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Highlights #71

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Sharing as a way of Being

The thing is, that there is either this psychic experience
or there is not. When it is not, I wonder and look and make
space for it to occur. Sometimes this means to subliminate
my own agendas, to make space for the emanation of the
other. Maybe I can link to the other, to make them aware
that I am one who can deliberately make space for them to
expand into. It is like an invitation, which really is
beyond definition, to expand in that peculiar way that
tolerates essence without or lacking deliberate
organization. That is what I enjoy doing, and I find that
those who are ripe, or beyond ripe and suffering, crave that
as well. It is the lack of that, which makes the usual
family experience fall short of expectations.

It is unusual to find those who are aware of this, who hold
themselves open with no agendas to push. It is the essence
of awareness which is thus cultivated; an unstated
acknowledgement that what is going on is unstated, yet is
actually going on. This is fragile and needs the deliberate
allowance of all parties present.

It is not unusual to find situations where two are aware,
and the third is out of phase. This can be an intimidating
experience for the one outphased, and can be made safe only
when there are no agendas being pushed. Connection is
possible, when safety is assured. Like anyone, I will deny
connection to one who stands for harm, but if that one is
unaware of the harm involved, I will invite connection for
the purpose of clarification of these matters. If
connection is rejected by the other, that signals me that
the other is not interested in an agenda-free connection.
In my experience and opinion, it is the ability to be open
and aganda-free which signals the suitabliity of a person to
participate in the conscious community.

If we consider love and compassion to be agendas, we may
also consider that those agendas of love and compassion can
be held without condition; that I can hold the door open,
without charging admittance, and without requiring any
password or other signs of alliegence. No formal token
exists which denotes aware participation in the community of
conscious persons; passage is allowed with the ability to be
open and formless and still maintain personhood during the

This issue is one which underlies much anxiety and even
paranoia; that is why I speak of it. I can think of no
better place to speak of it then here. I feel that it must
be spoken of. Many individuals flirt anxiously with this,
perceiving only indirectly, what cannot be confirmed. How
does one ask for confirmation? In my own experience of the
past two years, I have on occasion broached this with
others. I am often rewarded with a sudden smile and
effusive laugh, which is sometimes tinged with
embarassment. That this is so rare and rarified, so
unspoken, not even an open secret, is my experience of it.

We do not now have, and may never have, a standard for
verifying awareness of this. The human Being, as radically
driven by self-esteem issues and feelings of being
inadequate and left-out, is apparently not prepared to
invent an entirely new language to express this. Perhaps
this is because the discovery of this is so precious, at
such a high price, that one does not wish the chance that it
will be lost or worse, invalidated by the disbelief or scorn
of others. Perhaps it is, that one does not wish to try to
explain what cannot be understood except by those who
already know or sense what it is. In any event, it is in my
opinion, an error to never speak of it. It may be spoken
of, as a confirmation and a reminder that it is real, an
event of transpersonal connection and of sharing Being, for
that is what it is.

==Gene Poole==


Rony responded to Gene:

Indeed it is a very delicate issue. It is a step beyond
"Freedom of the person". It longs to be heard and spoken
of. To emerge from the unknown as an everfolwing movement
out of time. The intimacy of a shared vibrant awareness in
observation of its own manifestation where no manifestation
happens. An extension without extension.


Kristie responded to Gene:

Yes, yes, yes! It is the experience and awareness of this
state of Being/Sharingness that has changed my entire
perception of what life is for. I still have many agendas
which stand in the way of making space for that "union"...I
still have much anxiety and paranoia that stem from the
awareness of this function, which I believe is our natural
state, the invitation to accept this as my function and my
(apparent) resistance to yielding fully to that invitation;
still holding on to agendas, even though I "know" the wonder
of the alternative. Thank you for writing about this.
Perhaps Being IS Sharing....I have found children almost
uniformly responsive to this offering.....


Gene shared:

...of interest to those aware of the 'world-dream' and the
implications of our vulnerability to it: Here
is a relevant quote:

REALITY OR REALMS OF EXISTENCE. Primary spatiality allows
us to be "here" in physically measured linear time while
being "there" in reverie, fantasy, or daydream.

Our "thereness" (Heidegger, 1962) is immeasurable and
nonquantifiable. If this can be recognized and accepted as
a core characteristic of human existence, then our habitual
relegation of these experiences to measurable time dimension
in terms of being "unreal" can be overcome."


Gloria Lee:

Becky, if you are finding time to read all the other posts
here, many are about Grace, letting the questions (and
answers) come to you is awaiting the activity of Grace.
Whenever terms like surrender, grace, and answers being
provided by a god of any name or other people showing up as
needed, this "timing" feels so right... there seems to be a
dividing line of "me" vs outer or otherness.

That's okay too..go with whatever works for you. That is
how the Buddha saw all the raft you take, the
means, the some point the raft is no longer
need, When there is no dividing line or boundary between
inner and outer, why continue to carry that raft around as a

The "fear" occurring now is not the same as before. When
the same issues seem to recycle around and come back, they
are on a spiral not a cannot actually go
backwards. The "what have you got to lose" issue will be
about a deeper letting go than whatever you relinquished
before. It will be more clear and beautiful than what you
saw before as well. So I say, bring on the fear!! It is a


Glorious Gloria's Wisdom

It makes my heart happy
to witness
moments of sharing
from the whole of one,

the splitting-off habit
takes everything
to change

so we do everything
with our passion for
simple truth
at the forefront

she sighs


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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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