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Highlights #679

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Thursday April 12th

I have looked , and thus have found
that I am now exceeding round.
With great girth and bulging belly
which shakes just like a bowl of jelly.
Now I spend much time it seems,
just hitching up my falling jeans.
But all in all I've found it's true,
that all my faults don't make me blue.
If I can find within my heart
the truth that lets the pain depart
and share it with a hungry world
the sky we'll seek with wings unfurled.



Are people enjoyed for who they are, or is there some standard they're
held against, the Ramanaic Standard perhaps? The Nisargadattic Mean?
Ever try making fresh peas taste like canned ones? You actually have to
can them.



** of course there is a standard jerry. each one of us has our own
too. It is called by various names; conditioning, biases, prejudices,
programming, or just plain preferences. It may have nothing to do
with R or N but it is a standard none the less. Now, one could easily
say that this is a bad thing, that our standards get in the way of
relationship.If we say that we "should" enjoy all people for who they
are,(ie: equally) then that is our new standard of enjoying people;
it is called the Standard Of Enjoying All People Equally. (SOEAPE).
No different than any other standard. And if we can't do that then
we are lacking, missing or failing something. hmmmmm.

All are blessed


World-dream values mandate that 'all shall be alike, as peas in a
pod". This is otherwise and properly known as spiritual fascism.

Primate-instinctive-impulse is to homogenize the population to the
goal of purity of tribe; the masses of seekers and joiners (bereft of
actual realization) are ruled by this automatic mechanism of the
human unconscious. Consequently, 'until realization', seeking is done
in the context of fitting into a recognizable structure, of which
religions, churches and temples are manifestations.

Unfortunately, seekers of the 'nondual' are also ruled by the same
automatism; consequently, there is (ironic?) truth to the old saw...
"Those who know, do not say, and those who say, do not know". This
homily has veracity, in this context.

If a seeker had an accurate picture of what is being sought, there
would be no more seeking. Ergo, seeking is a tacit confession of
cluelessness. But the reverse is not true; non-seeking does not
evidence 'realization', and neither does an attitude of casual (and
formulaic) dismissal of all concerns.

Give peas a chance; they can't be beet.

Fresh daily,

==Gene Poole==


Eugene Shearn:

this party is not for you,
you should host it and invite
and be it's servent...


Eugene and Dan:

Hi Eugene --

>This "however" seems a justification or negetion of
>the previous statement. Any "more and more" conscious
>is more and more conditioned as Consciousness alone
>is, there is no more or less.

Without any "howevers", or "more and more",
what will become of the "thinker" the "doer"
the one who is "getting somewhere"?

Withouth the thought/attempt to get, what has become of
the thinker/doer?

>It takes effort to make avoidance, seeing, facing,
>repression, material, uncomfortability and an

A critical "insight".
The efforting is the avoiding,
and the forcing.

>Nothing truly has ever been done, undone.
>No therapeutic condition exits

Indeed, no conditionality whatsoever
can be affirmed as existing or
negated as nonexisting.



Hell's bells.....if that's the way
it's seen, why not just
commit suicide and be free
of these 'illusions' all together?


>Hell's bells.....if that's the way
>it's seen, why not just
>commit suicide and be free
>of these 'illusions' all together?

Because that thought is just another
delusion placed on top of all the
other delusion.

There is no "my" body.
There *is* body.

This universe.



Hi All:

I have been pondering deeply and the following came to mind:

1. Pure non-dual functioning: there is a functioning, such as rocks,
non-sentient material, living things that might not have the capacity
to self-reflect, babies, that is non-dual in its functioning or
existence. Any labels regarding what this might be don't apply, but
it is in some sense, what is manifest, and is what is happening "all
around us".

2. Mixed awareness and functioning: Because humans and perhaps
others have consciousness, duality arises, due to the way our minds
work. We become aware at some point after birth and because we have
no other way to relate to things, we start to store information in our
brains, and create the seeds for duality: what is, and what we think
it is. Gradually, the world of duality almost totally replaces
non-dual functioning. We "think" this is an improvement, because we
think it would be a backward step to not be able to think.

3. Spiritual practice: Here, we begin to see that this mixed
awareness and functioning, the duality created might not be so great.
At first, it can't go very far, because everything that we do to see
this is in some sense created in the same way, in our minds, and as a
projection with the same tools as always. But somehow, things are
churning up, and awareness expands, and how the duality got built up
is exposed.

4. Awareness of awareness: Suddenly, awareness of awareness, the
pure clarity of it, comes up. This is non-dual awareness. You might
say, how come there is non-dual functioning and non-dual awareness,
haven't you got two things? Well, the non-dual awareness doesn't
build anything up, nor does the functioning, and so they are kind of
the same thing. The odd man out is the mixed up awareness/functioning
which creates two things out of one. But we are stuck with awareness,
and so must ease our way out of the mixture.

Does this make sense? Bye for now. Terry



Carlos Lopez is/was a teacher in the lineage of Ramana - Papaji - Gangaji.
He was simply known as Carlos. Someone close to him wrote

When he went to Arunachala this winter, Ramana dissolved
everything. He only wants to be silent and still now. I hope he will
someday return to teaching.

Carlos writes on his website:
A message from Carlos:

Jai Ramana ArunachalaSiva!..the SatGuru has devoured it all.

It is with immense gratitude and in deeper service to the Master
that the form that appeared as satsang with carlos, now comes to
an end. This true love is ever expanding. It has all been, as it
always is: only Ramana's silence the truest brightest light,
words or no words, same. Bhagavan invites to inquire with
devotion: Who am I ?.. Be Still, as you are, that is all

One Self



God created this breathtaking Universe.
It is both a scientific miracle and a magnificent artwork.
He then created beings who could appreciate his artwork.

Non dualists instead want to stare at the canvas!
We say that this elaborate beauty is a creation of our puny minds?
I suspect we are all escapees from the P ward!

I for one am heading towards the great barrier reef
You guys keep your heads buried in the sand.
Let me look at the beauty of God
You go stare at the nothingness.
Make sure the psychiatrist police don't catch you doing that!

Love makes the heart laugh and dance.
I wish you Love.

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