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Thursday July 12th

in feline ethics
sacred cows do not exist
just edible ones


>Was I asking too much?

Don't think so ---
Ask for it all ...



Awhile back we had a discussion of what is meant by consciousness in
Buddhism. I think some people were confused by the fact that
'consciousness' as such (in Buddhism) is directly related to the sense
organs, and arises and passes like any phenomenon. What of the one true
light? Perhaps this zen story will help...

*The Spiritual Light*

'The spiritual light shines independently, transcendentally liberated
from organs and objects of sense.' This statement has said it all. If you
can understand this, how could I presume to talk alot? If you can't, then
I'll go on and make some complications for now.
The spiritual light of living beings originally has no obstruction, yet
deluded feelings arise in confusion. From this there are six sense organs
within and objects of the six senses outside: with the opposition of organs
and objects, false consciousness arises uncontrolled, producing good and
bad, initiating virtuous and evil actions. Because of these actions, living
beings revolve in a variety of mundane states, like a pulley wheel, wave
after wave, age after age, emerging and sinking, with no end to it. The
buddhas took pity on them and expounded the great teaching to them, all just
to clarify this independent shining of the spiritual light.
If the spiritual light is not obscured, organs and objects suddenly
disappear, mind is forgotten, and the world is silent: panoramic awareness
all-embracing, the substance of awakening is being as is.
If the light is not revealed, you need a method. The method is not
asking someone to explain, it is not studying scriptures, it is not doing a
lot of charitable acts, it is not closing the eyes and sitting as if dead.
Just look intently into the question of what your original face is in the
course of daily life. Don't think about whether it is hard or easy, or
remote or near; and don't worry that your own faculties and potential are
slow and dull, or that you are too heavily obstructed by some past habits.
Just go right ahead and do it; after a long time, eventually you will bump
into it all of a sudden.

Yuan-hsien (1698-1697)
from "Teachings of Zen," ed Thomas Cleary

aloha, terry

Hi Terry --

Nice to hear from you again.

A wonderful talk you share here,
a beautiful timeless description
of inquiry as true being.

The question that arises here is
"what is the obstruction?"
(which leads to internalized senses,
externalized sense objects,
good vs. bad, conceptual vs. nonconceptual being,
and various states seemingly distorting "being").

If the obstruction is comprehended,
it is the end of the obstruction --
the "original face" is here all along.

If the obstruction is not comprehended,
that lack of comprehension is, itself,
the obstruction.

So, another way to ask this question
(a variation on "what is my original face?")
is: how can I not comprehend the obstruction
which is my own "doing"?

Answer: I am refusing to "get it" ... I don't
want to "get it" ... I want to "keep on
obstructing" (i.e., keep on having
an identity/belief structure situated in the past) ...

Realizing may bring some confusion
into the previously assumed clarity
of the so-called "honest inquiry" --

Yet it must be faced (pun intended) --
all the "honest inquirers" into
"what is my original face" ... don't really
want to know/be ... they want to keep on
not-getting it ... because the only obstruction
here-now is "my own doing" ...

Why would I not want to know/be *that I am*?

Because such knowing/being doesn't allow
"having me", nor does it allow
knowing where and who I am
(in the mundane sense) -- one cannot
serve God and Mammon together ...

Although this refusal to *know/be* is often called
ignorance, clinging, and holding on ...
it's really nothing more than "simple human nature" ...

It is human nature to make myself or others a victim rather
than be inviolable truth ...

Once I believe myself to have a nature, I want to keep it.
Believing I have a human nature (life and death, pleasures
and pains, being a someone or a no-one),
I want this to continue, defend it, impose it.

So ... "spiritual light" is nothing if not overthrowing
the entire human condition ...

Which is our birthright, so to speak, but which
we will do anything to avoid ...

So, why call it spiritual and transcendent as if it
were something wonderful and glorious (if it
were, there would be no clinging to self-made
obscurations) ...

Call it what it is ... the end of having oneself as
a spiritual and transcendent being,
or a mundane and material being, of any kind ...



Hi Terry,
So interesting, or something, that you should post this today.

I have spent some time over the past few years, puzzling over this
one. This, following my experiences during what could possibly be
called (whether accurately or not) a 'grand K blow-out' event, which
occurred for me (I think) in 1992.

Q: Why do UFOs have lights?

A: Because they do not need them.

Q: What is the difference between a Buddhist and a non-Buddhist?

A: The non-Buddhist thinks there is a difference.

"Spiritual Light" was a most terrifying ordeal for me; it was the
utter lack of light and dark.

In this space (what I can call it for convenience) of no point-source
of light, no glowing, no reflections, and no shadows... if you can
imagine, (or if you need not imagine)... an utterly different way of
perceiving, I felt a panicked suffocation, like there was something
missing, a food that I needed badly. I assumed that I was in the
realm of the dead, a sepulchral dimension. Everything was utterly
different than it had been. Trees were simple strings of logic,
actively asserted. Pavement was breath which was never withdrawn;
rocks a permanent glimpse that won't go away, a space-filling trivia.

And the sky... was a door. A door that opened, to the tune of the
mightiest klaxon ever heard. By me, anyway. Sky Beings were merely
others like me, with the difference that their delusions were ordered
to a different set of imperatives than mine. I saw that we are all
'brothers'. And the shadow of the black cat, was itself the cat, and
the cat was the shadow, but now absent. I saw my allies as the
creeping shadows, living missions of specific integrity, formerly
assumed to be without substance.

Can it be, that the shadow casts the man?

Now that I have said 'there were no shadows and no light', I must
explain that the 'shadows' were not so, but had been assumed to be
so. With the absence of light, the truth of the shadow was revealed.

Shadows existing independent of light, a moving mosaic of
self-displaying meaning. And then I saw, it was all shadow, all of
it, and the most enduring of those was the least active, forming the
infrastructure upon which was displayed the shadow of the moving
time, the shadow assumed to be the merest of transitory Ephemera, but
in reality, alive and active.

This inversion... of my reality, had a paralytic effect upon me, and
yet, my body was whole and well. I could not move, because I could
not reason a move. And I saw at some point, that I was able to see
this. I could move with... the current of shadows, and be one with
the current of time. Or I could remain, rocklike, an observer. I
worried; this could not last, I told myself. It will change back.

This worry was replaced by another of greater magnitude, however. I
suddenly realized; there was no air! On the other hand, I also
realized, after trying to breath, that I had no lungs. What I had
assumed to be air, was not air, and in fact there had never been any
air; what I had taken to be air, was actually a current of talk, a
broadcast conversation which formed the blueprint or logical
structure of everything. This logical structure was in fact the true
infrastructure of everything, I saw; even the living shadows depended
upon it for their 'life'.

At this point, I realized my brain; not living flesh, but instead, a
fire. A fire of incredible force, and somehow contained by my skull,
like the shell of a powerful nuclear reactor. But the force of my
brain-fire escaped through my eyes, if I opened them! And my ears...
were filled with the logical instructions of the "air", and if I
spoke, the effect was like... throwing a bowling-ball into an array
of the finest crystal carvings, the shattering was spectacular, but
the 'healing' of that structure was almost instantaneous. I learned
to not speak.

And I learned to not think. It was at that point, that I could open
my eyes without disgorging atomic flames of destructive actinic
light; it was at that point, that I could be at peace with the
allies, the living shadows. I could let them live. And I could sleep
peacefully, lulled by the lullaby of the eternal conversation which
comprises the essential logical infrastructure of all-that-arises. It
was at this point, that I could live. It had not changed back. And I
saw, that it had never changed; I saw, that I was the flashing
Ephemera, an idea of myself. I decided to remember myself, now and
then, as I am remembering myself now.

I cannot forget, and I do not need to forget, and neither, do I need
to remember, for I cannot forget.

This is all... an erection, and it is a statement, which is the
erection itself. This all... is the erection of God, a statement
which I can understand. And I say, that it is nothing more or other
than that. It has let me know of itself, and of me. I have been
spoken to and have understood. And it is a song, and a story,
sometimes a song with words, and sometimes just words, and sometimes
just music. And I am okay with that.

Nondually yours,

==Gene Poole==

Chinmayo reports on a sister list, [email protected] , an
interesting phenom of well-established masters' sites being hacked / pushed
out / taken over by porn operators. You go via a link that always worked
before and find it opens to a porn site. Well, well. This has happened to
Chinmayananda and DT Suzuki, perhaps others. It's not like these sites
couldn't get their own URLs. Whaddya think?

Posthumous virtual karma?

Anyone heard of any others?

Love, Sarlo

Hi Sarlo-ji,

What a fascinating find! I saw this explained also in a police novel,
"Angel's Flight" by Michael Connelly. It's a way for porn vendors to
gather more readers, like an alternative to spam. They pick on less
professionally constructed sites because their security is less rigid, and
easier to hack. Some of those sites are spiritual sites, because they get
lots of hits and are often simple, not much java, flash, etc.



A person has to look at what's happening. Adi Da, in his early days, used to
talk about the books in his bookstore (Hollywood, 1972) being no different than
pornography. Something to masturbate to. The real thing was happening in the
back room, where few would enter. So maybe it's appropriate that all the
so-called spiritual websites turn porno. I mean, why not? It's so much
stimulation and nothing else, isn't it?+66
my cat just walked over my keyboard and created the 6's. Tell me that's an
accident too.


Where is hell?

However, it seems to me this phenomen is taking place because all the "so
called" unenlieghtnend eyes are about to just flow with their nature,
without asking if it's appropriate or not.

I(eye) have heard the nothingland site is turning, even without the help of
hackers, if not just their own makers, (beside where would we be if there
where no hackers? certainly never a spliceosome devellopped nobody who cutts
useless dna fragments aside but this is another chapter alltogether right

if not just their own makers are about to express their free desires, thus
this planet eye see it in my future, will sooner or later uninventebly sex
out of it's frames and explode into a hypergalagtic ah I shouldn't
oversexagurate it that sense, it's certainly a fancyness.

here's another example of a hacker's dream

hackers name: welcomeyourself
hackers code: solution

(-: I think their point is nondualsex that's all :-)


Whaddya think?

well another possibility would certainly be that our good old
computer friend is about to devellop a consciousness, eyes eyes, thus
imagining being "her" would eye understand if she likes to be visited
all wet and hard more then being gazed at by simple dry bores minding
their business ...

(-: hacking my own site :-)


and imagine where to much nondual sex leads to ...




Thank you for your faithfulness to this task and for bringing it to the
I Am list. I remind readers that the web page for your work is at


The web page will be updated to include the now complete work.

Thank you again, Shankar. Will there be another work translated?

Jerry Katz

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