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monday june 4th

...Let all the would-be enlightened
ones step forth! I, for one, am too shy.



Posted by Gill:

To have patience, to have confidence, we must see an object before us.
We can have confidence in obtaining any material object.
It is much more difficult to have patience where there is nothing to
show - only the satisfaction of the soul; to have patience enough to acquire
virtue, to merge in the illumination, to gain the light.
It is the same with fire: at first there is smoke mixed with it and, if
it had no patience until it would become a flame, there would only be
smoke and then it would go out. If it has patience it will become a
flame that illumines the whole room so that everything can be seen and
More than all else this patience is the greatest gift and blessing.

Hazrat Inayat Khan


Once named as "this" or "not-this", it
has been falsely indicated in relation.

To know it is to be it. To be
it is not to be it.

One's body doesn't have a location
or a word.




Proposal: That NDS can be used as a means of refining concepts and
definitions having to do with nonduality; that this can be done
cooperatively and productively; and that those who wish to
participate wholly or in part in that endeavor, may do so as they

Further: That Jerry and anyone else so inclined, make an effort to
compile the resultant information into what could be considered to be
a 'modern relational database of topics related to nonduality'.

Goal: To cast a wide net, to capture modern terms and concepts, to
relate such to ancient and traditional ideas, thus to eventually have
access to all logically associated ideas concerning nonduality, in a
form which is either a carefully organized text file, or an actual
relational database, or both.

Eventually, this information could be published on paper and web, as
an aid to those who have need of such a refined body of opinions.

A skillfully compiled hyperlinked version of the text file would be
useful, not only as a web resource, but as a standalone document as

An excellent working example can be found here:


Click on 'project organization' to view an example of a topically
driven page of hyperlinks.

Opinions solicited...

==Gene Poole==


This is mental mumbo jumbo. All that is being
said is that the solution is the problem. That is
still a division.
The mind cannot come up with its own solution.

What we have to contribute is in our heart and it is
free of mental mumbo jumbo.


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