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Thursday, August 30


several new names in my Live Journal box on the
home of page of <>

these people tend to write about nondual stuff.

i really like the Live Journal concept and format.

everyone has their own style and look.

an email list is like everyone swimming in the
ocean together. Live Journal is like private
cabanas on the beach, where people come and go, and
visit each other.

the site is run by a 21 year old college kid. he
gets up to 60,000 hits a second and often his
servers are down for maintenance. but it's all
worth watching what he's doing. His focus is work
and not soaking his users for money or bothering
them with ads.


if you're in the Santa Barbara area, give richard a

name=Richard [email protected] Your
Location=Santa Barbara text=Interested in all
nondualistic teachings Advaita Zen unknown unnamed



I am writing an article "awakening vs
enlightenment". Does anyone feel that these two
terms are/not clearly distinguished in advaita


Which advaita circles are you referring to? There
are several. Sometimes the terms are used
interchangeably, other times a distinction is
drawn. Even the single term "enlightenment" is used
in 15 different ways by any 10 people. One can hear
meanings ranging from relief from neuroses all the
way to the explosive and irreversible experience
that nothing other awareness ever was. All over the

Good luck!


It seems that people talk about 'an awakening', as
though there could many awakenings. 'Enlightenment'
conveys a finality. The terms are interchangeable,
though it seems more likely that someone would
refer to 'an awakening' than they would refer to
'an enlightenment'. However, these are my
impressions and not the result of any scientific

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