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Highlights #67

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Harsha wrote;

Sri Ramana used to say that all deep thinking people are fascinated by the
nature of consciousness. In
Satsanga, the beauty and self-delight of awareness which underlies all
manifestations of energy
becomes more apparent. People who are in love with the Truth might worship
God in different ways and
in different forms. The attraction of Truth does not let them go, until the
Truth of their Own Heart is
Recognized, and there is nothing left to let go. Here is a repeat of a
stanza from one of my poems.

Here the devotee sings to the Goddess.

Either let me be intoxicated

in your love completely

or put on my robes of joy

and rob me absolutely.

Judge me guilty

in the court of love

or absolve me absolutely

find me flawed if you like

but never hold me weakly

no middle ground is possible

for lovers who love completely!


Here is a tiny snip from an ongoing conversation;

Gene: Even if in reality, there are no 'parts' such as ego/id/instinct, or
center/VS/whole, discussion can show how harmless these parts are, and thus
kill that much superstition. Superstition is real. It can be killed,
whereas ego is endlessly reincarnating (spawning through time... ).

Ivan: I wonder if you could re-state this if it is clear that we are
talking of the Me. From centerless awareness the Me is seen for
what is -- knowledge, memories etc... From the Me, one is it,
limited by those same memories, knowledge etc...

From: "John Willemsens" <[email protected]>

Self and ego are clusters of ideas with which we identify.
They change with the nature/quality of our perception.
Buddhism warns us not to see them as things.
Important note: Consciousness (to know) is a biological phenomenon. All
living beings (plants, animals, humans) experience the world in their own
ways. Each organism engages in a creative relationship with the external
world, bringing forth a myriad of different ways of knowing, whereby the
physiology of the organism changes(!) accordingly in the process.
John Willemsens.

Dear Jerry:

"He who gives in first, wins." I have found this to be true in all things;
the place I still balk is when the brick is my your opinion,
there "bricks" in your life which would cause you to doubt or transgress
against this wisdom?

Love, Kristi

Yes, there are such bricks. Hopefully there is awareness of
the transgression, for whatever that's worth. It may be
worth everything or it may be an excuse to do whatever
anyone wants. I think I'm responsible for looking carefully
at my actions. When I do that, I realize my actions may be
wrong, unnatural, and done for reasons I don't understand.

However, I can know that there is a 'center' or something I
call my 'real nature', and I can commune with it as often as
possible until I 'become it'. How one can 'become it' and
still be screwed up and do bad things, or at least be
'imperfect' in some obvious way, is a major topic for
discussion. Thanks, Kristie.



Dear List,

I recently read Paul Brunton's old book, "A Search in Secret India." The
Guru he found there was at Arunachala, whom he called "Ramana Mahareeshi"
in the book. Is this the same person commonly referred to as Sri Ramana

Fascinating book, highly recommended, if you can still find it. First
printing was in 1932, I think.

With Love,


Harsha: Yes. Brunton was an extremely astute observer of India.

... As India was of him. At every turn (in the book) he ran into somebody
that knew him better than he knew himself, knew what path he was going to
take. It really is a surprising book, and is especially interesting for
those who are interested in the toppic of siddhis, and their
worth/worthlessness (he discovered genuine powers, and fake ones). Brunton
heard rumor of masters living in caves, out of contact with humanity
entirely, that were (are?) many hundreds of years old (the term "over 400
years old" was used).

With Love,


KKT: Paul Brunton (1898-1981) was a "Master (Guru)"
on his own. But there's an interesting and beautifully
written book by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, "My Father's
Guru -- A Journey through Spirituality and Disillusion"
in which P.B. (Jeffrey's father's Guru) was revealed as
a "pseudo" Guru (if not a fake!). This book makes one
thinks over the problem of the spiritual "circus".

BTW, Tim, there's another interesting book, "God is My
Adventure -- A Book on Modern Mystics Masters and
Teachers" by Rom Landau, first published in 1935. In
this book Landau met and talked about Keyserling, Bo
Yin Ra, Rudolf Steiner, J.Krishnamurti, Shri Meher Baba,
P.D.Ouspensky, Gurdjieff and others.


Gloria Lee wrote:


> AS I have long said, "it" approached me, I sure wasn't looking where I was

> going. Who knew?


I have found that to be the single most significant thing
in my experience and that is that it isn't anything which
"i" did but rather was "i" was done.

The moment a man/woman realises that the Me
is of the same nature as the sea, a storm, the sun
a wind, that it shares the order of existence of anything
else that Is, order is established....and the same Me
sufers an effortless transformation.....becuse it shares
the nature and origin of the universe. A boundary has
been removed...and the Me is not anymore Me.
It may be also called -- total imanent freedom.


From: "Tomas Diaz de Villegas" <[email protected]>

Just wanted to share this reflection:

In reflecting on this, I discovered that what I truly want with my whole
being, with my whole life is what I most truly am already- awareness itself

their is no way to experience awareness or know awareness

it is

everything occurs in it

all intellect, all thinking, all knowing, all feeling
all conceptions and experiences of something and nothing, of birth and
death, of heaven and hell, of doubt and certainty, of perfection and
imperfection, of damnation and salvation, of me and other, of this or that

it is always right here, right now

it is before I think of it, before I look at it

becuase of this it is unknowable, it is unknowability itself

knowing happens in it

this is why relaxing into what I truly am is reffered to as unknowing

it is relaxing into the true nature of everything
it is the heart of everything, is the very source of love, the very source
and truth of all things

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