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September 11

9/11/01 Tuesday


TWO planes crash into the World Trade Center!!

10:01 re: TURN ON YOUR TV!!!

Terrorism for sure. My sister's
husband works there. :-(
Bruce Morgen

(reported at 11:43)
I just found out my brother-in-
law is OK -- he was riding the
subway when it happened. I
went to the website of Greg's
firm and the address is NOT at
the WTC.


Help us all.

10:05 NUMB

No words at all.

I'm really feeling for those people. For everyone.


10:40 re: Turn on Your TV


I don't have to turn on the TV, I can look
out my window. The skyline of New York
City has changed. Oops. It just changed
again. The second tower just fell down.

It's like war, amazing. There aren't enough
hospital beds in the area, not enough.

Trying to call friends who work downtown,
can't get dial tone. Everybody in New York
must be trying to make the same calls.


11:11 re: Greg Goode

Greg works in the WTC - Greg?


Michael Read

Is this true? Do we know this for sure?

David Hodges

Thanks for the inquiry - no, I am pretty far away from the WTC, halfway
across Manhattan, in a relatively short building (30 stories). Manhattan
has only foot traffic and a bit of automobile traffic for now. No public

Love to all,



Glad to hear you are still here!

Thinking of the BG right now.

Thinking of rabid dogs.

Yup, it's all illusion.

Time to kick some illusory butt!

Peace - is still the foundation for everything - Michael

1:32 Trade Centre

Dear All,

So sorry to hear of todays madness.

My prayer would be for all the ordinary people the world over to join
together to share the understanding and peace required for forgiveness, so
that this stupidity can end. Share with your brothers and sisters.


2:32 The Attacks

I couldn't get to a computer, but was listening on the car radio,
wondering if you were alright, Greg. You had an amazing experience
there, Rob. Glad Bruce's brother-in-law is fine.

On television there are pictures of people running in the streets,
running from a mountain of enormously thick smoke.


2:35 a prayer

Pray is the song of our Heart.
It reaches the ear of God ..
Even if it is mingled with the cry & turmult of a thousand voices.

Death removes but the touch,
Not the awareness of All Good.

Om Santi, Santi, Santi ...
Yogini Sakti

3:25 World-changing events

I mourn not only for the dead, and for those who mourn those who have
died, but also for the loss of the world as we have known it. As
stressful and challenging as it was, it was not so bad of a world.

The world as we have known it is gone, it seems.

Our new world is just now dawning; I know that it is up to each of us
to help make it the best possible world. It seems that we now must
take into account, certain new factors, as we go about our lives.

The blindfold has again been ripped from our eyes, as has happened so
many times before. What will our new vision be capable of seeing?
Will we be able to work together, to effect the best for all?

We are now faced with the possibility of massive and unwanted changes
in the way we live; this may extend to governmental regulation of the

I am hoping that our free and open societies, and our free and open
internet communications, remain as they are now.

Times and events such as these, are a major test for everyone.


==Gene Poole==

4:28 re:World-changing events


Roger to your thots...

The world is shrinking. Maybe part of the problem is not sharing?
Maybe it is our willingness to fight? Its not like we didn't have an
early warning of this. This is the second time these buildings have
been attacked! Did we try to understand the motives last time and
come to an understanding and reconciliation? Or did we hold to our
opinion and punish.

One thing this shows me is our "defense system" idea of G.W.'s...
The missile defense.. is not necessarily going to give us security.
It seems the world is small enough now we might have to try making
friends or not having enemies. I think that would be the way to go.
We are in a punishing mode most of the time... unless we can get
something out of not punishing... (for example China)

For example, we punish the people of Cuba because we don't agree with
their leader, Castro. We punish the people of Iraq because we don't
agree with their leader Saddam. And the sad thing is that this adds
fuel to the fire. A starving Iraqi listens to Saddam and hears that
we are the enemy. Well, what are they to believe when we are
punishing them? What would they believe if we supported them?

I know its sticky, but just some thoughts...

In order to have Non-duality in this world, we have to accept or be
for all the people.




briefly turned the T.V. on this morning. The world seemed normal and the
stock futures were positive. I left home and went to the Dentist. After the
dental work, I went to my college and immediately noticed a big crowd
gathered around a television. For a few seconds I kept walking past it. Had
much to do today and an important meeting as well. Then I turned back and
went towards the T.V. to join the crowd and realized what was going on.

While I was watching, the news kept coming in. Planes crash into world trade
center. More news. More tragedy. Collapse of one tower. The smoke and dust.
Collapse of another tower. More news....The casualties are in thousands,
perhaps tens of thousands....I thought about Greg and Rob in New York and
other friends and those unknown and prayed for them. The work stopped. Just
conversations around the television set. Faculty and students stood their

Later in the morning, a professor, a close colleague told me that his sister
in law works in the World Trade Center and his brother works in a building
very close to it. He has not been get a hold of them. I advised him to
cancel classes and go home to be with his wife. There were students and
other staff like that as well concerned about their friends and family. What
to do? One comforts as best one can.

My meeting was canceled and I came home early.

A certain innocence has been lost in the U.S. New York will survive. It
always does. But it won't be the same again.

We are all saddened and shocked by the human toll and suffering. People are
grieving for their loved ones and those that they cannot locate. Our heart
goes out to them. We pray for all the victims of this attack and the
families of victims. There are no words to adequately console them.

May men of peace remain among us to give the purest teachings.

May all living beings be free of suffering and may we all join hands in a
community of brothers and sisters.

God bless you all with peace.

Love to all

4:46 "Everything That Lives Is Holy"

[More prophetic words from William Blake. Note these two lines: "For
every thing that lives is holy, life delights in life; / Because the soul
of sweet delight can never be defil'd." ]

Sound! sound! my loud war-trumpets & alarm my Thirteen Angels!
Loud howls the eternal Wolf! the eternal Lion lashes his tail!
America is darkned; and my punishing Demons terrified
Crouch howling before their caverns deep like skins dry'd in the wind.

They cannot smite the wheat, nor quench the fatness of the earth.
They cannot smite with sorrows, nor subdue the plow and spade.
They cannot wall the city, nor moat round the castle of princes.
They cannot bring the stubbed oak to overgrow the hills.

For terrible men stand on the shores, & in their robes I see
Children take shelter from the lightnings...

Ah rebel form that rent the ancient
Heavens; Eternal Viper self-renew'd, rolling in clouds
I see thee in thick clouds and darkness on America's shore.

Writhing in pangs of abhorred birth; red flames the crest rebellious
And eyes of death; the harlot womb oft opened in vain
Heaves in enormous circles, now the times are return'd upon thee,
Devourer of thy parent, now thy unutterable torment renews.

That stony law I stamp to dust: and scatter religion abroad
To the four winds as a torn book, & none shall gather the leaves;
But they shall rot on desart sands, & consume in bottomless deeps;
To make the desarts blossom, & the deeps shrink to their fountains,
And to renew the fiery joy, and burst the stony roof.

That pale religious letchery, seeking Virginity,
May find it in a harlot, and in coarse-clad honesty
The undefil'd tho' ravish'd in her cradle night and morn:
For every thing that lives is holy, life delights in life;

Because the soul of sweet delight can never be defil'd.
Fires inwrap the earthly globe, yet man is not consumd;
Amidst the lustful fires he walks: his feet become like brass,
His knees and thighs like silver, & his breast and head like gold.

- William Blake, "America, A Prophecy",

5:41 re:meat eating and the WT bombing

As always god eats god every day...every particle of matter is the
brilliant scintillating maifestation of divine
think less devaluates ourselves and those who live on this planet
with us...

we are victims of our own belief systems that look to designate
victim status and explanations of victimizations....

would it be so easy that the answer to the universe's problems were
not to eat simple life would be....

but there is only perfection in the cyles of birth, life, death,
decay and rebirth regardless of the way it manifests...

It is easy to be peaceful in a world of bad vibrations if one is

I can choose to experience peace rather than this...

This too shall pass.




As Gandhi said, 'an eye for an eye, just ends up with the whole world
being blind.'..........ONS.......Tony.

7:01 where i was, what i thought

Kelly and I were taking a morning class in fire safety (we work parttime
in the same place). Afterward we went to St. Mary's University so Kelly
could buy books for her course. I waited in the car. I hardly ever turn
on the car radio, as I like silence. But I turned on the CBC. There was
live news coverage, but I couldn't figure out what was going on.
Something about people remaining calm in the aftermath of something.
Nothing quite came together until there was mention of the twin towers
of the World Trade Center crumbling to the ground. What? Then I heard
the story.

Kelly got into the car with her books: 'Cutting Through Spiritual
Materialsm', 'Indestructable Truth: The Living Spirituality of Tibetan
Buddhism', and a book simply entitled 'Buddha'.

Seeing the books was almost as stunning as hearing the news report. I was a sudden
witness to two side by side extraordinarily different ways of trying to make sense of reality.

Then my thoughts go back to the people in New York running from the
cloud of thick smoke that was once the World Trade Center, running as
though from Godzilla. I think of Godzilla as the pain everyone has, and
I see everyone running in the streets.

The only thing they don't show in the Godzilla movies is where people
run to. Where they end up. They end up in gun shops, on nonduality
street, in purgatory apartments, drug stores, and in brightly lit
chicken soup kitchens with family where everything is okay. And
everything is okay, isn't it?


8:54 thoughts and an invitation 6:30 & 8 PST NDS chat

The intense surface noise... heard and felt as shock waves through the nervous system of the planet of bodies
today.. profoundly strkes an equally intense chord of stillness here. A shift to a different frequency band.

The clamor to blame; for revenge; to simply join other noise makers in cacophanous affinity of outrage, seems
the human norm. There are enough citizens in those rooms. They will do what they will do.

I am asking what else might be heard. Yesterday, Harsha said

"The nature of consciousness itself is Self-attraction. So it is natural that we are attracted to that which we
value in ourselves."

I wondered about it last night.. and today I ask from a different focal point..

What is the attraction.. what is it that calls us here? If Self has attracted us in some communion of
fellowship.. how do we respond today?

If we are aligned within, awaken to, awareness, what might we give life to, as we listen to what arises
from beyond the stirred waters.

Are we called to collectively listen deeper.. more spaciously.. beyond ideas? Perhaps, to simply abide in
service to That which forms and informs us?

This strikes me as a time of choice. Which voice will we listen to? Gene is an ardent and gifted teacher of the
embedded programming of identity. This programming is playing loudly now on the collective screen.. imploring
our union. It will no doubt engender warriors. Let those whose storyline and skill is so aligned make their
choice. But what is warriorship for those who live aware of what shines beyond the storyline? Is the Conscious
attractor deep and communal abiding?

I realize that there is a lot of energy which is being released. I am called to empty out, to listen, to rest in
wordless prayer, and perhaps, to find the voice arising from the undertones.

I wonder if others might be interested in a 'real time' communion of abiding. Listening collectively to the Living
Heart pulsating beyond the cacophany and angst. The only place I know which is available to all is the NDS
chat space. It is not private, and I have no right to claim it.. but I will be there tonight at 6:30 pm PST and again
at 8pm PST if anyone cares to sit with me.

'abide with me'


8:27 re:where i was, what i thought

I've been numb all day today. I guess the challenge is allowing all
of the pain and grief and fear and horror to be there and to hold the
view of truth at the same time. To see this horrible fucking human
insanity arising within the perfection of creation, knowing that in
spite of all this nothing is happening. This is where the spiritual
rubber meets the road.

It's been a challenge today, but if WE don't do it... who will?


9:57 re:where i was, what i thought

you are SO beautiful!

10:02 simply be here

Coming home is allowing what is,
to simply be here.

It is to embrace everything
and to nurture it
in the space of compassion
and surrender.

It is to let go of all holding,
of the need to change and fix,
and to allow the Heart
to lead the way.

It is to be here;
as you are.

-- Neelam
sent by Xan

10:23 put up or shut up

Is everything still god?

Let's just say it is, for the moment anyway.

That being the case, wake up!


Buncha dumbazzes always talking about it but never doing it.


Do, you, hear the crying.
Do, you, feel the hatred.
Do, you, find the cause of suffering.
Do, let it end, you.


Put down the books.
Stop the quoting.

Quit displaying how well versed you are.
Jump down and get to work.

Forget about your relation to the so-called higher self.
Don't decide where you are on your path.

Cease your pratices which haven't worked.
Quit being addicted to meditation.

None of these things have ever gotten you there.
Now is the time - not tommorrow.


Stop being a slacker. You have about 72 hours to wake up. Then I
coming to get ya! Lazy so and so's need a boot in the butt?

Do you want this version of illusion to continue?
Or, would you rather be cool peaceful cats?

I asked you awhile back if you wanted peace or war. The question still

Whatever you answer, understand that either choice requires 'some'


I'm still here permeating and sustaining the entire universe. When you
laugh I laugh. When you cry I cry. When you help I help. When you hurt
I hurt.

But I won't force you to be peaceful. No, I will not force your eyes
to see that this universe is a paradise. I may caution you about the
things that bite, though. Maybe not, for you are me.

Play well - or not at all - Michael

11:37 in just a moment

Peace? or War?

You decide.
Not the power brokers,
Nor the fear mongers,
Have they any power
To but set the spark.

It is you, the so-called,
Common working person,
And sad peons like me
Who carry the searing flames
Once the torch of war is lit.

Who can refuse the call to duty,
Set aside thier anger,
Put away thier hatred,
Set themselves to do the needful thing
Inside the heart of sweet reason.

Will it be a blood bath?
Or, will it be a welcome buffett?

A call to righteous murder?
Or, an invitation to a picnic?

Who decides these things?
Your holy concept of god - or you?

Here's the deal, listen. It's a sweet deal.
You just admit that you are god in the flesh.
That's the simple simple truth of the matter.
Once you do that - we'll see! ":^)

So, again, I ask you - who decides?


Peace - of pie - Michael

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