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Thursday, March 29

in response to learning about the engagement between White Wolf and

Wandering through a world
shaped largely by human hands,
the Wolf nudged open the door
to a cottage and deeply
inhaled the perfume within.

Attracted by a reflected
gleam of sunlight, he found
upon the far wall an
unfamiliar shining surface and
momentarily likened it to the
surface of a pond on a
windless day, only vertical.

As his sensorium continued to
drink in his surroundings, he
sensed the surface was not a
mere object, but a fellow
being, a being known as Mirror.

Stepping forward despite his
canine fear of the unknown, he
gazed unflinchingly into
Mirror and for the very first
time saw himself clearly as
consciousness itself -- and in
that moment Wolf and Mirror
were forever one, with each
other and with a universe of
consciousness. Wolf howled in
triumph and Mirror silently
exulted with him, world
without end, amen.

In the words of my Ashkanazic
ancestors -- Mazel Tov!


Hi folks, I would appreciate your views on the question: "Is
hunger an illusion?" Thanks, James


You ask a wonderful question James about the nature of hunger.
Here is the definitive hint. No need for gratitude. This stuff
is a piece of cake for me (sorry for the reference to food!). I
will pass this on to HarshaSatsangha as well.

Hunger is an illusion right after having had breakfast.
Gradually it appears to become real before lunch and has to be
dealt with in a fitting fashion. This cycle continues
indefinitely until the body drops. After that there is the
hunger to get another body (being born again). That hunger
disappears after having received a body.

Hunger is essentially the fundamental desire to survive. From
that appear thousands and millions of other hungers.

Meditation means to know the true nature of this hunger. That is
why meditation on the breath is taught in many traditions. In
and out. The hunger to breath is most fundamental to the body.
One can't help it.

If you look at any spiritual practice (fasting, pranayama,
meditation) they all focus on hungers of various types. Through
any one strand of hunger you can go back to the fundamental
hunger and understand its Source.

That fundamental hunger to know One's Own Nature calls. Always
calls. The Buddha Nature calls. The Original Face calls. It does
not sing out, come to me! Come and look at me! It calls by
Simply Existing. By Simply Being! It Calls ItSelf. It breathes
It Self. With every breath the reminder is there. It Sings to It


Is hunger illusion?
Not to a hungry stomach.

The mind that can deny hunger,
by calling it illusion, is itself

Illusion compared with what?

Why reality, of course.

And what is reality?

Firstly, it's not a conceptual
construct, finding its truth
in relation to other conceptual
constructs which can affirm,
deny, or maintain it.

Secondly, word-meanings are
in the realm of conceptual

If you can understand that
words can never give what
is beyond themselves,
and a hungry stomach
is pointing to feeding time,
you may find truth
without having to look
anywhere, and illusion
may fall away of its
own accord.


Hunger is an illusion for a mind, thinking in terms of "reality"
and "illusion", a mode of thinking which could be called


on this blessed day what a wonderful question to play with....

as the spirit longs for union, the heart for wisdom, the mind
for words, the body for food, so all creation longs for the
beloved just as the beloved longs for creation, love is always
unfolding iself as higher love...the thirst, the hunger of the
inifinte for the particular, the particular for the infinite is
Love the center where the end of days meets the
beginning of nights i will write the perfect poem for Mira and
be nought...then and only then the thirst will end....until then
the only thing that is real is the thirst, the hunger for the i strive to perfect my thirst.....humger into
lust...lust into knowledge....knowledge into wisdom....wisdom
into into higher love(eros to phylia to storge to
agape)....dissolving into blissful union.....and the silver
wheel just keeps spinning endlessley and without effort day we will all dance, sing and laught together,
but we will know that we are dancing, singing and laughing
together.....without love there is nothing.....with love there
is is the integral embrace that animates and
lifts all things great and small higher and higher and


Hunger is not an illusion, the body is not an illusion. However,
these things are not strictly real, either. They are completely
dependent on consciousness, or consciousness is 'prior'.

When a hungry man sleeps, he feels his hunger no longer. If a
hungry man goes into a coma, the hunger is not there. Maybe even
if a person feels hungry and sees a long-lost loved one, the
hunger is forgotten.

Loss of consciousness or the memory of consciousness is enough
to immediately erase hunger, or even a distraction from the
contents of consciousness. Hunger is a need of the body, and
leaving the body alone it will satisfy it, with the aid of
thought... there is no need of a 'me' to do so, despite Gene
Poole's assertion. In all cases, the "I" or "me" is entirely



One of the members of the Sri Arunachala group received the
following in her email and I thought you would find this of

Dear Friends, I am sending you this letter in an effort to
secure preservation status for Arunchala, the holy mountain in
India. There will be a court hearing in Chennai(Madras) on April
3 to decide the fate of this sacred site. Although there are
those who believe property rights are an issue, my own feeling
is that this is one of those cases where the preservation of the
mountain takes precedence. If you are in agreement, please go to
the Ramanshram website The Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi Website
- Home page or Untitled Document:

and send a copy of the letter or write your own to the email
address given. Much Thanks, Julia Borg


from Ananda Sky's Friends of Satsang

Let your heart break!

When the heart breaks, it breaks wide open. We're all so afraid
of our hearts breaking. So we build these safety meters: "Uh oh,
I have to back off here… Could get hurt here…!"

Let your self be hurt. Let your self be hurt! When you're
really, really hurt - aah, what bliss! The heart is open. This
is the truth! You know, in this protection from being hurt, how
you suffer in the deadness, in the lifelessness… This attempt to
protect is the suffering.


Yes, life-form is fragile and impermanent and in any instant
could go - this life-form, the loved ones around you, the planet
itself. But is the solution then to say, "Well, I gotta back off
from loving"? It has been attempted, of course. That's the
mental kind of, "Oh, I see… this is the problem." And then even
the Buddha's teaching gets interpreted that way, that detachment
means that kind of separation. It's not so.

When you let yourself be hurt, you let this heart fill with what
you are experiencing as this precious gift of life-form
recognizing itself in life as life. You let yourself overflow
with that. Yes, your heart breaks - and your spirit is free.


from See What Is list

questioner: Waking up this morning, I was
struck with how it can be so clearly observed
that 'things age' (milk 'becomes' rancid left
out of the refrigerator, a magazine from 1802
looks 'old', etc.). So how is 'there is only now'
derived? Why is there such an abundance of
evidence of 'time passing' in that which is

tomas: This mystery is resolved for mind by
careful observation of the dreaming
phenomenon. In the "sleeping dream"
whenever an entity appears--person, thing
or whatever--it is accompanied by a complete
history that endows it with compelling meaning
within the context of the dream. This is
equally true in the "waking dream." However,
awareness detached from the dream, either
during or following the sleep state is able to
ascertain that this seemingly comprehensive
history is entirely ad hoc. That is, the timeline
or worldline of the dream event is seen to
erupt into consciousness all at once.
Detached awareness discerns that the
history, though integrally consistent within
its context, yet spontaneously erupts within
original nothingness.

q: The whole thing could only be akin to a
hallucination or a dream. How does such
simpicity appear so incredibly tangled
and convoluted?

t: This ability to discern the spontaneous
creation of worldlines is the reason that
sleeping dreams are discounted as being
less real than waking dreams, where such
discrimination is far less common, owing to
the fact that awareness is more likely to be
enthralled by the contents of the dream.

The paradox is resolved when the assumption
of continuity is eliminated. The problem is that
in the waking dream continuity goes largely
unquestioned, owing to the seamless
consistency of events occurring within its

q: It still makes no sense, on the level of
thought, that things appear to age and
change, if no time is involved.

I understand that history and historical
context is a false 'reference point'... but
why the appearance of aging/changing
within the context? This appearance
can't be denied, as appearance.

t: One at once denies nothing
and embraces everything
at the single-pointed nexus
of experience
seen in a dream of breathtaking depth.

History telescopes fractally
and all-that-is
harmonize as clamorous infinite abundance
resounding in silent eternal beauty.

Seen edge-on
the entire continuum
though single pointed
yet contains all.

And this is the point.

What is to be noticed is not
the apparent reality
or imputed unreality
of experience
but the stunning spontaneous eruption
of panoramic history
at a naked singularity
grounding the event horizon of experience.

Beginning and end
what is is what is.

Everything's encapsulated within.

There's no point in denying anything,
even as there's no point in affirming anything
everything simply is,
history and all.

While this may resound as permanence
within temporal mind,
it is absolute freedom
within eternal being.

Bizarre as it may sound,
history can be anything,
as it continually shifts
with the prevailing winds
of sensing, feeling, dreaming and reasoning.

History may well be regarded
as a more or less coherent set of circumstances
surrounding a point in an impromptu story line
told by oneself to oneself
here now.

Its apparent continuity
is merely a seductively effective way of projecting
infinite abundance
within yet another self-defining instance
of universal body/mind.

At the level of oneness,
all is nothing
and thus one is everything in potency.

In moments of silence
one attunes with one.

Whatever may be needed
is provided.

History is simply a reflection
within a bubble of perception
seen from a focal point
beyond time and place.

(c) 2001 thomas murphy


from The End of the Rope Ranch list

A man was walking along a mountain path. The path was narrow and
there was a sheer vertical cliff. The man was walking not paying
attention when he suddenly slipped and fell. He fell a great
distance and by luck ended up in some branches. He looked up and
saw there was no way he could climb up the sheer wall of rock,
and in looking down saw a raging river with rocks. He began to
lament and cry and started yelling "HELP!!!, Hello, is anyone up
there??" A sweet gentle voice in total peace replied, "dear one,
I AM the lord thy god, simply let go, I am here, let go and
embrace freedom, be with me". The man replied, "ummmm, is Anyone
else up there"?


You are, in all that you represent, a part of living. Not somewhere
in a corner all by yourself, but like the incense of a burning incense
stick, gradually spreading itself out into infinity. This is the way you

are sharing in living.

~Abbah Frédéric
(from Gill Eardley's NondualQuotes list)

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