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Highlights #810

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8/27/01 Monday



Ah such a drama that we all must play out
All our life is the stage
And we are better actors knowing it
Or in the audience as an observer
Another part in this play
If we could give up our profession of acting
That would be our final performance
Until then live and love dear Val
Before the fat lady sings

Carpe Diem
(Sieze the Day)



The sun turns a key in a lock each day
As soon as it crawls out of bed.

Light swings open a door
And the many kinds of love rush out
Onto the infinite green field.

Your soul sometimes plays a note
Against the Sky's ear that excites
The birds and planets.

Stay close to any sounds
That make you glad you are alive.

Everything in this world is
Helplessly reeling.

An invisible wake was created
When God said to His beautiful dead lover,

Hafiz, who will understand you
If you do not explain that last line?
Well then,

I will sing it this way,

When God said to illusion,

--trans. by Daniel Ladinsky (according to his Introduction, more copies of
the remaining poems of Hafiz are sold in Iran than are copies of the Qu'ran)

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from Harsha Satsangh

>Hi Linda,

>Yes, you have been quiet - could be a good sign :) not know if it's good or not but I am definitely in a relationship
with quiet these days. This relationship takes place in the middle of a life
filled with noisy and chaotic others and leaves me almost unable to speak or
write unless I must. Fortunately, there are always enough words and sounds
in the world that it is rather easy to slip into a cave of quiet without causing
any distrubance to the ongoing activity of sound.



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