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Thursday, September 6

An interesting post on the NDS Bulletin Board:


It's a long post. Part of it reads:

"How many of you still manage to hold down worldly
jobs? How do you cope with the lack of belief in
the kind of semantic twaddle that passes for
discourse in modern Western education? At least
with creative writing students I can talk about the
inner self and its expression through literature,
but this is in direct contradiction to what they
learn on academic courses. Is there a point where I
give it up and turn to direct spiritual teaching? I
have always resisted this because there are still
so many mental fluctuations in my consciousness. I
believe, and experience shows, that these things
take care of themselves. But it would be good to
hear from others."


Someone in Bangkok would like to meet other nondualists.

name: Simon
email:[email protected]
Your Location: Bangkok, Thailand
text: Would like to get together with
anyone interested in nonduality
in Bangkok.



The exuberance of the chickadee is
ended by the fox's cunning.

The teacheritis of those who are too wise
is cured by the rose that smells as sweet
by any other name.

The blissitis of those who are too loving is
cured by shoes getting dirty.

The disciplinitis of those who are too orderly
is cured by a healthy dose of chaos.

The freedomitis of those who hate cages
is cured by the need to earn a living.

It is well not to be too wise or too foolish,
too good or too bad, too rigid or too undisciplined.

Mao tse Tung said, "Let a thousand
schools flourish" and shot anyone
who disagreed with that concept.

Crickets chirp, but only humans make



Sorry, pal. There was only so much infinite energy
left when I got to enlighenment. They used all they
had remaining on me!

None was left for you. Again, my apologies. Had I
known that I was to be the last unless I let you go
first; I wouldn't change a thing!

If you only had any idea what it is like to live
this way...

Imagine the most open, free and joyful moment of
your life. Now imagine that is how you experience
life from moment to moment.

...even when it hurts like a bucketfull of

Ah, how sweet it is!

But, you'll never know, now, will you?

heeheehee - Michael

guess you'll have to fake it 'til the energy supply
rebuilds about a thousand googles of infinity ;-)



The joy and the laughter are in seeing the obvious.
The whiners and those who will bore us to tears do
not see themselves as doing such! :-). From their
point of view, great wisdom is being expounded and
cosmic knowledge is being released in to the
environment through their words! That is the utter
beauty and the wonder of it. Sometimes, I don't
know how to stop laughing.

Frankly, I don't mind the whiners or the those who
seek to make a point through confrontation or wish
to say clever things or provide unique insights,
etc. Why not? Why not? Bring it on baby! :-).

We have better developed characters here than any
soap opera.

I love being part of the show!

Let us entertain you! :-).

Lots of love




The Godfather, accompanied by his attorney, walks
into a room to meet with his accountant. The
Godfather asks the accountant, "Where's the three
million bucks you embezzled from me?" The
accountant doesn't answer. The Godfather asks
again, "Where's the three million bucks you
embezzled from me?"

The attorney interrupts, "Sir, the man is a
deaf-mute and cannot understand you, but I can
interpret for you."

The Godfather says, "Well, ask him where the @#!*
money is."

The attorney, using sign language, asks the
accountant where the three million dollars is. The
accountant signs back, "I don't know what you're
talking about." The attorney interprets to the
Godfather, "He doesn't know what you're talking

The Godfather pulls out a pistol, puts it to the
temple of the accountant, cocks the trigger and
says, "Ask him again where the @#!* money is!"

The attorney signs to the accountant, "He wants to
know where it is!" The accountant signs back,
"Okay! Okay! The money's hidden in a suitcase
behind the shed in my backyard!"

The Godfather says, "Well, what did he say?"

The attorney interprets to the Godfather, "He says
that you don't have the guts to pull the trigger."

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