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Sunday, March 25

MIC --intro by Harsha

Mic used to be on these lists, he might still be. He was a
student of Rajneesh/Osho for a while and then he migrated to
Poonjaji after Osho's passing away. Mic's posts were always
honest, insightful, and humorous. Here is one from a couple of
years ago that he wrote on HarshaSatsangh. It will cheer you up.
Hey, wherever you are Mic, we love you! Harsha From: " mic
clarke" Date: Thu Apr 8, 1999 5:23am Subject: Tea anyone?

Dear friends,

This wonderful story and teaching is taken from a local Byron
Bay magazine called Here and Now.

Im in a hurry to be enlightened. What should I do?

First just listen carefully to this small story. The plane had
just taken off and the captain was telling passengers about the
altitude of the plane, the cruising speed etc.. But he forgot to
switch off the microphone. He turned to his co pilot and said,
"First I'm going to have a cup of tea and then I am going to
screw that pretty stewardess, Denise." The shocked stewardess
was down the end of the plane when she heard this come over the
loudspeaker. So she began to rush down the aisle to tell the
captain to switch off his mike. Half way down the plane an old
lady stopped her and said, "There is no hurry Denise, let him
have his cup of tea first."

There is no hurry at all. First have your cup of tea!

Enlightenment will be coming, just you have to learn waiting for
it. Hurry will not help. Hurry is going to hinder. The only
thing that is a hindrance is hurry. The moment you are in a
hurry you are never here; you are looking far ahead. You are
running. And for enlightenment you have to be still and silent
in this moment, utterly still because the whole pilgrimage is
from here to here.

Trust existence.

This is the only thing worthwhile for those interested in
becoming enlightened. Trust existence that whatever is needed,
for whatever you are worthy, it will be given to you. You need
not even ask for it. Only the unworthy ask; only the undeserving
desire. The deserving remain silent; the worthy never demand,
but when it happens they are full of gratitude. They wait , they
allow the spring to come at its own pace, and when the flowers
start blossoming they enjoy the fragrance with tremendous prayer
in their hearts, of gratitude.

The very desire to be in hurry can lead you in a wrong
direction, because there are peddlers all around who are ready
to give you enlightenment instantly. Thats why I told you: first
have your cup of tea..... let enlightenment come on its own.
.... There is another dimension where there is no need to be in
a hurry, because there is no competitor. You are alone. In your
inner world nobody can enter. In your stillness you suddenly
find yourself, absolutely alone, surrounded by nothingness. Just
rejoice in it, relish it. Your enjoyment of your aloneness and
nothingness will make you ripe for the enlightenment to happen.

It happens.

It comes without giving you any advance notice. It comes so
silently you can not even hear its footsteps. You have to be
ready and ripe , and to be ready and ripe there is only one way.
Be still and wait. Dont move, not even on your thoughts, not
even in your emotions... just a pure pillar of stillness.

And suddenly there is the explosion, and where there was
darkness is light and where there was death is pure life and
where there was sadness is just an explosion of song and dance
and laughter. But never think of terms of hurry. That is a
hindrance. Be patient.

Osho. " The great pilgrimage from Here to Here."

Beyond expectation, beyond patience, consciousness chooses tea
drinking to taste itself. I like mine with honey.

slurp mic


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The Academy Awards

I stood and watched while Awareness
Worshipped at the shrine of the senses.
And all the time, the smell of sewage,
Reckless human waste, biohazard senses.

I watched while the graven images of human bodies
gathered and dreamed of communicating in stylized
plastic temples, tinsel towers of rot and decay.

All the while waiting, while ruinous obsessions
tied and bound the strands of consciousness,
coalescing in shrouded figures, wandering aimlessly,
banding together, streaming apart, always tied.

Plastic pillars and ruined dented dullness,
conspiring to conquer through sensual sickness,
false gods of gold and silver, gods of emptiness.

Advertisements for crumbling mortar and seamy cement,
masquerading as shiny objects and glowing golden gods,
and always I stood watching, watching as fools frolicked
and gold glittered, corruption and consent contrived,
cardboard sewage, sensual centers of nonsense nobodies.

Always watching, waiting for fools to figure the future
is not and was not, will not be: untied and free they are.
Paragons of past parading uselessly, and all the while
wondering why wooden women and maudlin men bear scrutiny.


Hi Tim,

I was sitting here tonight, and I only watched part of
it, and all I could see behind each perfectly made up face...was
what you have said here..

There is nothing of importance in this waste, nothing that will
make anything better...Nothing worth bothering with...bored with
the ceremony of the acknowledgement of nothing.

Good thoughts, thank you...I couldn't have expressed it so well.

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