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Friday June 13, 2001



Subject: [NDS] more from fran

The following is from Fran Lorin:

Dear Family and Friends,

I am passing on information I received about saving our
wilderness and my reply, plus a pretty picture some of you
may not have received yet.

Dear Robert,

Thank you for making it so easy to take action. I care
intensely about the remaining wilderness on earth, but I am
not very good at clerical or political activities. Although I
have had a job in Lubbock, Texas the past year, I have been a
New Mexican since 1973, and a member of the New Mexico
Mountain Club since 1974. I am fortunate to have experienced
hiking, camping, climbing, and backpacking in much of the
Rocky Mountain protected land; there is so little of it left.
I have also been to Alaska twice, to the Yukon and
Newfoundland, to Hong Kong four times, to Spain, and this
Spring to Holland, Norway and Sweden. Of all the places I
have visited, the Grand Teton and Wind River areas of Wyoming
and of course, New Mexico, are my favorites. Living in the
barren, flat land of West Texas has made me appreciate the
Rocky Mountains more than ever. Luckily, I have over twenty
years of photography I have done, mostly of landscape and
wildlife of the American West. I have reached a stage of life
where I would like to try to share what I have documented
before I die. Attached is an image I took of the Matanuska
Glacier area east of Anchorage, Alaska, probably the most
beautiful range of mountains I have seen. Please keep up your
good work and keep me on your mailing list.


Fran Lorin

At 02:49 PM 7/5/01 -0600, you wrote: Dear Fellow BioGems

I just wanted to personally thank you for visiting and taking action against
President Bush's plan to open the Arctic Wildlife Refuge to
oil development. This online campaign, which began with an
email message to a few thousand people, has already generated
450,000 letters of protest to Congress. The fight for the
Arctic Refuge continues on Capitol Hill, but there's no doubt
that we've helped turn the tide against the president's
destructive proposal. What a shining example of our
collective power to make a difference! We'll keep you posted
on the outcome of this important fight for our natural

In the meantime, if you want to do even more to help save
America's last wild places, then please visit our new page at There, you'll learn
how the Bush-Cheney energy plan endangers Yellowstone and
other unspoiled wildlands of the Rockies -- and how you can
help save them.

Thank you again for answering my urgent call to action.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Redford Trustee, Natural Resources Defense Council


On May 15, 2000, Shankar posted the first of 108 verses from
"Parrot-eyed (narration of the) Life of SrI ramaNA by Saint SrI sADu

Yesterday he submitted the final verses. They are translations from Tamil
of his Guru's work.

The entire 108 verses follow. They will be installed onto the NDS
website. Shankar will be translating more work. He posts on the I Am

The I Am list has been around since May of 1998. It is the Ellis Island
of nonduality lists. We came there huddled together, cold and homeless
from the Kundalini list. It spawned NDS and others. All are welcome to
join. It is strictly moderated with very high quality and a very low
volume of posting, and will be kept that way.

Jerry Katz

1 O, the 'tamil treaure' of 'parrot'! The Divine Life of
SrI ramaNA, will 'taste sweet' to 'narrate'-O,
Parrot!-(by narrating,) 'I am That' will 'come out to be
true' (for the one narrating).

2 O, the parrot of 'music-language'! If you Listen (to the
Life of SrI ramaNA), the 'Light' of the 'Fourth' (State,
beyond and underlying the three states, of 'waking',
'dreaming' and 'deep sleep'), will 'Awake'-O,
Parrot!-Only 'Bliss' will 'endure'.

3 Those taking birth in this 'earth' in 'billions', are
goat(like)-people (moving about blindly)!-O,
Parrot!-(their) Birth is getting wasted.

4 They (the ignorant) say, 'There is no God!' (but, further
manage, only to say) 'the mirage is true!' (Thus,) As the
'Embodiments of Ignorance'-O, Parrot!-will live the human

5 (The ignorant) will say, 'Only gathering and piling up
the great treasure of wealth is the fruit of education'.
O, Parrot! (they) don't see, despite (there) being eye(s)
(for them).

6 (The ignorant) will pile up, all the books they have
read, as mountains and mountains. (They are) the
prisoners of the net of learning-O, Parrot!-the 'time'
(gets) 'destroyed'.

7 (The ignorant) will stand on heels and jump, to
(objectively) know what-what-ever? (But, they) do not
know 'themselves'-O, Parrot!-(they are) individuals of
The rest of this selection may be read at:


Dear boys and girls of all ages, please do enjoy the day. Take delight
in all things that come your way.

As the weather is indifferent to our opinions about the weather, be
you indifferent to the weather. Neither curse the rain, nor rage
against the heat. Do dress appropriately and take shelter if need be.

Care for and love one another. Let the natural joy of living have its
way with you. Do not expect that your neighbor will be agreeable. Nor,
count yourself more blessed than those who oppose you.

As much as you are able, see that god is playing all the parts. Yes,
even yours. In this way you can be earnest without lapsing into

Do the best that you can with what you have. Make effort without
striving. Failures and setbacks, what are they other than new
opportunities? Successes and praise are only temporary.

Learn to listen. Underneath the raucous babble a symphony is playing.

Learn to see. That which appears also disappears.

Learn to feel. Touch one another with gentle hearts.

Learn to understand. All is not what it seems to be.

Learn to remember. Who you are, what you are is beyond compare.

Each and every one of us is eternity made flesh. Whether we believe it
or not, whether we know it or not, whether we even care about such
things or not, we are the universe. We are not separate.

Finding god, your true nature, peace beyond measure, is not running
away from the illusion of life. Rather, it is embracing life and the
drama the play with a totally open heart. We will and do find beauty
without cause.

If you must know why creation exists, because it is passionately open
to itself.

Peace - at play in the fields of eternity - Michael


That is no so and is very dual.

Ultimately, we have what is called global society. This society is
structured for economic growth and stability and political wheels that
dictate the direction, what is and is not law and what will and will not be
enforced. Who will be or who will not be permitted.

People are told what to be in, what not to be in, what to stay clear of and
what not to do. They are programed to be this and that and rebellious
behavior leads to exclusion and ultimately exile from economic or political
arenas or (for this time being) from the networks that control the systems
of selection.

Which political system am I refering too here? Any of them? Good answer.

It is 'one global network' where day and night pass yet at no point is it
all day or all night as they pass through one another.

The point being made was that all offer ideas of this and that however
nothing has changed. Why? Are these incapable of making the changes? Then
these 'modern governments' are obsolete and, in their redundance have been
left open to 'other organized behaviors' which I do not condemn but rather
compare it to a bunch of pirates running our resources into the ground for
their own private profit.

Which political group and I refering to here? Any of them? Good answer.

An effective government is one that demonstrates a complete system that
balances opportunity, lifestyle, and security for all people. This is not
hard to do.

This is the big squeeze play whether you know it or not... you silly blinded
people... your boomer generation is securely positioned between the
generation Xers who are stuck with cleaning this shit up (and we have
learned well from the examples of violence to get the job done... you have
taught us well your ways) and the our seniors who were the first target of
fleecing, both of which have been alienated by the 'boomers'...

Death is a return to this place (as there is no other) so the foolishness of
raping the realm now and going somewhere else (like heaven or some foolish
mythological place) at your departure, leaving the nameless and faceless
generations of your grand kids that will follow to live through a global
diaster... whom do you think those grand kids will be?

You are thinking the thoughts for one of them now...

-- hobbes

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