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Highlights #745

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Monday June 18th

I see Harsha posted something to his list saying he will be away most of
the summer (I hope you have a good time, Harsha) and re-stating what his
Satsangha is all about. I thought I'd do the same.

Nonduality Salon remains what it always was: a free forum where all
expressions of nonduality are welcome. What is discouraged is what the
moderator perceives to be negative-energy domination of the 'stage'.

The texture of nonduality listspace has changed. At one time we were all
thrown together into two or three lists and it made for some interesting
fireworks. Now a variety of lists has segragated the elements that
contributed to the fireworks. I guess that's called maturing.

I want to offer that NDS remains open to the frictional elements. The
only restriction is that personal confrontation is not tolerated, nor is
domination by any one person who brings a negative agenda, although some
negativity is fine and natural. We are open to hearing about nonduality
in any context.

One of the areas I've been developing is the arrangement of in-person
meetings between people around the world. It seems to have worked out
well. Anyone may send a note to NDS saying they are interested in
corrsponding with others in their region.

For a while we were into Nondual Activism. I'm glad to see Mark and
others are holding that subject up. I think the people of NDS broke a
fair amount of ground in the lands of nonduality, and we're still doing

Finally, I want to invite HarshaSatsanghers to join NDS, if you feel
there is something you would like to express or explore that is
restricted on HS, or if you would like to possibly catch the
conversation. Click below:

Thank you.

Jerry Katz


Hi Jerry and all others, ha, today I'm in good mood!

Erich here, interested in "corrsponding" with others in their region.
I seem not to understand the corresponance point of us so well yet so
if you're happening to drop by in Oaxaca / Mexico let me know.


If the fruit is love and inclusion,
unsplit original unity -- the taste is sweet.
If the fruit is conflict and friction,
there is nothing "original" --
just the old recycling,
a taste of deadness ...

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