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Monday July 9th

Yes, I think the drug (LSD) acts as an amplifier bringing to consciousness
what is already there. So in a way one gets what one deserves ie a
good or bad trip.

To me the use of it isn't relevant anymore insofar as it becomes part
of the general dualism in which the mind is ensnared ie the division
between how one is and how ones shoud be. (In this case high :-)) So
it's use beyond 'initiation' is maybe not so desirable. In so far as
one is 'clear' it would only amplify the 'clearness' the selflessness
that is there or otherwise.

Maybe this accounts to some extent why certain people don't seem to
have much of a reaction to it (though I have yet to actually meet
one). I think of especially the story of Jack Kerouac (spelt right?)
who was turned on by I think it was Leary and Ginsberg. One would
have expected him to have realised that here was at last the means to
the revolution! Instead it seemed to have little effect on him.
Whether this was because he'd seen through the futility of all
experience or whether he was just alcoholised (or both) we'll never

One sees now 'sixties' people and they are something of an
anachronism. I personally feel that many realised that no revolution
was necessary and that there was nothing to drop out of or drop into
and that anything else was the division of us and them. I Still love
the music of that time though, very much.


mood's tear tide and ebb
threads strong and imprisoning
mind is like a web


I don't know about your experience, but when I was in the eigth grade in new
jersey, on warm days we'd go out for recess and the boys would come back to
class all sweaty and restless, unable to focus on schoolwork.

Mrs. Convery, a firmly built and well-figured woman with clipped movements
and strong peppery-flowery perfume that I can still smell (I liked it), would
open the windows wide (with that long pole with the hook at the end) and
insist that if we sit still and quiet we would cool off faster than if we
thrashed around wiping sweat off, fanning ourselves, unbuttoning our shirts,
arguing in whispers about the game we'd just played outdoors. Because she was
a good teacher and strong-willed, and we were good kids, we did listen to
her, and we cooled off faster by being still and letting the breeze come to

Yes, what you say strikes an agreeable chord. Really, experience itself is
very weird and hallucinogenic. It makes a person get all hot and sweaty.

That's why it is said to 'do nothing' and that there is 'nowhere to go'.
Being still is the way to meet the breeze.


Imagine that you are going down a long hallway. When you reach the end
you find two doors there. One door is labeled freedom and the other
bondage. Between the doors is a sign. On the sign it says - "How to
Choose a Door'.

Choice one - turn back. Do not choose either door. Continue to wander
the hallway endlessly.

Choice two - Bondage. Beyond this door are many incredible
experiences. All your personal desires will be met. Your personal
sense of a separate identity will be maintained. You will continue to
belive that you are the experiencer of life.

Choice three - Freedom. All barriers and defenses that you have so
pains-takingly maintained will be dropped. You will have the
experience of a lifetime. Your personal sense of identity will been
seen through. You will know who you really are.

And at the bottom of the notice a disclaimer written in teeny-tiny

Notice: There is no hallway. There are no doors. There is nothing to

Loveya - Michael

> Noel + Matthew entangled:

> <> What we perceive as reality, *is* just a habit. And we
> <> can change it as easily as a habit.
> > ......sure you can change any habit you've got but so what. that
> > all on the level of mind, of ego. It has nothing to do with
> > Real.
> Nothing we can talk about has anything to do with anything real.

.......ok perhaps thats so, but talk can point to something real,
what i was saying was that what you were describing doesn't even
point to something real.

> So, why do I bother talking? Or, more to the point, why do you

> <> If there is only One, then *You* are that One. If that
> <> is so, then all the power in the universe is at your
> <> command. You are using it to bind yourself now, is that
> <> what you want for the future?
> > ...............that's a lot of "ifs" bubby. Great sales pitch...
> > "all the power in the universe is at your command". If anyone
> > for that shit, you deserve what you get. Trust me, it aint much.
> Do you have something against logic?

.........actually i do. I mean it has it's value, it helps us get
along in life, figure things out, get things done, rationalize all
the uncomfortableness of life, but in the long run it falls short. In
terms of realization, awakening, enlightenment, transformation,
whatever term we want to put on it, logic is no help, perhaps even a
hinderence. Why? because there is no logic to that process, except
mad logic, crazy wisdom, which is not really logic at all.

> <> The path is simple. Decide what you want, and take steps
> <> toward that goal. Some goals are closer than others - but
> <> all goals are reached in this same way.
> > .............absolute rubbish of the worst kind. this only
applies to
> > goals in the domain of mind, of what can be done with mind. Goal
> > setting for enlightenment!! ROTFLMAO. As if you could have a step
> > step plan to become relaized, hoowheee the utter naivite of some
> > people.
> Step 1. - Get out of the box. or out of the box, it doesn't matter. Getting out of the
box is strictly in the domain of psychology, enlightenment has
nothing to do with psychology.

> Step 2. - Move in some direction, any direction.
...........action is good, but make distinctions and discriminate
carefully as to the direction.

> Step 3. - Try to be happy, relax, enjoy life.

...........well that is exactly the problem. That's the search that
everybody is involved in right this second, *trying* to be happy
relaxed and enjoying life, but if someone were take a close look it
aint working. Why? because if happiness relaxation, and enjoyment
aren't whats up right now then trying to attain them is an avoidance
of life.

> Step 4. - When God is ready, you'll be enlightened.

............agreed, it may still be a few lifetimes away and none of
the above are prerequisits. There are none. No ones enlightenment is
ever based on "what happened", on the events of ones life. This is a
common mistake that many teachers make. They claim their
enlightenment, saying it was because of this practice, that vision
quest, some deep experience, or no practice, no experience and then
go about "teaching" that this is the way to make it happen. That is a
total misunderstanding.


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