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Wednesday, June 13


leela is the play
teeming with activity
where nothing does stay

nothing happening?
desert has to be the show
where nothing can grow

nothing fertilized
nothing grown to holy cow
nothing holy now

nothing worth to deal
nothing gives a better smoke
when nothing is real




It's almost summer
And God, with her lab coat on,
dissects this bubble

Jacques Cousteau gently
Submerges the half filled glass
In this empty sea

Celebrate a funded grant
Does suffering end?

Questions are many
Hypotheses never end
'Till put to the test.

Fever is useful
To eliminate infection
Who needs missile defense?

Oh well,



oh my gosh
thursday came.. midnite
with it, sit erectness malfunction

seasons measured by
the sun
happy goes unmeasured... by anyone

oh lovely thoughts
these simple

abs and lats and pumped up plastic
narcissus in ascendance

old sailors faded
rheumy eyes
did my dollar get you well?

Jim Beam chased with
Marlboros on the bar

quantum physics song
in that silent, starry
desert night

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