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Sunday, July 8


Replying to my own response, it's occurred to me that I've
heard stories where sometimes in a group of people dropping
acid, that there is one who is not affected by the
experience. That odd one seems more interesting to me than
the ones who have experiences. Anyone know if that phenomena
has received much attention?


I think it is that the non experiencer is in many cases not
aware of the experience, as consciousness goes out and
returns periodically...ONS...Tony.


it seems to me the lsd experience is given weirdness, depth
and meaning as a function of the attention given to some
aspect of the experiencer's inner or outer environment. i've
only take acid no just kidding, back in the
old days. And I recall that during the experiences I felt
free and joyful, and that if I focused on some thought or
something in my environment that weird things would play out.
Hallucinations would occur. But if I stayed in 'who I am' --
and I don't mean that in the purely Ramanaic sense
necessarily -- that I simply felt clear and joyful. But maybe
I took low doses or something. I didn't find the experiences
anything more or less than fun and very interesting. But then
I find marijuana more annoying than anything else (ever since
I freaked out on some of Dennis Hopper's dust-laced weed
enroute to Taos in '71), so I'm not a very good voice for
what's deep and wonderful in drug culture. No, the years have
caught up with me. Weed and acid are not my bag, man. But
step right up if you want to know something about prunes,
rogaine, and saw palmetto.


Yes I'm at that stage also. However going back to the 60s and
70s and psychotropics etc; I believe they really join up the
conscious and the dream plane. It seems like in a day-dream
one is conscious of one's surroundings and the next minute
one is in a dream again.

They also release and expand or magnify underlying memories,
even unlocking past lives, which dreams do also. This can be
very pleasant and even blissful but it can also result in a
'bad trip', depending on the state of the mind at the time
and its connections to past memories.

I think it has a lot to do with molecules and protemones, and
how they behave as well. It may even show how fluid the world
is really, for the conscious mind as such really doesn't
exist, it just a tool for interpreting the world around us
and making it seem stable.

I don't really think that it goes much further than
interpreting the brain and its chemistry, and imprints. Not a
spiritual experience, notwithstanding the Hopi, Maya


Yes, I think the drug acts as an amplifier bringing to
consciousness what is already there. So in a way one gets
what one deserves ie a good or bad trip.

To me the use of it isn't relevant anymore insofar as it
becomes part of the general dualism in which the mind is
ensnared ie the division between how one is and how ones
shoud be. (In this case high :-)) So it's use beyond
'initiation' is maybe not so desirable. In so far as one is
'clear' it would only amplify the 'clearness' the
selflessness that is there or otherwise.

Maybe this accounts to some extent why certain people don't
seem to have much of a reaction to it (though I have yet to
actually meet one). I think of especially the story of Jack
Kerouac (spelt right?) who was turned on by I think it was
Leary and Ginsberg. One would have expected him to have
realised that here was at last the means to the revolution!
Instead it seemed to have little effect on him. Whether this
was because he'd seen through the futility of all experience
or whether he was just alcoholised (or both) we'll never

One sees now 'sixties' people and they are something of an
anachronism. I personally feel that many realised that no
revolution was necessary and that there was nothing to drop
out of or drop into and that anything else was the division
of us and them. I Still love the music of that time though,
very much.



The other day I went into town to play some pool with a new
friend of mine who is also named Michael. We went to the
Alley Cantina where we me another new friend named Jason.

Michael thought that Jason looked like Jerry Seinfeld so he
started calling Jason Jerry. They both noticed that I look
like Bill Murray so they started calling me Bill. Jerry
(Jason) and I noticed that Michael looks like Jan Michael
Vincent so we started calling him Jan.

So. Jan got a little tipsy. Jan and Jerry were playing a game
of eight-ball while I watched.

At one point Jan asked Jerry the all important question,
"What am I?"

Jerry replied, "I don't know. What are you?"

Jan said, "No, really, what am I?"

"Really," Jerry said, "what are you?"

Jan growled back, "Don't hand me that spiritual bullshit! Am
I solid or stripes?!"

I almost fell off my stool laughing!

All the while the background music was 'Dust in the Wind' by


Peace - it is good to be meat - Michael


Haiku site:



To say "I'm not bound" or "I am That" is a technique for most
of us...not our percieved reality.

Do you mean "not our *habitually* perceived reality"?

What we perceive as reality, *is* just a habit. And we can
change it as easily as a habit.

Are you still in the same 'bonds' as when you were ten years
old? Who 'released' you?

The bonds are like rubber bands, they stretch as far as you
want to stretch them, but better yet, you can just stretch
far enough to step out of them, and walk away, metaphorically

If there is only One, then *You* are that One. If that is so,
then all the power in the universe is at your command. You
are using it to bind yourself now, is that what you want for
the future?

The path is simple. Decide what you want, and take steps
toward that goal. Some goals are closer than others - but all
goals are reached in this same way.


The path is simple. Decide what you want, and take steps
toward that goal. Some goals are closer than others - but all
goals are reached in this same way.

As quick as it becomes a "goal" is as quick as it falls out
of reach.


The semantics of enlightenment, are most amusing.

The rajas guna is 'action'. This is Self-Consciousness. The
One never moves, only observes, that's Super-Consciousness.

Self-Consciousness never becomes Super-Consciousness, it
always remains what it was before - although it changes in
quality, as it comes to recognize the presence of

Before Enlightenment - chop wood, carry water. After
Enlightenment - chop wood, carry water.

Self-Consciousness still goes about moving toward goals, even
when it has learned that goals are an illusion.

Although an illusion, the warmth of the fire is such a
pleasant illusion. Although an illusion, the dehydration of
thirst is such an unpleasant illusion.

The body never leaves the realm of illusion, the personality
never leaves the realm of illusion, even spirit never leaves
the realm of illusion. No illusion ever becomes real, it
stays an illusion for the length of its illusory life.

The difference, after enlightenment, is that One no longer
strives for truth - it stops being a goal, because it is
known to be unattainable, because it it KNOWN.

The Difference, before enlightenment, is semantics.


But is It really observing? It is ever-present, but should
that mean that It watches?

All that is known to the Self is the Self. As the unfolding
moment renders itself, It is only what It is, and only knows
Itself as It is. Where does the observing happen?

Always present, yes. Observing, not in my opinion.


This description is the result of many, many generations of
following the edict - "Know Thyself."

Standing on the shoulders of those who came before, studying
their thoughts from the words they left behind, seeking to
penetrate that most refined stratum of awareness, and beyond,
seekers in every generation have searched for the subtlest of
desciptions - the last sight of Selfness, before the

Where, indeed, does the Self stop, where does the
indescribable Absolute - that which is not a thing, the
NO-THING - begin?

Searchers have examined the interface between the Truth, and
the Illusion - between perfect Unity, and Separation.
Qaballah calls the highest Self 'Yekhdiah', and assigns it to
Kether on the Tree of Life. But, beyond Yekhidah are the
three veils of the absolute, the Ain Suph Aur - and beyond
these, NOTHING.

In the east, these are perhaps the Atman and the Brahman, and
the subtle levels between them, the veils that separate them.
I'm not an expert on Eastern terms, so perhaps it's
Parabrahman or some other term that denotes the Absolute
Unity that is beyond our dream of separation.

But, in every generation, there are (among we Humans)
explorers searching for the limits, beyond which Humans may
not tread.

And, from so many of these explorers, the description of that
last thread of recognizable 'Self-ness', that description of
the highest, most subtle, most sublime awareness - is the
'Witness', the 'Observer, the 'All-Seeing Eye in the
Triangle' of Masonry.

Beyond this:

Ain Sup Aur - the Limitless Light - Bhava Samadhi - Ananda

Ain Sup - Limitless - Savikalpa Samadhi - Chit

Ain - Nothing - Nirvakalpa Samadhi - Sat

The Absolute - Nirvana - no description




The following are some of my favourites...

Agnes Allen's Law
Almost anything is easier to get into than out of.

Approval Seeker's Law
Those whose approval you seek the most give you the least.

Atwoods Corollary
No books are lost by lending except those you particularly wanted to

Berson's Corollary of Inverse Distances
The farther away from the entrance that you have to park, the closer the

space vacated by the car that pulls away as you walk up to the door.

Cayo's Law
The only things that start on time are those that you're late for.

Chesterton's Observation
I have seen the truth and it makes no sense.

Churchill's Commentary on Man
Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he
will pick himself up and continue on as though nothing has happened.

Colson's Law
When you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.

Cosmetologist's Principle
Whenever you need to stop at a light to put on makeup, every light will
be green.

Dave's Law of Advice
Those with the best advice offer no advice.

Dean Martin's Definition of Drunkenness
You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.

Deitz's Law of Ego
The fury engendered by the misspelling of a name in a column is in
direct ratio to the obscurity of the mentionee.

Denniston's Law
Virtue is its own punishment.

Dolly Parton's Principle
The bigger they are, the harder it is to see your shoes.

Ehre's Double-Door Law
In approaching a double door, you will always go to the one
door that is locked, pull when you should have pushed, and
push when the sign says pull.

Law of Entropy
If you put a spoonful of wine in a barrel full of sewage you get sewage.

If you put a spoonful of sewage into a barrel full of wine you still get


Epstein's Law
If you think the problem is bad now, just wait until we've solved it.

Erhard's Contention
Nothing matters very much, and few things matter at all.

Ginsberg's Theorems (Generalized Laws of Thermodynamics or Ginsberg's
Restatement of the Three Laws of Thermodynamics)
You can't win.
You can't break even.
You can't even quit the game.

Liebermann's Law
Everybody lies; but it doesn't matter since nobody listens.

McLean's Maxim
There are only two problems with people. One is that they
don't think. The other is that they do.

Old Scottish Prayer
O Lord, grant that we may always be right, for Thou knowest we
will never change our minds.

Therapist's Observation
It's easy to criticize paranoid people, but if everybody hated you,
you'd be paranoid too.

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