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Highlights #691

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Tuesday, May 1


Welcome to the merry, merry month of May. This is a lengthy highlights,
and the material left out was just as good or better. We could have had
three different versions of the highlights today, without any posts
repeated. Thanks to everyone



Dear list, if you wish to know the Divine, feel the wind on your face
and the sun on your hand. The Buddda

consider, a man walking along the beach stoops and picks out a small
round stone. he smiles and says to the stone " you have been here for
thousands of years, and yet i have picked you up and taken control."
The stone whispered softly in response "yes, but to me you are merely a
passing breeze."

A mind that is open and aware, not creating distinctions between self
and others, is full of love and compassion for all beings. To become
one with and live this realization transforms one's relationship with
one's self, with other people, and with the whole world. To live life
in thos way, with love and compassion for all existence, is the
embodiment of Kanzeon Bodhisattva. Good morning and peace to you all,
Love Gracie



open love letter to mirror....

time future is contained in time past and both in time
is here i first met is here that i shameless court is here that we is here that we will be when we
are or are not is here on your birthday among friends.....i
light the candles that say what words cannot ever say......I LOVE
YOU.....your once, future and always student (phylia), lover (eros)
friend (storge) and husband (agape) ....he who is sometimes known as
white wolfe....but is always just yours, my beloved mira, your beloved

further up and further in,

white wolfe


MICHAEL JOHNSON with responses

The disciple goes to the guru seeking enlightenment as something which
he can enjoy as an individual, while the enlightened guru knows their
relationship to be completely impersonal evolutionary process in which
no individuals figure at all.


So the disciple through no volition of his own goes to the guru who is
there through no volition of his own to seek enlightenment which is
always here, and which the individual wants to get and enjoy but the
catch is that when awakening occurs the individual ego is smashed so
there is no one to enjoy anything. The whole process is imaginary, in
reality, the individuals don't exists. The whole thing is a projection
of the Mind.

What am I missing here?


Thanks for the laugh Michael - what is missing from such texts is the
failure to even mention such a thing as "optimal human functioning".
From my perspective, that comes first, the enlightenment issue being
the core of it. As "functioning" comprises the whole, it follows that
an "impersonal" perspective has to include the "personal". When not,
it's another piece of "dead brain work" - not taking into account
humans are sentient creatures :) Did I forget to mention "implicit
pedestalism"? <laugh>

Joy, laughter and humor...


From whence arises this Mind and
its ability to "project"?

What is being projected --
from where, to where?

"Now" -- the apparent "drama"
of yin and yang, this and that,
student and teacher -- is
understood "from the Middle" ...
not from either side ...


Your Own Self.
Worry not.
It Sees You.



Not two but one
I and my fear

Nowhere yet always here
Two strings one shriek
Both get drunk in beer
One clings the other will seek

Fear as the care-taker
"I" as careless holiday maker
The two are a perfect pair
Yet one and nowhere

How can "I" be lonely
When fear is my only
Always ready to warn
Whether in company or forlorn

Oh what lovely game
"I" running from fear
Fear seemingly going away
"I" giving way to a tear

A horse ride of yin and yang
Like that of God and the Big Bang
"I" and "fear" arise from the same source
But "just" knowing that...
Would that kill the horse?


What "drives" behavior? Rational thinking? Universal compassion and
love? Rarely... What drives, are the "gross" tendencies bubbling up
from the subconscious - the "overall result" being "world as it
develops". A mechanical piece of activity? You bet! Hence highly

Pain doesn't change one iota when knowing "I am that". Something else
is required in order to be laughing and joking no matter the pain. And
that "Something else" can't be parroted from scriptures.



>Does fear arise in Dan?

There is no fear arising here, now.
If fear arises, it arises.
What arises, departs.

Fear and what is feared arise
from the same "place" ...
There is no separation between
the experience fear, the one
who fears, and that which is

>Do memories of fearful events still reside in Dan?

Memories of events arise in the present
as memories.
"Dan" is an effect of memory; how can
memories reside in Dan, when without
memory there is no "Dan"?

>Do thoughts of the future still arise in Dan?

If a lunch is planned to be with a friend
tomorrow for Dan,
Dan plans the lunch. The memory responds
to/as this conceptual situation by projecting the past
as the future - thus thought arises and
departs, lunch is planned, later eaten ;-)

>I would like to hear about the experiences of Dan,
>the human body/mind that has memories of experiences
>on planet Earth.

Experience unfolds in an ongoing way.

I like walks on the beach, that's a joyous
experience ...

The body/mind is the activation of memory,
it doesn't contain memory as if existing
apart from the memory activation ...

>I would also like to hear about how Dan transcended
>the Mind and now sees so clearly.

Dan didn't transcend anything.
Transcendence is trance-endence --
the end of the trance that
"Dan" is the center of anything.

Dan isn't living his life.
Life unfolds, including the
aspect of life unfolding
called "Dan's life" ...

>If there is the desire to teach,
>there is the desire to learn.

If there is openness, then
to teach is to learn,
to learn is the teaching ...
openness ...

>If not,

It is ...



There was, at a point in my life,
many years ago, experience
quite similar to what you

Nothingness, once conceptual
and distant, suddenly was
nonconceptual and present --
all included, silence beyond
any concept of silence,
and "all this" occurring within
it, not apart from it.

As the nothingness included all,
it was confusing to find that
"others" spoke to me as if
this wasn't so for "them" ...l

Empathy led to feeling the anxiety
of a friend who "wanted" to
know what "this" is ... and
being unable to "impart" it.

Later, dissolved the sense
of knowing anything or
having anything to impart,
and also concerns about
wanting things to be
any particular way ...

So -- experience of falling away of past,
future, and thought-images.

Experience of "nowhere to go" ...

And, there is what is beyond
experience, from which
these and any experiences
arise ... no-experience ...
dimensionless point
enfolding/unfolding all ...

Finding that all "as is" arising
from this, is without any
conflict -- no sense that
anyone or anything is out of
place "as is" ... no superior
beings elevated, no inferior
beings who need to get
something ... and yet, there
can be speaking, can be
sharing that facilitates evolution
of that which doesn't move --




Dukkha is/means: "Chronic complaint".

In general, the chronic complaint states that 'something is wrong'.

If something is wrong, something is not right.

As a righteous person, you are expected to be aware of
and to do something about what is wrong.

This of course refers to the 'outer world', as well
as the 'inner world':

'Impure thoughts', 'inappropriate feelings', fear, lust,
greed, hate, etc... not to mention feelings of inadequacy,
shame, of being 'less than' those who are 'greater'.

If the question "Is everything alright?" is asked,
the answer is usually 'no'. Certain 'righteous' values,
standards, criteria, morals, 'vital beliefs', seem to
call for rebellion against what is perceived as wrong.

And who can question the logic of millions, billions,
who feel that 'something is wrong'?

'Everyone' wants/needs/craves to be accepted
as a member of 'family', and certainly, conforming
to the standards held by millions, billions, gives
entrance/acceptance to the largest of families.

Therefor, the foundation for self-esteem
is the chronic complaint;

And 'what is wrong' is thus a threat
to the integrity of the family,

And thus by joining the family battle
against what is wrong, one may show
willingness to sacrifice everything
for the cause of the family,

Of fixing what is wrong.

The glue that holds the family together
is the chronic complaint, or 'dukkha'.

Letting go of the chronic complaint
is a secret inner choice, and once freed
of 'dukkha', things seem quite different;

Compassion then calls
for embarking on missionary work
to awaken others

To the illusory nature of the assumption
that 'something is wrong',

But this brings up a serious question:

If it is an error to assume that
'something is wrong',

Is it correct to say that
'Nothing is wrong'?

If nothing is wrong, why
work to save others from
the assumption that
'something is wrong'?

It is not correct to say
'Nothing is wrong';

Is it correct to say
"What is wrong is to assume
that something is wrong"?

First, the lower-level assumption
of 'right vs wrong' may be examined;

Or more importantly,
One may examine the effects
produced in the individual
by holding
the chronic complaint;

If that one gives up the complaint,
secretly, inwardly, a giving up,

Will the family object?
Will that one, be disenfranchised
for their lack of faith
in the family way?

In any event, giving up
the chronic complaint
is an individual task,
and need not be proselytized,

For if others are told
'Nothing is wrong',
accusations of craziness
equal familial disenfranchisement,

The grief that follows
rejection by millions
leads to questioning of self;
'Maybe I am wrong'.

How many times
must this story be repeated?

Can this model of possibility
be comprehended for learning
that 'nothing is wrong but the
assumption that something
is wrong'?

And to take it, that one small step
beyond, to question
the paradigm of 'right vs wrong',
To the extent of the dictation of values

From external sources
Policemen of behaviour
introjected values
The glue of families

Without family, a vagabond,
a hobo, lonely, lost, and alone,
rejected, not invited to the party,
dejected, depressed...

And all for giving up
the chronic complaint!

Or for having the foolish courage
to talk about it...


Maybe it is better to say,
"Something is wrong,
but Grace will fix it"


"Thy will, not my will"


"I am just an ignorant man;
what do I know?"


"As you mature, you will
eventually see
the natural evolution
of the individual human
from fear
to faith"


"The assumption that you
are separate, is what
leads you to seek family;

Therefor, question the
assumption that you are separate,
and you will thereby be granted

The peace resulting from
liberation from illusion"


"Join our cause
Join us as we kill
Those who dispute
our way of righteousness"

Just how to fix
what is wrong,
while knowing
nothing is wrong?

Now we see the nature
of the chronic complaint;
It is hidden so deeply
It is the wellspring of suffering

From Dukkha,
spring all works
good and bad.


Doing nothing
for a long time
against reaction;

what was conditioned

balance and abiding

Shuts off
the internal dialog

Allows dwelling
in vast space of nothing

In comfort,
One dwells in the gap
between stimulus
and response,

but not reactive

But not reacting

Eating when hungry

Sleeping when tired

Long retraining
Long reconditioning

It is not a matter of knowledge
Nor a matter of what is right

And it has nothing to do
with self-esteem

And it does allow thinking
and feeling and action

It simply disallows reaction

And assigns personal responsibility
for every thought, feeling, and action.

Gene Poole

*"Dukkha" is a Buddhist concept. Please see:


Dukkha is chronic complaint.



Who are you? Why does anything exist at all? If all of your beliefs and
concepts were to be suddenly stripped away, what would be left?

How dramatic! How astonishing!

Like flies swarming over dung you cling to your beliefs. When the bee
calls out to you to partake of nectar you buzz your wings all the
louder and turn away.

Having never tasted nectar of timelessness you do not know that it
exists! You much prefer the dung of illusion and unfulfilled desire.
How loudly the universe sings of freedom!

Entranced with the chatter of your wings you flit from one dead thing
to another. Living in fear you would slaughter the butterfly and deny
it freedom. You would take the nectar from the bee and force upon it
the scraps from your dung pile.

Perhaps some day you will tire of the stale taste in your mouth, Seek
the source of existance and drink the nectar of fulfillment. Perhaps

How ironic! How astonishing! How delightful! It is but the same self in
all who is playing these games! Why? Why not?!



So, there I was the other night, around a fire, with some friends when
it occured to me that my body was void and my awareness and my seeing
of this awareness was flipping like a coin in my head and later, around
the same fire, in a sohbet-tipis I found myself alone again with



Hello Friends

Fear, dread, seeking, passion, body.

Is Awareness not experiencing Itself in all -ALL of this and every

Whether in forgetfulness or the Stillness?

Here - now - in the body of fear and forgetfullnes - on this tiny
planet - amidst trillions of worlds seen and unseen - amidst weepings
and laughter - here we are.

Into the Vast Stillness we re-enter - where we never departed - where
there is no me/we/you.

How long do we wish to remain in the Still Blissless Bliss?


No more fear, dread, afflictive emotions, weeping - all kept at bay in
our Vast Self?

Gone beyond - gone gone gone.

Can we not experience the Ocean of Vastness and STILL be here now -
open - totally nakedly open - to experience all our humanity and all
the forgetfullness?

Why would we go insane to experience the pain of all beings? Are they
not us?

Beyond and fully here - human and the Vast Love.

Do we seek the Stillness to escape? To hide from the full human
experience? To have relief in a new kind of forgetfullness?

With Love and Pain,



You think you want this.. "nonduality" stuff? You think you want
'truth' ... listen to U.G. Krishnamurti while 'you' still have a

Chasing dreams, 'you' hear things like "There are no more desires,
because they are all fulfilled." This sounds attractive, because 'you'
think there will be a 'you' enjoying such a 'state'.

You think 'I will be enjoying a state free of all desires" but do not
consider the ramifications. There is nobody to enjoy freedom from
desire -- 'it' is there in the absence of 'you', and there is no
bringing the 'you' back to 'enjoy it'.

You think there will be some separate 'you' able to 'be free' and 'out
of bondage' and so continuing to dream, you pursue 'reality', not
knowing the folly of such pursuit.


Luckily for 'you', there is no 'reality' to be found on this or other
mailing lists, or in your book reading or in your meditations. Only
wannabe 'buddhas' wanting to 'awaken you', and all the while the 'you'
is the problem, the doer is the dream, and if 'you' knew that there
isn't any 'you'... 'you' would turn tail and run, run away while 'you'
still had the chance.

If 'you' find it (freedom from desire), there is nothing more to do but
'wait' until the body drops. All desires fulfilled, 'freedom' -- does
that sound good? Do 'you' think that sounds good? "You" will be able to
enjoy this?

'You' would be much better off dropping 'this stuff' now and going on
pursuing dreams. Luckily, that's all 'you' are doing anyway. You prefer
'spiritual dreams' over 'worldly dreams', and so that is 'your'
preference. Enjoy.

'Reality, truth' seem far away and undiscovered. 'You' are in luck.

If "Understanding is encountered," there is nobody to encounter it. It
simply IS, and 'you' as a separate entity are finished. All desires are
fulfilled, it is finished... what to do with 'the world appearance'
now? Play, celebrate, laugh and 'wait' until 'the body drops off'.
Uselessly, the world appears to appear, dreamlike and hazy, 'populated'
by more of the same 'appearance'.

What would your mother think? Do you think the 'separate love' will
still be there? The exclusivity you imagine to be 'love'? If by some
'bad luck' Understanding is found, they will not care about what they
perceive to be 'your understanding', nor will you care about 'them' as
separate from the universe.

Get away now, while 'you' still have the chance, while there is a
dreamed existence of a 'separate you' able to enjoy, with the illusion
of choice.

Enjoy the small pleasures, and get away, as far away as possible from '
your' imagined ideas of 'reality' -- if by some chance 'it' dawns on
'you' -- everything 'you once knew' has died. The world, the universe
is an 'after-death existence'. Desiring nothing, because all desires
are fulfilled (there is only Fulfillment), what will 'you do'? Where
will 'you locate yourself?'



Hee, hee,

you guys have me singing this morning (to the tune of "There's no
business like show business"):

There's no problem
Like my problem,
Like no problem I know...

Love, Mark
(sitting here dumbfounded, at my own expense)

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