek
of this drunkard, for a moment put behind your
war and cruelty.
If it be hard, I bring out silver in my hand; put
in this hand wine like gold.
You who have opened the doors of the seven
heavens, lay the hand of generosity on my fettered
All I have to offer is not-being; give the nickname of being to my
You are both breaker and binder of the broken;
lay the balm of the soul on my broken head.
Do not put a seal on that sugar and pistachio nut;
lay everlasting love upon this servant.
I have told you fifty times, O heart:
do not hunt, put your foot in this net.

- Rumi

Translation by A. J. Arberry
"Mystical Poems of Rumi 2"
The University of Chicago Press, 1991
(sent in by Hur)

Re: the world is purely an illusion

Dear Cyber Dervish...Selam,

Please allow me how the notion of "illusion" arises in the mind
from "my" experience.

Pure awareness happens. No thing happens. No me is present. The me
arises in consciousness. A reflection of the sober spirit remains.
The me is in awe and becomes drunk with the memory of the
experience. For a brief moment, the me knows that it's all an
illusion. The me walks around convinced that it's moving in a
fictional world. Call it grace or a neurological disorder.
The me soon owns the reflection of pure awareness and calls it "my"
experience. Then the insanity of non-dual knowledge makes sense to
the me even though the me's experience is not gained by knowledge.


RE: The Maze

Hello Mary,
Thanks for the parable.
I find that the most 'a maze zing' thing about life is that it
is the way it is.



James Traverse - Being Yoga

Hello James and Mary,

As the Mays and Decembers pass year in and year out, it IS. Just like that.



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