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Highlights #757

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Saturday June 30, 2001


More responses to question on sutra

Can any one comment about what their understanding is on, "That which
is aware of this empty space is like the appearance of the illusory

The "one" that "comments" and the "comment" is Emptiness itself.

Understanding is illusory.

e"....."d ;-)

> Understanding is illusory.

A thought on gradual or sudden Enlightenment........

Gradual Enlightenment only has meaning in relation to Sudden Enlightenment;
There is neither gradual nor sudden existing independently;
Nor 'Enlightenment' existing independently;
Gradual is Sudden, Sudden is Gradual;
Enlightenment is Non Enlightenment;
Non Enlightenment is Enlightenment;
Truth exists in relation to Non-Truth;
Truth is No Truth;
No Truth is Truth;
Neither Truth or No Truth

Time to go shopping!


> Can any one comment about what their understanding is on, "That which
> is aware of this empty space is like the appearance of the illusory
> flower".

When you walk in a dream

but you know you're not dreaming, senore

'scuse'a me but you see back in old napoli that's amore


That's amore!

When an eel bites your toe,
and he won't let it go,
that's a moray.

Jerry forwarded Susan Dane's summer schedule:

Andrew sends John 17.22-23

The glory
which thou hast given
to me
I have given
to them
that they may be one
even as we are one
I in them
and thou in me
that they may become
perfectly one


"Praying is rattling God's cage and waking God up and setting God free and giving this
famished God water and this starving God food and cutting the ropes off God's hands
and the manacles off God's feet and washing the caked sweat from God's eyes and then
watching God swell with life and vitality and energy and following God wherever God

Walter Wink

some er, uh, interesting sites sent by Jerry and Bruce

Eric Blackstead on Acid and Tantra

Ed... Do you ever wonder if we haven't experienced
these kinds of aesthetic realizations before, if only
temporarily? You provide a language that clearly
places the perception of these sensations in the
context of non-dual Realization, but when one is
silently functioning as the perceiver, there is no
simultaneous linear rationale. I know you know this,
by the way, and no subtle criticism is intended. To
discuss a thing, language is necessary,and I bring
this up in part because of the language you use in
presenting it. Your presentation reminds me of a few,
a very few, experiences I had on acid back in the
early 70's on St. Thomas. Of course, I knew clearly at
the time, that my experience was not Enlightenment,
nor even temporary Enlightenment. I thought of it, at
the time, as a "taste". A deep "taste".

What was clear for me, and I later realized for many
others, was that I was experiencing another order of
Consciousness, and if I could experience it, even if
only temporarily, and enjoy it's non-rational lucidity
and clarity for a time, it must exist. Exist. Another
order of consciousness.

After all, I reasoned, acid may do many things, but it
doesn't think or perceive. We do that. The acid is
only a catalyst. I remember standing on Morningstar
Beach and looking at a handful of sand in my palm, the
tan and white granules agitated with energy, leaping
about, replacing one another, a hand full of life
energy and I thought that I was looking at a Living
Metaphor for what underlies life as we know it. It's
not surprising, more than 30 years later, that I
eventually became a devotee and student of Kundalini
Shakti, but that's a story for another time.

I'm one year short of 60 now, and my mind turns with
surprising frequency to memories of acid. As I only
took 2 and 1/2 trips (you can see that I had enormous
respect for the power of what I experienced), I
realize now that these memories encapsulate the
strongest and most significant experiences of my life,
even in light of the eventual Grace of Shaktipat.

I'm reminded of that old Hindu story of the devotee
who awoke one day to see Shiva, his chosen diety, and
his Guru standing at his door. Nonplussed, frozen to
the spot with the dilemma of which one of them to bow
to first, he finally found himself bowing to his Guru,
with the realization that only through his Guru could
he have developed the opportunity to meet Shiva. I
feel a little bit like this about acid. Only through
acid (perhaps, I should capitalize it. Acid.)did I
have the experiences that would convince me that there
was another order of Consciousness out there (out
there?) and allow me to recognize and reach for it
when the time came.

As you can see, my interest in Acid is renewed, and
becoming part of my ongoing recapitulation and
inspection of my life. If no one objects, I'll present
a few more of my ruminations on the subject in the
future. I find myself wondering if the interest we are
currently seeing in the non-dual experience and
Realization would even exist, at least in the form we
currently experience, without the benign, and
sometimes not so benign, influence of the Acid
experience. What are kids using to guide themselves
into spiritual life? Does Acid have a life outside of
the all night Rave?

Tune in tomorrow, folks, to see if our young friends
will avoid our mistakes and enter directly into
Nirvana without benefit of a chemical propulsion

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