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Highlights #802

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Saturday, August 18


In a charged atmosphere
Who's side are we on
Guilt and Blame
Belong to anon.

The judger is judged
But who is on trial
This is a poser
To cry or to smile

In order to talk
All charges are dropped
Just in case next time
Its me in the dock



You may contact this person interested in nonduality if you live in the

name=Narciso Ceschi Berrini
[email protected]
Your Location=Padova-Italy



> Hmm, "gentler, kinder" than
> who or what?
A kinder gentler form of spiritual facism - to be blunt about it.
The founder often breaks the rules and shows little or no respect for
'all paths'.

HS is supposed to be 'blessed by Ramana' -
interesting...he has been dead, what, some 40 or 50

In the words of Old Ch'eng:

"...But, since you are incapable of seeing your
Buddha-nature, you fill up the void that is your
lives by dressing yourselvs up in the thoughts and
actions of those you have chosen to hold above your

This preoccupation with imitating others -- this is
the very yoke that prevents you from seeing the
origional mind."

Ah well - whatever. It doesn't really matter. Just
more characters being played by the universe.

Will these characters ever drop pretense and just
be? hahahah! Maybe - maybe not. hohoho! Should they
ever realize that ordinary life is spirit, oh! What
amazement and peace will they have then!

Awakening is not a contest nor is it done by 'you'
- it is a natural intuitive process - the flow of
life. And try to understand that awakening is not
required nor will every 'character' experience it.

So, 'who' am 'I' talking to? Find out!

nothing higher
nothing lower
no you
no me
just this

Loveya - buncha goofballs - Michael

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