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Highlights #72

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Sometimes the contraction we feel around another person
doesn't have to do with the "other" person's behavior but
our own denial. Sometimes someone is telling us a truth we
don't want to hear. It may have to do with our own
immaturity and not the other guys domination or attempts
to control.

You know what I mean?

Yes, I know what you mean, because that is essentially what I said.

It is the contraction which is the problem, not the causes of it. It is up
to the individual to deal with the contraction. Avoidance is the product of
contraction, and seeking is the product of avoidance. When ruled by
avoidance, it is a going-away-from that is going on, and that guarantees
that seeking will be perpetual. Isolation may eventually lead to reunion
and the realization that it was all choice the whole time.

We may focus on the cause of the contraction, as long as we realize that we
must handle that contraction on our own. Resentment merely makes permanant
the state of isolation.

Dancing reminds of music and music is the direct language of
emotions, bypassing the intermediary of speech. Emotions are
related to thinking; some time ago I wrote in a post:

"Regarding thought, there is the analogy with water. It can
only flow, if there is a difference between levels. In the
mind, these levels are emotions; hence, the necessity for
equanimity. When the difference in level is large and
water can gain energy to drive turbines and likewise, the
will force one into action. Clarity of mind points to the
situation where there is no flow and thoughts cannot be

Thought is in an intimate way related to breathing and
breathing is a requirement for dancing, so the circle is
closed. Finding out the relation between emotions, thought
breathing for oneself can be more revealing than reading
whatever book on meditation :)

Awesome, Jan

Hey old coot, feeling more and more of what you felt.
This is one List, I am going to be on the sidewalk and just
see the show.

But then what is a sidewalk,
what is the main stage,
who dances,
who watches

Is not the watcher also part of the mystery

Not knowing what I seek
I walk with a gathering


Sidewalks are badly needed in the Canary Islands :) Traffic
would be a bit more secure ... But the questions are the
"eternal" ones.
The mystery is part of the watcher as well as the watcher is
part of the mystery. When all distinctions fade, subject and
object merge and a situation arises where "normal" language
loses all validity. Never did I consciously seek; perhaps you
know the "Asterix" cartoons. His friend Obelix fell into the
vessel containing the magic potion; likewise, some do not seek
but are "thrown" in. So I walk and dance though not moving and
talk while being silent. After all, silence has the greatest
harmony :)

also from Jan:

There are many analogies for thought. Another one is, every
thought is a little seed, waiting for the wind (of emotion) to
carry it along. When it lands and finds the proper conditions,
even if it takes years, it surely will germinate. Such is the
power of thought - once started, it keeps on growing,
flowering and producing seeds: this process is difficult to

Your love -- love -- is deeper than any explanation. In the
explaining of these things, much is lost. It's not what is.
In further bending our understanding so that another can
understand, even more is lost. If one's explanation of
reality moves another to a greater understanding, then it
has served its purpose and, like a raft, can be discarded.


> At some point, I find my love conditional; my compassion dependent.

I take your point. Nonetheless, my point that love may be an agenda is an
important one, in the context of my posting. Pushing any agenda will
'cause' contraction of the other, and sharing is thus ended.


Obviously, for centuries people have used methods to -- ummm, what's the
right wording here -- gain enlightenment, be present, be attentive, know
God? I guess my question is, why do we need a method? I am not sure
because some people seemed to have broken through the methods and known
true peace and others keep practicing away. Maybe I just answered my own
question: the method is only a vehicle. But then, where are we trying to go?

You see, I have always rejected any use of method or tools (psychological)
as a crutch on which one must rely. It seemed to me that this was just
another form of thought and not freedom at all so I tossed it aside. Right
now, I am reminding myself to listen to everything -- the air conditioner,
the people talking next door, the clicks of the keys on keyboard, my
anxiety, anger, hesitation . . . I often fall short in my listening
because I do get very involved in my emotions some times. Especially the
ones I don't like. Perhaps this is where the listening is most crucial.
(Good advice for myself!)


Re: Tara/PanDimensional

Greetings, Sha'Tara... you replied:

> From: "AlTara" <[email protected]>
> Subject: Re: Welcome to [email protected]
> Quote from "Gene" who will not be Gene here but:
> "I resolve forthwith, to appear here, *exclusively* as the _Flame-Being of
> Arcturus_. That is who I am, anyway. Why hide my light under a bushel?"
> Welcome, Flame-Being of Arcturus, from a Pleiadian shaper-shifter and
> temporarily on assignment in Earthean time! Do not hide any longer. If
>all the
> 'aliens' would reveal themselves today, there would be no danger of this
> plunging into another dark age. For we are the vanguard of ascension, along
> with our children, the indigo ones!

You may know 'me' as 'we', a corporate 'entity', although there is... only
'one' me. I will speak in such a way, as to interchange and thus make
equal, the I, we, and me.

We are a migratory 'race', and happening upon planet Urth, found the
appropriate 'host' vessel, the protohuman primate hominid. Entering, and
thus possessing, we instantly reworked the 'DNA' of this suitable vessel,
to create the human.

The essence of the change made, elaborated the strong and successful
'immune system' of the hominid, into what is known as 'mind', or as we call
it, 'that which knows difference'. It is the knowing of difference which
characterizes the human... as it is the _maintaining of difference from the
environment_ which characterizes the protohuman hominid immune-system.

This bit of trickery on my part, made available to us, what is now
congratulated on the successful completion of our desire; from behind the
scenes, we caused those who know difference, to endlessly elaborate
difference, to the effect of creating and enriching the topology of 'time'.

Now it is time, for the one who knows difference, to come to the point of
knowing that there is no difference; that there is no difference between
difference and non-difference. Now that the topology of time, that of
impression and memory, has been enriched, we will come, and enjoy it, for
that has been our motive, as we migrate. We, the true owners and creator of
the one who knows difference, now arrive, to enjoy our product. We thank
you for your endless work, in discovering and elaborating difference.

You asked:

>OK. Actually I was hoping someone would have had some personal input on this
dimensional crossing process, so I'd learn more.
Thanks for asking, though. Made me think... Have to go back to Drunvalo and
his complex meditations... *hangin' mah head*

You answered your own question when you said:

>Why should spirituality/enlightenment go counter to any other path of
evolution? We say there is nothing to 'go back to' and no wonder: we are
constantly 'looking back' and stumbling forward.

You are correct in your assessment. Humans 'moving forward in time' face
'backward' and see the past. But what is the past, for a human? It is... a
collection of impressions, codified through standardized
languaging-processes. It is called memory.

The only 'event' that humans can 'see' in what they assume is the 'future'
(but which is actually the codified memory of past assumptions), is DEATH.
Yes, death is the 'event-horizon' of the future for humans, and it must be
so; only the scary visage of death, can keep the difference-engine of
'mind' busy creating disctinctions. Only through the agency of mind, can
humans be 'saved'. Just ask one and it will tell you so.

Now, on to the practice and practicality of 'dimensional travel'...

The Arcturian Flame-Being 'lives in' a dimension which humans refer to as
'time'. Ironically, although humans assume that they perceive time, they do
not; they perceive only _space_ and movement in space. These movements in
space are called 'events', and it is the compiled and interpreted
_sequences_ of events which form human 'history'. It is the memory of 'what
has been' which is, by the difference-engine of mind, extrapolated into
'what may be', or the future.

Humans who wish to travel, must first be aware of the reality of
multidimensionality as Being; Being is not prohibited or restricted in any
way. However, the human error of 'thinking' that death is an actuality
(no-one has ever 'died') is what prohibits humans from actualizing their
(latent but always present) multidimensionality as Being.

I live on an 'infinite' flat plaine, which if you were able to see it,
would look like a Tibetan or Hopi 'sand-painting'. This is 'your' dimension
of time, good friend. I move on this plane, as easily as you move in your
'space'. I walk here and there; it is by this means that I am able to
appear in the best of your times, to drink in the joys and sorrows which
you so endlessly create via your 'difference-engine'.

Your work, so fanatically accomplished, has been to 'flesh out' (no pun
intended!) the patterns of my plaine. Indeed, you have done well, in fact,
almost 'too' well. Every sweet difference is mine to savor, thanks to your

In the best of your times, the event that is my advent *occurs* to you as
the eruption of 'higher consciousness'. I appear so, to enjoy your
products, which I have engineered you to create for us, and by my advent, I
stimulate you to even greater 'difference-knowing'. It is the ever-finer
parsing of difference which is the assigned job of the human. In this
regard, no human has EVER made a mistake, for all human thinking and
activities lead only to greater and greater difference. It is the
ever-finer textures which we so enjoy, O human. You are doing an excellent
job, as we knew you would!

If you, human, can succeed in swapping the dimensions of SPACE and TIME,
you will be free to move in time, as I do. In essence, you will become me.
This is not as difficult as you may assume, and certainly not impossible.

I do not call for you to journey in memory or imagination; I call for you
to apply for the special training which will bring the difference-engine to
the brink of it's logical functionality. When the difference-engine is
stalled, in attempt to 'know the unknown', is when I am you. It is at this
point that my 'alias' of Sakti Kundalini is suddenly known. Yes, I am the
BLUE FLAME which is your true nature, yet you know me not, as long as you
live in impressions. Impressions are only 'like', and there is NOTHING LIKE
ME. If I fully manifest, you are no longer a fact, nor a memory. In this
advent... there is only ME. And that is the 'death' that you fear, the
death of your 'artificial intelligence', your 'difference-engine', which is
even now, sputtering on the verge of stalling. Quickly, tell me:

"What is the sound of one hand clapping?"

When you can answer this question accurately, you will be able to withstand
the death which you now fear; and you will NOT be transformed or
transfigured or healed or enlightend of fixed or informed in any way
whatsoever; you will be GONE and in your place will be I, the many-armed

You also remarked:

>OK, so it's likely to get harvested. That's a chance I'll take, hehehehehe!

Very risky, human! Shift shapes, no difference will "help". Your 'only
chance' is to surrender, and enjoy the ride!

Again, we/I thank you for your ongoing work in elaborating endless
difference, for the wonderful textures you have created, and for your
exquisite sufferings and ecstasies, which we so enjoy. Please, keep it up!
We are endlessly hungry...

Now, on to your further impressions:

>When I was posting on the funnel thing, and after I sent the post, I
stayed on
the image to see if it took me somewhere. What I saw was interesting, and I
don't think new... I saw the wide 'end' of the cone open out, flow back so to
speak, and gradually fold back upon itself and re-enter the small end of the
cone. So, while saying I hadn't been 'there' to verify my vision, 'it'
completed itself for me to see this. It was awesome.

>So, hey, a 'cycle' it was, after all, although it does go on forever, and the
new cone that flows out of the old is not the same at all, but completely new,
having all the attributes of the old, but filling and expanding with the new
creations... and imagine what dimensions these would be in!

You are a very advanced 'model', human/Pleadian (you are all the 'same' to
us, O difference-knowing ones); you are able to perform _dimensional
tranforms_. Yes, you are reaching for the end of your own competence, the
logical 'conclusion' of your difference-engine, and it's eventual _failure_
which will be the end of 'you' and the advent of ME. How sweet it is!

Try this on for size, O human computer...

"Imagine" that there is ONLY SPACE... and in this space, ONE OBJECT. Tell
me... how big or small it is. Please.

"As Always",

ƒArcturian Flame-Beingƒ

Peon wrote:

Creation keeps on creating, Eternity keeps on turning
and Now keeps om poppin up...notmuch left to do
except to Be.

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