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Monday, April 9


What song, is bereft of notes?
What harmony, left undivided by silence?
What many, that is not One?
What One, that is not many?
What known, that is apart from unknown?
What communication complete,
abiding therein no luster of confusion?




"Looking for God is like seeking a path in a field of snow; if
there is no path and you are looking for one, walk across it and
there is your path." --Thomas Merton

i awake from sweet dreaming as i do, you do, we all do all ways
and in so doing do and do not so doing nothing say something
that is but a sweet nothing

from a dream within a dream to begin dreaming once again as i am
trying to say, i awake

i step through the dreaming door into the dusty world sparkling
onto a midnight carpet of spring snow. you, my beloved dark one,
as you do, are sailing way far above me your ivory chariot
darting amidst scattering silver clouds as a dragon, here and
there, ever deeper within, and then, one star crackles the
darkness with the voice of your sweet laughter then another, and
another join you until the midnight is an ode to bliss and joy
an empty but solid, sound but silent, dance of immortal voices
laughing and so i say to no one, is it to me or you, because
only sweet nothing is listening what a perfect darkness this is
and is not a dream that is the beloved's dream

i am awakening what i am trying to write is to begin dreaming
once again from a dream within a dream

that is but sweet nothing merely do something of nothing in so
doing not do what is not done as we all do in all ways as you
do, i do from sweet dreaming

we awake to falter across a midnight carpet a trackless spring
of too solid fluidity crackling with diamonds under our dead
feet into the pale arms of the dark one herself into the
discovery that we make without effort that we are loved with an
infinite love we, each one, are lovers in love with the beloved
because this simplicity makes itself apparent

our one, true, faithful beloved is in love with us

oh, mirabai, my once and future goddess, always one i journey
into your dear darkness and so return to innocence.

white wolfe (april 9, 2001)



Now I understand, you are seeing thought as rising from and
falling back into an ocean of potential thought. I thought when
you wrote of thought's circularity, you were thinking of the
circularity of thinking about thought. A funny thing happened to
me, this is in no way verifiable, or nondually correct, so don't
bother picking apart the way I express this; one day I was
quietly watching the emergence of thought and followed thought
back to that ocean of potential, it was a feeling of flying
along, following a scent. I dwelt in that ocean for a momentary
eon, it was warm and sweet, then began the wonder 'what lies at
the bottom of this' so down I sank and at the very bottom was a
hole, a sucking vortex and through it I shot and in the shooting
through I was torn apart and that's as far as it goes. The point
being that it is possible experientially to sink beneath the
origin of thought, but at that point experience is no more. Take
the above as fantastical nonsense if you like, I can't defend


There is no way of validating or invalidating what is
experienced. You and me and everything else are only ever 'this'
and thought and all related experiential reality is ephemeral as
are you and me. So let's take this blessed seemingness and love
it and let it be good.





Jerry, not to leave out all of us hillbillies here in Kentucky,
I've translated the NDS website into redneck-ese with the help
of the Dialectizer. Just trying to do my part for the
nondual-activism cause...though I know some will be disappointed
in the lack of a section on 'Nondualism and Snake-Handling'.



That words arise
from/as/of no-thingness (God),
as do experiences,
beings, universe,
is apperceived, not
heard about and emulated.

Each moment is unique,
is the same, is all moments,
isn't happening.

Pointers are pointerless.
The content of a pointer
So what it points to is
right here, now,
not something to
get to once the content
is decoded, analyzed,
and applied.

Yes - it's not a certain way
of seeing.
It's "prior to" any certain
way of seeing being
"Prior to" in quotes,
because ideas about
before and after
are "a certain way of

Nothing to point to.
Just "this" which celebrates
itself exactly by being
"just this way" ...



"To be in integrity is to be 'loose and natural', unencumbered by
ethics, custom, and convention. Which doesn't mean to ignore

In the context of Tilopa's Song of Mahamudra,
that's exactly what it means!

The Song ends with:

"From the Self-mind all things emerge,
the mind by virtues and by vices is not stained."

Free of distinctions between good and bad,
'prohibited' and 'allowed', acceptable and non;
actions arise naturally, effortlessly.

Any similarity of action to that of a custom,
commandment or convention would be
purely coincidental.

"To be really "loose and natural" is to be able to partake in
customs, convention and ethics of society with no resistance to

It may. Or it may not.
The key is that actions arise spontaneously, naturally,
intuitively, and not thru (unconscious) habit, or from

Consider the actions of a "loose and natural" guy named Jesus
who walked into a temple and began tossing tables around,
upsetting the 'custom' of selling goods in temple.... who began
breaking the laws of Sabbath by picking heads of grain in the
fields, and by healing the sick on what was considered by Jewish
law to be the 'wrong' day. It is unlikely he turned those tables
over out of habit. It is unlikely he 'considered all his
options' when he began healing that sick man on the
Sabbath....even as he was surrounded by Pharisees - just looking
for an excuse to arrest him.

What seems most likely is he did what came naturally for him to
do, without consideration or 'respect' for custom or law;
without considering the 'consequences of his actions'.

This, to me, epitimizes the essense of what is indicated by what
you quote below, and by Tilopa in his encouraging Naropa to be
"loose and natural".

As somebody said somewhere "to be in the world but not of the

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