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Wednesday, September 5




Keeps the sad game going.

It keeps stealing all your wealth -

Giving it to an imbecile with

No financial skills.

Dear one,



("The Gift" - versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)

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Once there was a monk who was an expert on the
Diamond Sutra, and as books were very valuable in
his day, he carried the only copy in his part of
the world on his back. He was widely sought after
for his readings and insight into the Diamond
Sutra, and very successful at propounding its
profundities to not only monks and masters but to
the lay people as well.

Thus the people of that region came to know of the
Diamond Sutra, and as the monk was traveling on a
mountain road, he came upon an old woman selling
tea and cakes. The hungry monk would have loved to
refresh himself, but alas, he had no money. He told
the old woman, "I have upon my back a treasure
beyond knowing -- the Diamond Sutra. If you will
give me some tea and cakes, I will tell you of this
great treasure of knowledge."

The old woman knew something of the Diamond Sutra
herself, and proposed her own bargain. She said,
"Oh learned monk, if you will answer a simple
question, I will give you tea and cakes." To this
the monk readily agreed. The woman then said, "When
you eat these cakes, are you eating with the mind
of the past, the mind of the present or the mind of
the future?"

No answer occurred to the monk, so he took the pack
from his back and got out the text of the Diamond
Sutra, hoping he could find the answer. As he
studied and pondered, the day grew late and the old
woman packed up her things to go home for the day.

"You are a foolish monk indeed," said the old woman
as she left the hungry monk in his quandary. "You
eat the tea and cakes with your mouth."



For the Kids of Camp Pupekaca

There can be no cause without forward intention.
Forward intention, regardless of direction, is the
process of action. Cause, therefore is a 'creation'
of intelligent design therefore God must exist as
first thought. Binary. Refer to 'Shot Down in a
Blaze of Glory' on NDS web site. Thus, we wait for
God as the 'mean' (math function) of all that we
may know. Who then, shall be the last through the
door after all things are through? And what then,
shall they face to open the eyes of the masses?
Thank God it is God. Here comes the final victory.

Each day is a new starting line.

Add and divide are the functions of the
mathimatical mind of God as it is seen in all of
creation. The difference being is that God can take
what is small, divide it, and the two become larger
than the one while the one still remains. In other
words... my shit is made to last. God knows forever
and eternal (which is what is unattainable and
escapes the mind of petty foolish men -- chase it
and it evades...) unlike those that do not... kings
and kingdoms will all pass away but there's
something about that name. Jesus.

Zen is not the loudest voice in the room. It is the
one that must be filtered to be heard. The
filtering is enlightenment. The hearing,
liberation, the knowing... a matter of time. Play
me or learn from me but you will learn from me. The
truth will set you free (not always a good thing).

The trouble with striding through life is that one
tends to miss too much ground.

A story.
0: What is the sound of one hand clapping?
1: Master, that story is old and we know that no answer will suffice.
0: Tao.
1: --
0: What is the sound of one hand clapping?
1: Why do you insist?
0: It is true that no answer will suffice and yet we all recognize the
better more enlightening and door opening answers.
1: Show me.
0: Close your eyes. <the master makes a single hand clap>. Now, open your
eyes. How many sounds?
1: One.
0: The rest is the answer.
1: --
0: <smile>

Get that?
-- hobbes; 0,0,0,0:00.00 Nao



Possibly of interest : (Buddhist site
article on K.) (- //
- a study on K.)



Jerry, do you know that famous country song.

"I was country when country wasn't cool."

We should have had our own band and our theme song
could have been,

"We were nondual, when being nondual wasn't cool"
or something like that.

Or even better and more clever, "We are so nondual
that we aren't - Dumda dumda dum dum! :-).

I should have been the comic Jerry. You should have
been the straight man. All I needed was the timing.
All you needed were the lines!

We coulda been contenders Jerry!!

Love Harsha

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