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Wednesday, July 11

º.........more utter nonsense. God does not have the capacity to
ºpretend, lose, find or enjoy.

Thanks for the laugh - under the banner of "everything is God"
some might even come to the conclusion that God equals
universal cannibalism :)) --jb



It's like origami they say.

Only the first fold and the last fold count.

Everything between is a means to an end...

...DUCK! ... or a swan as the case may be!

The first fold (yang).

The last fold (yin).

The first fold is the beginning of yin.

The last fold is the beginning of yang.

No ending.

Gentle Peace.

-- hobbes

ps... bet you can't fold just one.


Criticism? I do not critize, I am merely pointing out an error.

>There is no should or not-should.
>Unfolding of this is simply this unfolding ...

Hm. Rookie. You tore the page. Let's start with something simplier.
<new page> fold this in half.

So then, no start... is that what you are saying? Poppycock! It begins
you step in. The only argument is exactly when that is. It does not end,

however, it does end in the sense that what begins ends or there would
be no
sense of starting in the first place.

No clean slates in real time.

Must push off something to move even if it is just a thought arising

Now, take the top left corner and fold it into the center aligning the
with the fold.

No. There is no believer. What is, is. Where does belief factor in? Oh.
those that do not believe. And what 'exactly' is it that they do not

Now, take the upper right corner and fold it into the center as was the
corner. It should look like a triangle sitting on top of a rectangle.

Then surely with each passing breath I am a new man!

Fold along the original fold then peel back each wing and throw at


> >Words which choicelessly appear here are "Neither". :-)
> Appearing -- dissappear.
> Disappearing -- appear.
> This magic show neither here nor there.
> Observed without being observed;
> for it would take one to know one,
> and that's undone ...

No one is done or undone...but my tea kettle is boiling. :-)

Have a cup?

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