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> Love, Mark
> ps I say banish the bum to LiveJournal, where his poetry shines
> brightly.
> pps So I couldn't just come right out and say "Jerry, be well. I love
> you..."

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the poetry plug. I think that's what I do best: nothing and
writing a little poem once in a while.



Hi Jerry,

I hope you're still around and will write every once in a while. I myself
like the poetry of your prose - unpretentious, honest, funny and unafraid.
Clever, with enough modern cultural references to make it hit hard and sink
deep, and with a hint of wistful sadness to it. I'd like to read more!



Jerry & Friends,

Gene Poole is the new moderator of NDS List. All final decisions are his and
he has full authority and powers...

Is this fair? I've been waiting for my full authority and powers to show up
for 30 years. Maybe I've been soliciting the wrong self.

Look's about my powers...

Seriously, I've just had a look at your poetry journal, Jerry, and it's
impressive stuff. Is this where we'll find you in the future? Congratulations
on founding NDS and all it's dual/nondual expression. Good Luck with whatever
you address your attention to.

yours in the bonds,

TO: Holly Barrett, Ph.D. c/o HarshaSatsangh / Gloria Lee

Hello. Thanks for your article "Deep Listening As A Spiritual Path" -- I've
linked to it from my Talent Development Resources website [which includes
sections: Women & Talent plus Teen - Young Adult Talent] :

from the page: <spirituality and talent expression>

The Talent Development Resources site includes articles,
interviews, book titles and other material - plus quotes from
leaders in the arts and entertainment, psychology and other fields.

The mission of the site is to provide information on some of the
psychological/social issues related to talent and giftedness,
and to inspire creative expression.

Articles such as yours may be of real value to others
who want to more fully realize their own exceptional talents.

Would you consider mentioning the site
to friends/colleagues?



/ Douglas

link to article on Osho, J. Krishnamurti, Gurdieff etc.


Just published at

"Meditation: The Sundering Of
Causality," by yours truly --
here is the direct URL:

This article previously appeared
in a very slightly different form
in "The Inner Traveler," the hard
copy newsletter of The Meditation
Society Of America.

Thanks to editor
Rob Sacks for his yeoman efforts!


The following is from Verses From The Center: A Buddhist Vision of the Sublime, by
Stephen Batchelor, The Berkley Publishing Group, 2000.

from the Preface
I have written this book in order to elucidate the vision of the great Buddhist teacher
Nagarjuna. Although Nagarjuna is arguably the most important figure in Buddhism
after the Buddha himself, very little is known about him. All that can be said with any
certainty is that he lived at some time around the second century C.E. in India and is the
author of a Sanskrit work of 448 verses, divided into twenty-seven chapters, entitled
Verses From The Center (Mulamadhyamakakarika). Yet while Nagarjuna continues to
be revered today as a founding figure of many living Buddhist traditions, his seminal
work is almost entirely ignored.
I have sought to translate Verses From The Center in such a way as to make
Nagarjuna's insights come alive for anyone concerned with the question of what it
means to live a free and awake life today. Instead of regarding the text as a work of
Buddhist doctrine or philosophy--as is generally the case in studies of Nagarjuna--I treat
it in the spirit of a Zen koan, which provokes intuitions of the sublime by forcibly
challenging entrenched opinions about ourselves and the world.

Is life what drives me?
Whether constant or fleeting,
Drives are not alive like life.
How am I alive?

When I cannot be found
Inside this mind or body,
Who is there to be alive?
If I survived by clinging on
To thoughts and feelings,
How could I evolve?

Without clinging or evolving,
Who can be alive?
If I came and went,
How could I be freed?

If clinging binds,
I who cling would be unbound
Like those who do not cling.
How is it I am trapped?

Neither bound nor unbound are free--
Were the bound to be freed,
Freedom and bondage
Would be simultaneous.

" I am free! I cling no more!
Liberation is mine!"--
The greatest clinging
Is to cling like this.

What do you think
Of a freedom that never happens?
What do you make
Of a life that won't go away?

Hello saloners, maybe I can manage to post a verse a day for a while since I finally
finished the muffler and wheel bearing work on my mazda 323, class of '88. What do
you make of a car that won't go away? Some of the verses sound to me like Dan B.
wrote/translated them. John



Greetings to all members of NDS!

An unexpected pleasure and privilege it is, to be honored by Jerry Katz, to be given this trust, to be
moderator of NDS.

Please know that I am not about to enact any sweeping radical changes to the way that NDS works; it
works rather

I thank Jerry, and the group of long-timers who have consistently worked together to make NDS a
experience for our subscribers. Gloria and Andrew come to mind, as well as a host of others who have
given of their
time and wisdom, to make NDS the forum of choice for the enlightened cyber-citizen!

As moderator, I ask for your help. Please abide by the spirit and letter of the few rules which are in place
to maintain a
tolerable decorum here in NDS. Blatent violators will be put on moderated status, or in extreme situations,

* No personal attacks allowed (that is pretty clear, I think)

* Threats to persons (this is similar to 'personal attack', but different too)

* Dominating the list via 'negative suggestion' is not allowed (this is not at all clear, but it becomes painfully
when it happens)

Please feel free to write to me offlist, if you feel the need. Generally my policy has always been to keep list
public and onlist; I am in favor of open and honest exchange here.

I am just getting the hang of the Yahoo! moderator permissions and privileges, and I am certainly capable
of making
an error, when it comes to adjusting how this group is handled by the Yahoo! automated system. If I do
commit a
technical flub, please let me know, either onlist or via email to me, and I will try to correct it.

And an interesting side-note, in reference to the Yahho! automated system; in my recent attempt to adjust
the greeting
message to replace Jerry's name with my own, the system balked and gave me a message that... "Yahoo!
will not tolerate profane language in this area" or similar.

It turns out that the word "bondage" in the message, was the offending item. So I replaced it with
'imprisonment', and
thereby was able to 'save changes'. The word 'bondage' now apparently has profane connotations,
according to
Yahoo!. This is too funny!

"There is no liberation, without bondage"

I am still working with Jerry to discover how to use all of the resources available to the moderator, so
please bear with
me as I learn.

Please do not take my position as moderator into consideration, if you read something that I have posted
as a
listmember. I will continue to put forth my words as a participant. Hopefully, my work as moderator will
be minimal.
But if I do post as 'moderator', please take it seriously.

Thanks to all,

==Gene Poole==

Moderator, NDS

Member, NDS

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