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Highlights #761

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Wednesday, July 4

go away
go to one of the others
who proclaim
"be here now" and
"as it is"
there is no dancing where
i am
and certainly
no dreaming

love, cee


Scott Robinson, from Waikiki, has written through Satsang Friends web
page and said he'd like to meet other Advaita. His email is
<[email protected]>.





Noel: No muss, no fuss. But, oh! What beauty!

Jan: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
But what if that is beauty?

Noel: If there is only One Thing,
and that One Thing only observes,
then what is it that's observed?

The Observer, the observation and
the observed must all be the same
One Thing - Awareness.

Beauty is in the awareness of the beholder,
but only when the beholder observes beauty.

You are awareness - You are the observer.
You may observe whatever you want, I choose
to see beauty wherever I look.

How about you?

Jan: In deep dreamless sleep, there is only awareness.
No choice as there is no one either to perceive choice
nor any differentiation that could give rise to the notion
of choice or any notion at all.

But when awake, only love and beauty are seen...
Which is easy at this location...
However when feelings burn out while remaining
alive, the perspective will change "accordingly"....




I am the light of the world.
—Jesus, John 8:12

You are the light of the world.
—Jesus, Matt. 5:14



If there is only One seeker,
then how many things to seek?

But, since seeking implies
that there is something else,

The sage simply watches the


> The Observer, the observation and
> the observed must all be the same
> One Thing - Awareness.

The Observer is Super-Consciousness.
The Observation is Self-Consciousness.
The Observed is Sub-Consciousness.

The Observer is Sattva Guna.
The Observation is Rajas Guna.
The Observed is Tamas Guna.


"The very-hard-to-see," is one of
the thirty-three names for Nirvana.

Hidden behind every mask, playing
every part with perfect abandon,

the One is often mistaken for the
role being played at the moment.

Ron Perrymore comments:

It's odd, I understand what you are saying in a intellect
sort of way and I sense the very-hard-to-see...because a
glimpse was given me many years ago, just a passing glance
and a hook was deeply imbedded in me...I fought that hook for
too many boring years to speak of, but was finally landed
here among this flowering group. The-very-hard-to see is not
my stable total understanding by a long shot, but to be near
it here brings joy to me.

Indeed identity is a mask, a mask that I wear less
often...such a laugh when self importance begins to go away
isn't it?

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