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Highlights #753

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Tuesday, June 26


Black vs. white, White vs. black... this war is like a
crutch! In time you forget you are using it and it becomes a
part of you like blindness.

The function of a map is to 'get there'. The purpose of a
short cut is to get there quicker... wher ever 'else' that
may be.

Let me ask you: Do you understand the war 'I am from'? Then
you know that I am trying to get recover. Why then to you
purposefully and maliciously stand in the way of that
recovery? Shall I place you back? <pssst.. I can you know>

You say you know. Fine. When you see it and hear it and feel
it then issues of right and wrong, good and evil, this and
that simply fall away.

The 'truth' stands the 'test of memory' every time. In time
and with time 'their lies' are forgotten and the details lost
and alliances forgotten (they have mostly moved on). Patience
yeilds this 'time to strike'.

I am the sword of truth. What do you think I do?

Technically perfect but a total lack of creative ability.
Creative perfection comes when there is no 'I' in the art.

-- A Christos

*Brahmatman, Seti



From the Wei Wu Wei site this quote leads to an "explanation"
by Ramesh of how he was influenced by him.


from Bhairava list, from M:

Namaste List,

Here is an enormous collection of rare photos, which are
being provided to us by the grace of M.D. Suvarna, the
personal photographer of Bhagavan Nityananda in the 50's and
60's. I say personal because he was the only photographer
that Nityananda would let near him. He became a great devotee
of Bhagavan.

Thank you Frank for sharing this, it means so very much to
me, these pics.

here is the link share it with the group or anyone you wish.
Bhagavan belongs to all. just realise that this is do to the
goodness of Suvarna that thee photos are available to all.
there is no 'copyright' on any of this stuff. Frank

Bhagavan Nityananda Darshan Gallery


from Nondual Quotes

From: 'The Spirit of Tao' Thomas Cleary



Those obstructed by nothingness, clinging one-sidedly to this
principle, sit blankly to clear away sense objects and think
that the Way is herein. None of them seeks the secret of
nurturing the three treasures. Though they speak of reaching
nothingness, this is really not the Way. The ulti- mate Way
is not in reification, nor simple nothingness. The mystic
essential is to balance openness and realism.

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