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Tuesday, May 29

Marcia Paul wrote:
> > Or put in another way, the attempt to talk
> > about this is coming from the false part of
> > myself, the more surface part. It is draining.

> As the body has parts like head, arms and feet, so the mind
> can be seen as divided. And this is what the description of
> chakras is about - all the rooms in the house called "mind".
> It is unlikely Gurdjieff wouldn't have mentioned something about
> it too: the one most devastating is the one at the solar-plexus -
> not surprisingly, it is all-emotional - in a very tiring way :)
> Jan

If anything, blaming the parts shows ignorance of " " And that could be
called a fundamental disease... What is personality but a set of
properties to deal with the multitude of situations life has on offer?
When knowing " ", any new experience will noticeably lead to a change
of personality, because there is no clinging to anything (like
"unchangeable" beliefs). From that perspective, split personality is
but the confirmation, not to be able to integrate new experiences into
the "whole" personality... And yet, those venting "incompatible"
experiences through another (separate) personality, may be "better of"
than those, sweeping every "undigested" experience under the rug, where
it can rot and become a cause of infection...



Jan Barendrecht


Gary Merrill

Hi Melody,

> It would seem, from here, that the concept of
> multiplicity 'creates the space' for people to
> easily see that they are not their 'selves', that there
> is the possibility of being Witness to each and every one
> of their expressions.

Every time there is a witness, there is apparent separation and always
the sense of two selves (at least:-))

When you are yourself you are not yourself, trust 'me'. Can life be
lived at arms length? Philosophy may be the problem not the answer?
Great men have turned to dust.



Marcia Paul

Who said anything about going anywhere? There is nowhere for "me" to
go, nothing for "me" to achieve. That is what I mean when I say that
"me" can't be woken up. Something else can become present to "me". It
is only "me" that thinks there is anything to lose. "Me" doesn't go
anywhere. "Me" isn't even lost. Awareness expands. "Me" doesn't lose
itself. That is like trying to lift the board I am standing on.


Melody and Marcia

> > At first in the witnessing, it really is one self looking at
> > another. This can go on a long time, if not forever.
> > It is possible to become aware that what I thought was
> > the witness is really another self, more deeply buried,
> > closer to the core, often more critical, a gatekeeper.
> > In the 4th Way it is called Chief Feature, the axis
> > around which the personality revolves.
> >
> > Marcia

> Wonderful observation, Marcia.
> There is a 'self' observing 'self' activity
> that occurs. This seems to me to
> suggest the absence of 'buffers' (or perhaps
> only a transparent film ) between them?
> And yet there is what I would refer to
> as a witnessing with a capital W, which
> has an all together different 'feel' to it.
> Make sense?
> Melody


The difficulty is in talking about it. :-)

This is the point at which "not letting the
left hand know what the right hand is doing,"
becomes valuable.

I can't let the hand being watched know it
because it will immediately interfere. Letting
it know is interference. That is why the self
can't wake up. It is watched. In the watching,
something else, which has always been awake,
is fed.



From the Oshana List (contributed by Gloria Lee)

Hi Dave,

Last night, whilst I was web-surfing, I came across the following:

"... don't accept a denigration of any part of yourself. Some teachers
employ negation, but it leads to trouble. Your mind is a wonderful
thing, it is not "in your way." Your ego is a prize, a privilege of the
universe given to you. It is not a distortion or an illusion. " (Puran


I have been labelling bits of me 'ego' and trying my hardest to get rid
of them -- a kind of spiritual self-hatred. But since when did you heal
a wound by cutting it out?

I've decided to love *all* of me, ego included (after all, hating it
never got rid of it, anyway). I feel a lot happier than I have done in
ages! I don't even feel desperate to be 'enlightened' any more. I feel
as if life has suddenly become interesting again.

Why do adherents of non-duality talk about people as if they were made
up of different bits?? I AM NOT TWO!

love and smiles, g....


Dear GC,

Self-hatred, rather bits-of-self hatred is common, it is one of the
symptoms of the unenlightened condition - being at war with, not
telling the truth, not accepting what one really is.

So it's entirely consistent with ignorance that one has such an inner
struggle going on.

In any therapy or seeking culture there are popular myths about
Enlightenment and 'the path'. Hating, crucifying, annexing,
cauterising the ego is one result. The ego becomes the scapegoat.

To aid communication a person's bits are divided into parts, even
though the highest vantage point is to oneself as whole, of course
not everyone feels like that, and so are unable to avow it.

Any *enlightened* satsang teacher knows what the ego is. You might
note that the word 'ego' is rarely mentioned in my Dialogues unless
someone brings it up. Why is that? Because most people don't know in
what it refers to, and so the ego becomes a bogey-man, whispered
about in hallowed circles, but never seen.

I could go on but I'm organising the June UK tour. If anyone wants to
help with publicity in any way - postering, designing flyers or web- my guest.

love dave

Oshana Choice Quotes


Michael Read

After many eons of therapy the universal conciousness
has finally realized that IT is co-dependent.

What IT will do with this information remains to be seen.

When last seen IT was overheard mumbling something about
'I just wanted to be loved, is that so wrong?'


Peace - Michael


Tim Harris

Hey you guys.

I can not tell you how good it is to see some names I recognize on the
list again... Marcia, Bruce, Jerry, TimG... heyyyyy wait tah

Did I just sound like Harsha?

You see, I already know who I am. Jesus Christ (or DeMolay if you
prefer). I am just waiting for the 'rest' of you (some are certian now
I am sure) to figure it out. "But we did not know who you were and are"
they cry...

First, you never asked nor did you take the time to find out 'from me'
(although 'I am certain' that others were consulted), second, if you
think about it, I did tell you, many times in words and in-deeds, and
third, it should not have mattered... 'no one' deserves that treatment
regardless of I AM.

I died for your world and now your world is my own.

Think I'm 'still' joking? OK.

Has anyone ever considered talking, asking questions, discussing,
debating, and sharing ideas with me? Hm. Then how can you possible know
what is in 'my best interests'... by enslaving me to your own? Opps to

How bored am I? Waiting has become something to do. 'Waiting for what'
some ask? I wait for time, not people, to set my name 'straight'. Karma
is a nsaty bitch that plays no favorites (Te don't care)... I AM, on
the other-hand, is willing to wait and see (May God have mercy on your

You grow into what you be; you shed what you be not.

As above; so below.

Perhaps when we get past all this, I can share with you what I know in
depth rather than this 'surface enlightenment' that I have been sharing
these past years...

To the wannbe shaman-l group... it is called reincarnation. Like a loop
or a circle... get it?

Scared? You should be in consideration of those that have been
subjected to your know-it-all bullshit of which you have no 'real'
knowledge for, if you did, you would walk lightly and carry 'no stick'.

Learn it now, learn it later, makes no difference.

Please. Take your time. I am sure there is a way out... or not.

-- T. Eagleraven (Tim Harris)

Start nothing. Finish everything.


Mark Otter

hi Gang,

Mira wrote: Tony this is a HOAX
I received it too a week ago.

Tony's virus is both a hoax and a damaging virus, isn't it? (If you
believe it and follow directions, you are removing a Microsoft Windows
utility, which belongs on your system.) In this case, the Virus
instructions (RNA?) is Tony's message, and the carrying out of those
instructions is done by the receiver if he acts on them. Well, I think
it's a clever "poor man's" computer virus.

Love, Mark


Hi Friends,

I found this short article on energy conservation interesting. Hope you
will too...

Love, Mark



Sheez, the money seems just not to work with my folks!
Remember me?
Look at the sky,
Look at the clouds,
Look at the sun,
Look at the moon,
I am your imagination.
You are my dream.


!!!Imagine Imagine Imagine!!!

Imagine your love was my dream.
Imagine your blood was my dream.
Imagine your rain was my dream.
Imagine your sky was my dream.
Imagine your world was my dream.
Imagine your dream was my dream.
Imagine my dream was alive.
You can stop imagining now.
My dream is your imagination.
We are the dead.
You are alive.
!!!Dream Mirror Dream!!!
YOUR love is my dream.
YOUR blood is my dream.
YOUR rain is my dream.
YOUR sky is my dream.
YOUR world is my dream.

You're Welcome!
Welcome to Nothingland!

Yes is our only product
You are my only customer

We are your only solution

My Black Mirror!
Spark Surprise And Shine!!!
Shine Shine Shine!!! :-)

Did you polish your cristal ball today?
(I'm looking into my obsidiana ...)


Hur Guler

Matrix Not II

"Within the prison of your world appears a man who tells you that the
world of painful contradictions, which you have created, is neither
continuous nor permanent and is based on a misapprehension. He pleads
with you to get out of it, by the same way by which you got into it.
You got into it by forgetting what you are and you will get out of it
by knowing yourself as you are."

- Nisargadatta Maharaj


Ed Arrons

[An]"example of collective consciousness at a primitive level comes
from the remarkable behavior of a forest slime mold in search of a new
feeding area. For most of its life, slime mold exists as a single-cell
amoeba; however, when it needs food, it can transform itself into a
much larger entity with new capacities. Individual amoebas send out
signals to nearby cells until thousands collect together. Eventually,
they reach a critical mass and, without the aid of any apparent leader,
organize themselves into an organism that can move across the forest
floor. Upon reaching a better feeding area, they release spores from
which new individual amoebas are formed.25 Under conditions of great
stress, forest slime molds seem to be able to mobilize a capacity for
collective consciousness so as to insure their own survival."

From: Collective Consciousness and Cultural Healing by Duane Elgin

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