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Highlights #776

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Thursday June 19, 2001


Subject: [NDS] Re: dropping conditioning, purplish Grace

Hi Mr Invisible (Dan),

snip> (Dan)
>It would need "I" there to manufacture
>that perception (of Grace).

Yes there is no manufacturer, and that is grace. Not that 'grace' is
somehow meaningful or desrable or valuable, that would be a backward
step. To talk of 'grace' at all may be misleading as it would
indicate a division into grace and non-grace, whilst the main feature
of grace is non-division. That the garden could be lost and regained
would seem to be ultimately an illusion, the illusion of identity.
That I am separtate from the garden, from grace. When I am grace, so
to speak, then it is no longer a possession, how can one possess what
one is?

>In/as *reality* there are not even no steps whatsoever.
>With even one step or no step, the shadowy "I-man"
>has begun his withered grasp...

Not making a step is the same as making a step. There is no question
of stepping or not stepping. No stepper here at Withering Heights. No

>(Not telling you anything you don't know, I'm sure ;-)

Not at all. My understanding of this needs to be expressed and
clarified and your own expression makes a fine foil for my blind

Gary (Mr Purple)

ED & DAN on dropping conditioning

Dear Dan,

What arises simultaneously is the everythingness
that is universal love...and "Dan" that is its unique
and awesome expression.

Thank you for being "me". ;-)

Namaste, Ed

Okay, Ed, now consider this ...

Once commenting about it, calling it
"everythingness" and "universal love"
there is a commentator -- someone
situated who knows what everythingness
is and who can say that it is universal
love and this or that (e.g.,"Dan") is its expression.

That commentator who knows what is going
on -- how is that one being placed, maintained,
able to develop criteria for judging (e.g., what
everythingness is, what universal love is, or
isn't) ...

As long at the commentator is believed to have
a place to exist, the question of identity hasn't
been opened as fully as possible ...


JERRY anyone in Ireland?

The following was posted on the form located on the NDS Home Page at

All are welcome to fill it out. Your note will be sent to this list
(unless you request otherwise) and to others in your area, if we know of



name=Hugh Bradley
[email protected]
Your Location=Co Louth, Ireland
text=I would love to make contact with others interested in advaita. We
have too many teachers visiting Ireland unfortunatly. Lets try and


Hi Jerry,

With regard to anyone in Ireland or elsewhere in the UK (there was
someone from Wales the other day), I live in the South West of
England and I'm always happy to receive private emails. We (non-
dualists?) are a bit thin on the ground around here compared to the

Always happy to receive emails in general as its more about being
friends and sharing rather than posturing don't you think.

my email: [email protected]




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