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Tuesday, April 17


The following might not be terribly profound and far away from
'That', but something 'stuck' me the other day...

I was alone all Easter (.. break from girldfriend..), and I felt
great. Perception was sharp, delightful energies..etc. A
spiritually-traditional thought popped up : "See, aloneness,
being a 'hermit', silence is great and the way", and I felt even
better..: because of feeling I was doing the right thing, for a
change.. _Until_ the next thought, a bit more
'tantric/dzogchen/vedantic' in nature..:"You are self-deluding
yourself my friend,.. feeling good has nothing to do with 'It'..
you're just escaping from the what-is of life and relationship..
your feeling good is no less ignorant than when you feel you're
in hell..".. .. so then, I did not feel so great any longer.. a
kind of despair replaced it.

I am acquainted with some of the pointers, that might dump all
of the above in The Ultimate disintegration-machine/blender of
'That' Unmanifested & Undiferientiated Blob... but I just want
to say, that it was a mild shock to see how everything we look
upon, is thru some Meaning ...! .. _Everything_.. The thought of
removing both of the above meanings,..all meanings, is sheer
terror.. everything in life would be utterly meaningless, and
one would certainly have No-thing. A 'dark night of soul' sound
like great fun, compared to this. And if one sees the
truth/falsity of this (meaning giving), would one be here using
so many words and meanings ? Would one involve oneself in
_Any-thing ?.. (apart form necessities, like a job, and shopping
for food..) Rather scary... All of life, would be an utter and
meaningless joke... How is it for you ?



The whole idea of an evolving humanity is quite ludicrous. There
is something in people that recognizes just how insignificant we
are when weighed against the vastness of space. Thus we strive
for some meaning that will justify our experience of life.

As sages we come to see that the meaning of life is to live -
life becomes it's own meaning. In this there is peace. The need
for a well organized and definitive structure of how it is or
ought to be drops away.

We realize that everything we need has always been available to
us at every moment. We discover the freedom to participate in
life with gusto and grace.


Peace - Michael



To Truly See means To Totally Be!

Differentiation implies being far sighted. Interpretation
implies being near sighted. Both depend on each other, are
relative, and indicate the suffering of illusory knowledge.

To wish for freedom and to work for freedom assumes the
existence of bondage. Great masters ask you to question that

Being Is Freedom.

Look here and understand!

Desire is desire, love is love, hatred is hatred, anger is
anger, sadness is sadness, rage is rage, and bliss is bliss.
What of it?

There is no mystery here. If you truly accept the totality of
what is, then where is the need to improve yourself?

But you should improve yourself, if you feel you have to. Don't
go against your natural feeling. It just creates additional

In the long run, forget about overcoming conditioning. That
itself is another type of conditioning. Just layers upon layers
upon layers of conditioning constitute our identity. You may as
well become an enormous and huge Chocolate Cake at a wedding!
You will have fewer layers to contend with and you will taste
better to your friends!

There is no end to this nonsense about self-improvement and if
you have the energy to pursue, it will continue in one form or

Forget permanent and impermanent. Forget freedom and bondage.
Forget Samsara and Moksha. Remain as you are. That is actually
the only thing anyone can do really well!

If you know in your bones that there is absolutely nothing you
can do, you will See that there is absolutely nothing you need
to do!

To See Is To Be. To Be is to See.

These are Not Two!

If you love Truth enough, you will see that You Are the Truth!

You and Truth.

These are not Two!

If you Love Truth enough, you will see that You Are Love!

You and Love.

These are not Two!

Keep it in sight You will be all right!

Seeing Me, Seeing You!

Be Seeing You (:-).



dancing with the beloved

“…the beloved has turned my mourning into dancing….”

-Psalms 30.11 all the others love to lose themselves in the
roles they love to play

they sneak into the forest to hide within the purple shadows of
the golden sun not realizing that you are both

in the roles they love to play all the others love to lose

within the silver shadows of the alabaster moon they hide behind
their shimmering masks forgetting that you are the masks

love to lose themselves in the roles they love to play all the

merely pretending knowing the rules they within the game they do
not know how to play ardently cheating themselves of the victory
they seek

ardently cheating themselves of the victory they seek within the
game they do not know how to play merely pretending knowing the
rules they

love to lose themselves in the roles they love to play all the
others, beloved

forgetting you are all the masks in the play facelessly hiding
within the shimmering shadows silver light mirroring gold within
gold mirroring silver light

in the roles they love to play all the others, beloved love to
lose themselves

not realizing you are both golden shadows hiding and the shining
purple sun they hide within the ever creeping forest

all the others, beloved love to lose themselves in the roles
they love to play

as shadows they play silly games hiding behind masks and within
roles playing the silly games silly lovers love to play

but i love to play, beloved, playfully with you as laughingly
you dance me into the game of reality taking my hand you laugh
me into your alabaster dancing

at the laughter dancing the play, the play dancing the laughter

stillness dancing silence, yours is the laughter, beloved
silence dancing stillness

i am your dancing poet dancing in your laughter beloved i am
your beloved

mark christopher valentine april 1, 2001 @ 9:55:42 PM) unedited



Ultimately, 'the path' is a "feeling" or "intuitional" thing,
not a conceptual thing. Let 'the heart' be the guide, and the
mind "temper" the heart if something gets excessive.

Bruce Morgen (another list member) says this -- "neither closed
minded, nor excessively open minded (gullible)." It's a middle
way, and if only thought and concepts are involved (or only
heart/intuition are involved) "straying" is easy.

To some extent, "follow the bliss" or "what feels right" is a
good way of proceeding, "in the beginning," as long as tempered
with some wisdom.


Nisargadatta: "Instead of seeking what you don't have, find out
what it is you have never lost."

He said "find out." Everybody seems to love Nisargadatta, but
who simply does what he recommends? Doesn't it seem kind of
strange that people would read "I Am That" over and over, but
never just follow instructions?



Healthiest man in the cemetery :-)

Satsang with Robert Adams [December 2, 1990]

Last week I was talking to a body builder. He was telling me
about his muscles. And what he does for this muscle, and what he
does for that muscle, and how well he eats. So I told him that's
great, you'll be the healthiest man in the cemetery. And that's
about the gist of it. Why not use your energy for constructive
purposes? Now this does not have to mean that you ignore your
body. Your body will always take care of itself. As a matter of
fact the more you practice your sadhana, or realizing your true
identity, your body will be able to take better care of itself
than you were ever able to take care of it, because it comes
under a different law. It knows what to do. It will do whatever
it came to this world to do, but it has absolutely nothing to do
with you. When will you wake up to that fact?

Stop thinking about yourself so much, about getting a new job,
losing a job, about working or not working. No one is ever
happy. Those people who work are miserable because they have to
work. Those people who don't work are miserable because they
can't find a job. And when they find a job they join the
miserable ones who can't stand the job. Where is peace? Peace is
your real nature. It's within you. It is you. Look for it and
you'll find it. Seek and ye shall find.

Whatever you identify with, that's what you become. Therefore
stop identifying with worldly things. Identify with yourself.
Now how do you do this? It begins in the morning, as I told you
before. That's the time when your mind has been free. Because
you slept you've had a semblance of peace. Being in deep sleep
is an unconscious method of self-realization. You're realized
when you are asleep, but you are unconscious so you're not aware
of it. You want to be consciously asleep. When you're
consciously asleep you're awake. You're awake to your Self, to
Reality, to what is, to I AM.



from tao te ching 35:

"Tao is like a great elephant moving without danger"

This verse is usually translated as "image" instead of

Oh my, I'm all veklempft, you are guaranteed to reach
enlightment if you solve this koan:

"Tao is neither an elephant nor an image. Discuss amongst

you can see the pictograph symbol for image and elephant at:



A shift occurs from object seeing other objects to presence of
all objects in the totality of the reality of this present
moment. I can't do presence simply because I am presence. There
is no where to go. There is no thing to do. There is life, not
my life, not your life, just life.



Cyberdervish wrote: The self [small 's'] can never Awaken. It
can never get Enlightened. The Self [capital 'S'] is already
Awakened, Enlightened.

So it is simply a matter of right identification! If you
identify with the wrong self than no amount of meditation will
awaken you. But how do you get the identification correct? Now
that is the billion dollar question, isn't it :-)

Gene writes: No, the $Billion question is this: Does "Self"

Because all identification happens within Self, self wanders
within a mirrored tesserect,

Mistaking movement for solid, Manipulating three dimensions

While living in the fourth, Unknowing that self

Is Change,

Undervaluing the talent of prediction Thus not knowing

From whence it comes, Sinking into superstition,

This is how a fourth-dimensional 'entity' Becomes food

For the dwellers Of the fifth.

O you

Known as change,



Always on the scene,

When will the impulse To stop changing

Lesson its grip?



Right and wrong

Good and bad

Ways and means;

Imaging self or Self

Is the forbidden creation

Of graven images.



interesting link:



The teacup
stands alone
a full knowing
of no other in
it's own
but, the ego.

The teapot
stands alone
a mostly empty knowing
of all other guests
in it's own
The self.

The cup is served.
The teapot prepared.
The tea is hot.
The master pours.
For the student.
And, himself.

They sup together.

Well, we got the boy some roller blades and a new helmet. I
found that the 'Grecco' chocolate egg was enough however, I
bought a few Kindereggs to be sure, and bubble gum, of course
and fillers.

We hid the 33 treasures around the apartment and it took
approximately 27 minutes for him to find everything. We sent him
outside with some free hotdog and 2 for 1 slurpees coupons for
him and his friends from 7-11.

Then, my wife and I sat on the deck meditating on the liquor
store (closed on Monday) and played 'next 0' as we watched
endless drunk people walk into the locked door of the closed
liquor store.

Believe it or not, there was 'only one' of the entire test group
that could actually see that the liquor store was closed as he

This, of course, was 'balanced' by the guy that approached with
a cart of empties to be returned.

None of which were very happy.

I simply do not see the need to experiment with life as there
are so many thyings already there to look at... assuming you
know how to look.

You say to me: look what has been done to our cultures,
traditions, religions, and families is there no justice for

To which I reply: look what you have done to my world on whom
should I exact my justice and 'whom do YOU' call 'enemy'?



Because of the size of the file (831K), it might take a while (5
to 20 minutes depending on your connection) to complete the
download. Please do not give up. It is really worth the wait. It
is the only tool we know of that can teach so much about the
Chakras according to the authentic Yoga tradition from India. It
will give you for each Chakra: a good concise description; the
proper colors of petals, mandalas, Mantras etc.; the female and
male deity; the animal; the proper pronunciation for Chakra
names and Mantras.

Hint. The voice on the 7th chakra will pronounce all 50 letters
of the sanskrit aphabet ! be sure to click on the buttons for
mantras, colors, and deities for each chakra.



Some say life is its own purpose,
but this is not the final understanding.

Free of purpose and purposelessness,
Free of life and death,
Free of freedom and bondage;

Free of words, the final understanding
cannot be written in words,
nor can the final understanding be understood.

Free of understanding and ignorance,
free of manifest and unmanifest,
the final understanding cannot be understood.

It is not 'is' and it is not 'is not'
It is not emptiness and it is not fullness
It is not form and it is not formless
It is not personal and it is not impersonal
It is not worthwhile and it is not worthless.
It is not useful and it is not useless.

It is not comprehensible to thought.
It is not comprehensible to feeling.
It cannot be written in words.
It cannot be spoken out loud.
It cannot be here or now.
It cannot be past or future.

Beyond duality and nonduality,
the final understanding is finally

It cannot be communicated, it
cannot be transmitted, it cannot
be understood, it cannot be described.

It cannot be anything, and
it cannot be nothing.

It cannot be 'it', nor can the
final understanding be 'this',
nor can the final understanding
be 'that'.

It cannot be self nor can it
be "Self."

It is not inside and it is not outside.
It is not "within" and it is not without.
It is not West, East, North or South.

These words say absolutely nothing.
The final understanding is not
absolutely nothing either.
If you are looking to these words
for the final understanding, you
will perceive only nothing.

The final understanding is not
even "beyond," for "beyonds"
go on beyond all beyonds,
until beyonds finally merge
beyond all possible beyonds.

If you are looking for the Final Understanding
You will never find it.

Because you are looking in these words,
you are missing it utterly.

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