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Sat. July 14, 2001



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> This is a story involving the incomparable Mulla Nasrudin.
> "The Mulla had put a lot of effort into starting a beautiful flower
> garden and was eagerly awaiting the results. One morning he woke up
> and the garden was in full bloom. But it was filled not just with the
> flowers he had planted but also with a yellow blanket of dandelions,
> which he didn't like. After pondering his problem, he sought out
> the advice of famous gardeners everywhere about how to get rid of
> these dandelions, which were overrunning his garden. Try as he might,
> none of the advice worked; in fact the dandelions seemed to feed on
> these efforts to get rid of them. Finally, in apparent desperation,
> he sought out the advice of the royal gardener at the sheik's
> palace, a man reputed to be very wise. The royal gardener made many
> suggestions, but the Mulla had already tried them all. Finally, after
> sitting in silence for many hours, the gardener looked at the Mulla
> and said, 'Well, since you can't get rid of the dandelions,
> perhaps you'd better learn to love them.' 'That's just it,'
> said the Mulla, 'I already do.'


swords words words ...

Just a remark, if you translate nicht dualitaet, from german back into
english it would be no duality meaning no duality versus nonduality meaning
no's duality, making it more sound as if there was no duality

haha, it seems those germans are a little behind in their language

Maybe we should teach them english.

Another such example is "nowhere"

in english being the compose of "now" and "here"

where in german you'd say nirgendwo as translates to "nowherewhere"

or composed of the words "now" "here" "where" what a good question :-)

They must be crazy those germans.



Greg and anyone else who can assist:
I received a letter from someone who saw the following on the NDS
website and wants to know more about Leonard Jacobson. He's aware of
Jacobson's website at <>. If anyone can
assist, let me know and I'll give you his email address.
Thank you.
I saw Leonard Jacobson about 3 years ago. He teaches a sort of
conglomeration of psychological freedom, encounter-group methodology,
delicately peppered with Christian terminology. He also teaches with the
assistance of his wife, a clairvoyant. Jimmy, a friend of mine, was
actually helped to release an aversion to using and hearing the word
"God." In the session that I saw, Jimmy laughed and cried, getting angry
at God until Leonard's wife said that Jimmy was actually an Old
Testament prophet who was martyred for God, but became resentful of the fact that
God let him die. When the present (1996) Jimmy heard this, he said, "Yes,
yes, yes!!!" And from then on has had no problem with the God-concept or the
God word.


Hi Jerry,
LJ comes around New York about once a year, usually in Long Island. But
that is probably on the website. If your correspondent is looking for
facts, itineraries, etc., I don't have any info. But if it's a different
kind of information, perhaps I can help.


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Read about 'deindividuation', or (in my own words) reduction to
nonduality, below:


Finally, a rare glimpse of the "nonduality of the Macintosh user":



==Gene Poole==

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