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Highlights #651

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Thursday March 15th


Jan Barendrecht:


practice this or that
out of the magician's hat
on a furry mat
it gives a bad cough
All this fuzzy ego stuff
reading it is tough
mind is like a whimsy goat
right and wrong no antidote
concepts are like sinking boat

All this funny stuff
ego self ouch what a cough
concepts taking off
dear water droplet
leave that stuff for what it is
ocean is your home
take walk to the coast
and enjoy an outdoor toast
life itself serves as the host
and with devotion
ride the waves of the ocean
life is water in motion

*More on water*

today at the beach
surf roars droplets in the sky
all i see is me

droplets see me not
surf roars eyes shut open up
droplets pass that cup

but with open eyes
drop sees ocean in each drop
ocean e- motions



dear brothers and sisters

...white wolfe apologizes for being slow in this up-date...he has been offline
about 30 hours...beloved christiana is
recuperating slowly and will probably return to us by the end of the week...she
gratitude to all for the love and support
but would prefer to be allowed an opportunity to rest after the battery of
tests that
have been run...she is apparently suffering
from and being treated for a-typical pneumonia....her condition is serious but

further up and further in,

white wolfe


Dear Christiana,

Please know that you are being embraced by the light in my deepest Heart.
is truly well.

With Grace and Love,


Forwarded from the Mahamudra list by Gloria Lee:

last Tilopa....

"You need not expend great effort
nor store up extensive spiritual power.
Remain in the flow of sheer awareness.
Mahamudra neither accepts nor rejects
any current of energy, internal or external.

Since the ground of consciousness
is never born into any realm of being,
nothing can add to or subtract from it.
Nothing can obstruct it or stain it.
When awareness rests here,
the appearance of division and conflict
disappears into original reality.
The twin emotions of anxiety and arrogance
vanish into the void from which they came.

Supreme knowing knows
no separate subject or object.
Supreme action acts resourcefully
without any array of instruments.
Supreme attainment attains the goal
without past, future or present.

The dedicated practitioner
experiences the spiritual way
as a turbulent mountain stream,
tumbling dangerously among boulders.
When maturity is reached,
the river flows smoothly and patiently
with the powerful sweep of the Ganges.
Emptying into the ocean of Mahamudra,
the water becomes ever-expanding light
that pours into the Clear Light-
without direction, destination,
division, distinction or description.



Dan Berkow (who else?):

This is a statement.
This is a statement that
is not.

The statement that is empty
is not an empty statement.
The full statement is empty.
The empty statement is full.

The aware statement is aware.
The unaware statement is aware.
The unaware is aware.
The aware is unaware.
Neither aware nor unaware,
neither full nor empty,
this statement is.

This statement that is,
is not a statement.

This statement is Buddhism.
That statement is not Buddhism.
Now, this statement isn't Buddhism
nor something else.

My statement is this.
That statement is yours.
Your statement is this.

These statements are in order.
Those statements aren't.
Those statements are these.

This statement is reading itself.
That statement isn't reading anything.
Now, this statement isn't being read.

This statement is.
The other statement is not.
Now, this statement is not.

This is true.
That is false.
That is this.

This is a nondual statement.
That is a dualistic statement.
Now, this statement is neither
dual nor nondual.

That statement is.
This statement isn't.

I am neither nothing
nor everything
nor a particular thing.

I am not not-nothing.
I am not not-everything.

I am this thing not.

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