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Highlights #77

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Gene Poole:

Letting go of the means, is the way.



Being "real" is naming the thing that is in front of us, as
it is....


I think UG got to me and I'm glad of who you
are...react as you do and spend not a moment thinking about
it again..



why do we suffer from the illusion that we are separate? It
must serve some function.



the end-point of my bliss is right here breathing the blue
gases of these eucalytus mountains in this comfortable chair
in this log home in the midst of these swaying trees
flickering golden sunlight through floor length windows onto
the shiny floor boards of my studio.

physical world is an awesome spirited entity. And my 'I' is
gradually getting blissfully lost within it.



And there's no such thing as an enlightened teacher or any
other individual, since there are no real individuals in the
first place.



the contents and extent of the available toolbox vary widely
from teacher to teacher -- some of 'em seem to specialize in
explosives, others apparently carry only a single scalpel.



An enlightened teacher is a teacher first and last, and a
teacher does what he or she has to do to prepare a soil,
whatever it takes, whether its a hand shovel or seven sticks
of dynamite.



The teacher knows that s'he is the student and that the
student is the teacher. And there's a whole lot of energy
released in a fusion reaction, waaay more than seven sticks
of dynamite (think supernova)



I've been subscribing to this list for a couple of weeks and
I just want to express my appreciation of how much it has
meant to me as someone who is attempting to live from a
nondual perspective--there was even one day recently when I
experienced total love and surrender-- which gives me hope.

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Jerry Katz
photography & writings

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