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Highlights #663

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Tuesday, March 27

Dear Subscriber to Nondual Highlights,

Although some of the recent highlight issues may have been a little
thin, this is most certainly a fat issue! In future highlights I'll try
to include posts from other lists and I invite other editors to do the
same if they wish.

Jerry Katz


It is something to me,
that you are you.
It is nothing to me,
that you are not.

There is enough of nothing.
It is plenty
it is infinite
it is unfathomable.

There is only so much of something.
It is only now
it is only this
it is only you.


On March 28, 2001, Mark C. Valentine (White Wolf) and Mira
Baartmans (Mirror) were engaged to be married.


“is it nothing to you…
stand and see if there be any sorrow
like unto my sorrow…?”
-Lamentations 1, 12

oh, my beloved reader,
is it nothing to you,
there is no sorrow like the beloved’s sorrow

is it something to you,
there is no joy like the beloved’s joy

you don’t have to weep for me anymore
we all know that you are good at that

now stand down from your cross of suffering
from grief my wandering has made you bear

of bringing pain to your smoldering eyes and fierce heart
look into the clear mountain mirror of my sky blue eyes

see the gorgeous Ancient Warrior standing within
the divine elements in your ten thousand hands

and love arising in your sacred heart reborn

the higher love infusing your lover with holy fire
from a timeless beginning to its fulfilling end

and now joining you in your eternal dancing
with all creatures, the universe of singing
we who are two, two we who are
we are one, One, one are we
we are the new Beloved

i return to you, my dark one, as you come to me
you are all things small and great to me

it is nothing to me,
there is no joy like the joy of my Beloved
it is something to me,
there is no love like the love of my Beloved

i come to you, your bright one, as you return to me
i am all things great and small to you

my beloved, my god and goddess
my dark one, your bright one,
you come, i return, you return, i come

My beloved, pray for us now at the hour of our death that is our

mark christopher valentine
(march 258, 2001)


dear brothers and sisters...

this is a subject that white wolfe has meditated upon deeply and
for long...the difference between zen (i practrice at the SF
center) and being catholic is the difference between knowing
that you belong to a community and being told that you are the
member of a community...there is strength in numbers...Jesus
said. 'where two or three are gathered in my name" a
sangha you practice being silent and listening to the presence
of the Godhead together by focusing on nothing but the catholicism the practice of silence, if it exists,
is a solitatary event, and even then as in lectio divina
practice it is not on listening but on hearing as in 'hearing
the word of God'...i find great value and benefit in
both....since i live in the Sierra Nevada mountains, one of my
favorite forms of retreat is to spend friday and saturday at the
Zen Monastery in guest practice since i am not a monk....and
then attend St. Dominic's Cathedral (a Benedictine Congregations
still performing the High Latin Rite) on sunday....the movement
from two days of austere silence into the romanesque opulence
almost always reduces me to a sense of childlike wonder....even
so, although i am more catholic than zen, i am always
disappointed by the lack of communal spirituality in catholicism
in general (i was raised a protestant)...last year i became an
Oblate of the Camdolese Benedictines at Big Sur....these sincere
seekers are also solitary seeker's....i finally gave up on the
order when after six months or so and countless efforts to be
included in the community including a direct appeal of Father
Pat to assist me when he was there have received nothing by
silence as in the 'silent treatment'....silence from the Zen
community is silence that contains the song and dance of God
Laughing....silence from Big Sur is just plain indifference....i
do not mean to be harsh on my church, but this is my soften the edge, perhaps, honesty requires me
to say that i do get a sense of community with the small group
of church members with whom i practice the rosary at my home
parish of St. Patrick's on a regular basis....yet, even here,
our parish is so large and the group is so small that the sense
of community is dissipated by the fact that at mass one is lucky
to even catch the eye of one other member of the rosary
group....much work needs to be done if the catholic church in
america is going to remain a vital force into this century....i
am probably the youngest member of the rosary group at
a final addendum, i have never been to even one rosary that was
led by or in which a priest own priest to whom i
confess and whom i love is essesntially a business
administrator....i have spent much time with him and know that
he has no personal contemplative practice nor does his training
as a diocesan priest seem to have included any....strong he is
in doctrine and weak in his practice of the presence of the the Zen center the abbot has St.
Pratrick's presence when it occurs is the result of the
liturgy....there is never the sense of the transmission of the
divine from one mighty in practice (a beloved teacher) a
student (the lover or bleoved student)....each year i pilgrimage
to the Berkerley when Thich Nhat Hahn a packed
Community Center Thich and his monks can transmit through
silence the living presence of the silence of the
is my hope that as my life unfolds that i will be able to awaken
at least a few of my catholic brothers and sisters to the
importance, the necessity of community practice....i embrace the
buddha, i embrace the dharma, i embrace the sangha....i embrace
the Christ, i embrace the Doctrine, i embrace the
Community....gassho...i acknowledge the living buddha/christ in
you to be....i remain as i have been called by my beloved
teacher, Mirabai, from whom i received transmission and who is
my root master, the beloved's poet.....^^~~~~



A Jnani is in the ever-waking state, because he is awake to the
eternal Self; he is in the ever-dreaming state because to him
the world is no better than a repeatedly presented dream
phenomenon; he is in the ever-sleeping state, because he is at
all times without the 'body and I' consciousness.

-- From the section: "The Jnani" (page 114) in the book,
"Sayings of Sri Ramana Maharshi," compiled and edited by A.R.
Natarajan. Published by Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning,
Bangalore, India.



a book I revere as one of the most sacred of my books is "Voices
of Our Ancestors, Cherokee Teachings from the Wisdom Fire" by
Dhyani Ywahoo. You can find her on the web at .
She integrates a lot of Tibetan Buddhism in with her native
Cherokee teachings and healing wisdom:

SUNRAY MEDITATION SOCIETY is an international spiritual society
dedicated to planetary peace. Home fire of the Green Mountain
Aniyunwiwa and a Tibetan Buddhist Dharma center of the Nyingma
and Drikung Kagyu schools, Sunray is composed of three distinct
schools: Native American Studies, Buddhist Studies, and Healing
Arts. Sunray Practices embody three ancient intact spiritual
lineages. The common thread: teaching practical means to realize
compassion and right relationship with Earth and all relations.


I would suggest that Ramana knows who it is. Are you learning?
Is he teaching? Is anything happening at all? Perhaps that is is
the stillness of the teacher that is signalling the coming tides
or karmic correction. The stillness of the master is to allow
what is not his to move through.

But what then is not the master? Let me ask then, on what rock
does the master take his stand?

Remember, all things that are reason and reasonable work
together regardless of their belief systems as it is here there
is no conflict as it is understood by these that 'all things'
are attainable but it is creating a 'specific object to be
possesed' that creates disillusionment and err or it could be
something 'else'...

As is all ways, it is the believing of such foolishness that an
elevated absolute (God of the Moment) that does not and can not
go against it's own way and thus the game by those that oppose
reason is to push 'one' and another out of one's way to prove
inferior teachings.

One such way is by surrounding 'the one' with pressure to move
away from its course as it is dubbed as 'evil'... of what and
when did acts of love and compassion become 'evil'?

It is these that 'do very little' (but can not stop what is
truth) to bring light to what is known... like in Zen, the
master is the slave to the student of deception and the student
is a leach that knows not the meaning of discresion as in the
light all things are known.

This 'crosswiring' of disinformation and purposeful decpetion
has lead to many believeing that Ramana is a weapon of anarcy
and chaos and not a weapon of truth and peace that casts light
on the foolishness of the inferior teachers who have, granted,
laboured to learn the words however, never contemplated their
meaning which is not as nearly as selfish as is the spirit in
their hearts created over many generations (lives) of
disappointment... yet even still, they do not turn.


Blessed are those that know that less is the way to the heart of
God and more is what leads to the destruction of it's enemies.

The truth of God is not keeping away that which is his... God is
all and 'time' is the enemy of that which knows it is mortal and
before the 'change'.

The truth is the difference, cost, whatever, of not yeilding and
shame is the crown of the one who, already being equal to God,
has choosen to walk it's own personal path 'before' theWay that
leads them home to where their true path begins.

I believe 'St. Augustine' wrote a piece "On the Immortality of
the Soul" here are some highlights:

The first Reason why the soul is immortal: It is the subject of
science which is eternal.

Another reason: It is the subject of reason which is not

Mind is a living substance and immutable; and if it is in some
mode mutable, it does not on that account become mortal.

Art and the unchangeable principle of numbers, which do not
inhere in the mind without life.

Mind is not changed so that it ceases to be mind.

Unchangeable reason, whether be in the mind or with the mind, or
whether the mind be in it, cannot be separated from the very
same mind.

And if the mind tends through substance towards defection, still
it does not on this account perish.

Just as that cannot be taken from the body by which is body, so
neither can that be taken from mind by which it is mind.

Mind is life, and thus can not lack life.

Mind is not the organization of body.

Even though truth is cause of the mind, mind does not perish
through falsehood, the contrary of truth.

There is no contrary to the truth by which mind exists in so far
as it exists.

Nor is mind changed into body.

Nor is strength of mind diminished by sleep or any other similar
affection of the body.

Again, mind cannot be changed into body.

Nor even is the rational soul changed into the irrational. The
whole soul is in the body as a whole and in each part.



Karma is not generated by action.

Karma is generated by the 'intention' behind the action.

How can one be held accountable for their 'instinctual
imitation' of those that are inferiorly walking the way?

Thus, one can be blind to what one is doing. No karma.

However, when found in the light of those of pure and righteous
intention (we all must die to the lies of darkness), you may lie
to your 'self, God, spirit, dark tower, whatever' all you like
about your own self righteous intentions...

... but it is the truth, in the end (once you are tired enough
of losing or winning more emptiness), in your heart of hearts
where 'your aim is known' and where 'the justice of your ways'
will be (is) realized.

You once asked what I 'locate' first. The 'fired bullet' is your

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