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Thursday April 26th


Dear friends,
The following Yahoo! Group is now available:
Active Buddhists - Worldwide forum for individual Buddhists that are or
wish to be active as such in their local community.
Kind regards,
John Willemsens.



in that first today of history, in that moment when...
first memory appeared to that little one,
he knew a "self", and remembered a "self", and history began for him,

his prismd yesterday of memory became identity....

and oh!

those yesterdays... they sure did stick to him... adrenaline soaked
thought...betrayals perceived...that was the sticky yesterday
of every new day to him,

and those aperceptions of his youth which are sweet memories of blissful
clarity, are
also, (and only just), hormone washed
identity...more pleasant, more "real" perhaps... therefore a "real" sticky
to some mystic in the making... :-)

just yesterdays news that's all "I" ever was...



Hi Ed --

>You wrote:
>HI Dan...thanks for this post...which is understood and appreciated.

You're welcome. Blessed be.

>The question here is in the context of your being an "ordinary human being",
>which you have described in several instances in response to queries about
>your everyday experience.
>In saying:
>"Process is appearance, transition
> and interpretation.
>Nonprocess doesn't appear,
> doesn't move,
> and isn't interpretable."
>Does the idea of 'Nonprocess' occur to you as "appearance" when seen
>from ordinary experience, (perhaps at this very moment)

At this very moment, nonprocess is the unformed instant.
It has neither come into being nor gone out of being.
It hasn't registered, nor has anything appeared on which
it would register.
Nothing is in it, nothing exists outside of it.

> and how might
>you typically "process" this idea?

Nonprocess isn't an idea.
Any idea is process.
Ideas appear to flow;
that which moves not never appears;
yet without that which moves not,
no idea would appear to flow.

An idea registers, and that which
registers the idea appears with the idea,
the observer is the observed.

Nonprocess has no observer, thus
hasn't ever "occurred" or "taken place" --
yet is all that is.

>Do you notice any changes in body/mind
>functions in such moments?

There is only this moment.

To notice change in body/mind functions
would require an observer separate
from body/mind functions to observe
such changes. The observer is
the function of body/mind, just as
body/mind is a function of the observer;

so such
changes cannot be observed.

The changes of body/mind that can't
be observed are:
the dispersion of all elements
constituting body-mind
the dispersion of that dispersion
such that it "never has occurred"

How can this be said with no
observer? It is said without
anything being said:

Those who know, don't speak.
Those who speak, don't know.

The knowing isn't spoken.
What is spoken isn't the knowing.

>just wondering, Ed

Me, too,


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