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Highlights #768

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Tuesday, July 10 (Part II)

Due to an electrical storm, the first part of today's highlights was
sent out incomplete and in a hurry before the power went out! I'm
finishing the highlights with this Part II.



I am the only one who finds
it entirely wonderful and
joyous that Sri Ramana
Maharshi, surely the most
renowned jnani of the past
century, also inspired such
fervent bhakti in and even
beyond his time among us?

Is there any purer bhakti
than a jnani's unconditional
devotion to the truth? How
can the purest of bhaktas
possibly avoid coming to the
very same truth? In the
words of my ancestors,
Adonai *echud*, and in mine,
the jnani and the bhakta are
also *echud* -- one!


Jnana and bhakti fit together like fire and
its power to burn. Jnana is how we approach
ourselves as the Self, and Bhakti is how we
establish relationship with the Mother of our
individual manifestation. Jnana is how we
separate the wheat of pure being from the
chaff of ego identification, and bhakti is
the vehicle where we can surrender ourselves
completely as children of our God. Jnana speaks
to the silence, and bhakti sings to the beautiful.


God loves to pretend that It is a Human, just so It can lose
> Its carkeys - and then enjoy finding them again.
> The same as God loves to pretend that It is Human, just so It
> can lose Its identity - and then enjoy finding it again.

.........more utter nonsense. God does not have the capacity to
pretend, lose, find or enjoy.


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