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Thursday, September 13


om my love,

i have been really on fire thinking about our
conversation last night. really profound i think.
it fits in with some conversations we have been
having at s.a.t. about finding the Source of
Happiness. it is such a simple and seemingly stupid
statement to say that happiness is found within.
but only the truly wise know the true meaning of
this simple statement! almost everyone is addicted
to something. one drug or another, or some people
use purity and righteousness as their drug of
choice. now i am calling a drug anything that is
outside oneself. and you have to make a self to
find something outside your self and want it. we
want it so we can become whole again. get the warm
and fuzzy love-feeling going with (and usually
from) "the other". this is the mood of human
suffering. making a self, and looking for happiness
for that self. with money, food, lovers, purity,
drugs, ------------- whatever works- (temporarily,
and then we need more ad diction).

obviously nothing temporary ever "works" for true
happiness and wholeness. finding unity is a
terrible strife for the separate entity. we never
quite make it to the unity hotel. hehe -- because
we are assuming we are separate!

so this is where renunciation comes in. renouncing
all our drugs, yes. but more importantly renouncing
the first and foremost drug of choice, the "I". the
lie. the false identity. the separate someone. the
body. the mind and all its amazing array of

i am reminded of something dan berkowitz from
nonduality salon said once about his
"enlightenment"--he said, "i took risks". the risk
we must take is to not rely on anything 'other' for
our happiness. the risk is to actually relinquish
our addiction to making a separate self. the risk
is giving up all temporary means to happiness and
abiding as the Source of Happiness -- our own

and what a Source it is! unfounded Bliss! eternal
Peace. Nonduality! my own perfect blemishless Self!

love and kisses eternally, cee


"Realization of the Self is the greatest help that
can be rendered to humanity. Therefore, the saints
are said to be helpful, though they remain in
forests. The help is imperceptible but it is still
there. A saint helps the whole of mankind, unknown
to them."

Sri Ramana Maharshi


"The only solution is Ahimsa---Peace."

And how do you propose to shift human consciousness
to this level? --xan

Good question - consistency regarding love and
compassion. To this mind, as a country, the USA is
far from a good example - read this UN document and
eventually, the other resolutions mentioned in
it.... No more questions isn't it?



The entire universe is a whirling flow of change &
activity. This is the Great Dance.

All the world is sacred. Galaxies soar in movement,
atoms swirl in movement. All movement is the Great

When we fight this movement & think it should be
other that it is, we Dance reluctantly, stubbornly,
holding ourselves in restraint.

There are Great Truths that must be searched for &
understood in relation to self. We must accept what
is & not wish to be otherwise. Once we can do this,
we Dance with the sacred flow that surrounds us.

We Dance with acceptance of praise & blame, joy &
sorrow, prosperity & adversity .. all in

Find the Great Dancer who is both within & with
out, & you will have cut through the bonds of

Om Santi ...
Yogini Sakti



Hello all,

You might see it in the news. Bomb threat at Grand
Central Station, Manhattan, New York. I work in the
short skyscraper right above it. Many people
evacuated, and it was left as an individual choice.
Some stayed, some left. The police just announced
that no bomb or other suspicious item was found,
and Grand Central has been re-opened.

Terrorist activities, and the safety and security
measures that arise from them, are things that
other countries have lived and struggled with for
many years. Perhaps the U.S. can learn from their
experiences. Yesterday, only 10% of the workforce
came to work in our building ("Non-essential staff,
do not report to work"). We all had to check in at
the front security desk to get on to the elevator.
I noticed that everyone did this quite willingly,
even though on normal days we stream directly onto
the elevators. People will gladly trade some
comforts to achieve more safety.



Greetings, ALL

How is it that "we" continue to seek 'solutions'?

I could say (and this can be argued) that the
'collective karma' of humanity, necessitates a
complete and unedited unfoldment of what has not
been dealt with previously (historically).

I personally refer to this unfolding of the
collective karma of humanity, as 'the world-dream'.
It is (merely? Yes.) one of several possible 'ways'
or levels in which to dwell, or by which to 'see'.

Like the script of a movie, the events of the
world-dream become somewhat predictable, if the
movie is watched very carefully.

On the personal level, attachment blinds one to the
ability to see all of the movie; thus, attachment
itself is an editor, whose works necessitate
playing the movie over and over, until the missing
parts of the plot can finally be seen.

When the missing parts have been reinserted,
patterns are revealed (and they are not that hard
to see, in my experience) which allow the
perspicacious viewer to be able to predict 'what
will happen next', and more importantly, 'why what
has happened, has happened'.

Viewing the world-dream can be taken as a hobby, or
as a necessity, or even as hellish punishment.

Beware of excessive preoccupation with the events
of the world-dream. Beware of identification with
and/or as, any character, form, or trend within the
world-dream. The world- dream is merely one level
of possibility in the vast field which is reality.

Running concurrent with the world-dream, are many
other dimensions' of possibility. It is possible to
learn to move between dimensions of experience.

What we call 'attachment' is an anchor to a fixed
way of Being.

Possibly, the most powerful anchor, the one that is
the most difficult to cut loose, is the adoption of
a way of Being which is _in defensive or protective
reaction_ to events perceived to occur in the
world-dream. This is very clear to me, but there
are those who will argue 'logically and with heart'
that my 'position vis-a-vis protective reaction' is
a defective one.

Clearly, identification as a character within the
world-dream is a problem, a problem which exists in
a field of possibility of choice. Choice includes
non-attachment; ergo, no identification, and thus
no anchor-point to the world-dream.

It is not only defense-reaction in itself which
anchors to the world-dream, but also each, every,
and all 'solutions' which are compounded
defensively in reaction to the world-dream.

This includes 'salvatory ways' such as 'ahimsa',
and every other prescriptive and proscriptive
strategy to 'fix what is wrong' with the

The point "here" is to ken the difference between
fixing what cannot be fixed (the collective karma
of humanity), and the other alternative, to be
selfish and be Okay in yourself.

As a point of logic, I will say this:

"If everyone was selfish and Okay in themselves,
the flavor of the world-dream would change

I must state however, that I am not advocating
'being selfish and Okay within yourself' as a means
of fixing what cannot be fixed. Even if the
world-dream could be fixed, its purpose would go on
and on, exactly as it does now.

(According to Biblical information, God ejected
Lucifer precisely BECAUSE Lucifer was not mature
enough to grok the schema which God had put into
place for the benefit of all sentient Beings.
Lucifer, concerned for a 'suffering humanity',
criticized Gods 'ways and means'.)

Lucifer did not comprehend what God was about.

So it is with contemporary would-be saviours, and
others who compound or promulgate sweet-sounding
'fixes' for what seems to be wrong. The only thing
wrong, is that the person driven by idealism, sees
something to be wrong.

That very behaviour is itself, 'the sin of
Lucifer', and like Lucifer, God "casts" such
'sinners' 'in hell'.


The formula:

Be with God = no sin (no misunderstanding)

Try to fix the world-dream = be in hell (a cast
of billions!)

Please keep in mind, that there is NO WAY fix what


Now for a very daring exposition!

First, the definitions:

Solution = more than one thing, mixed together;
compound; admixture.

Absolute = nothing in solution; pure; one thing
only, no admixture.

Next, the experimental tentative conclusion:

Perhaps from God's POV, the world-dream is the
'only solution'.


We as incarnate humans have a certain challenge,
which we can face or not. This challenge can be
understood to be the choice between two basic ways
of Being:

_1 Accept God's 'solution', the world-dream (To

_2 Fight against what seems to be wrong (Idealism)

If #2, we are 'cast in hell' (eg, 'cast' as in the
cast of a movie)

If #1, we are in communion-ication with God.

God communicates with us here in hell; God does
this by means of imposing certain patterns, which
may be taken as 'clues'. Thus, the world-dream may
be seen as a product of God (Maya).

This broadband broadcast of the
world-dream/hell/samsara/Maya is always available,
we can tune in to it at any time.

Like when watching a dramatic movie, we can slip
into identification with the events of the movie.
We are able to perfectly and seamlessly 'fit' into
a role, called identity.

Identity is the most ephemeral of all aspects of
the world-dream; fragile, and fraught with illogic,
which would disqualify it, if seen as it is. Yet,
it is the very fragile nature of identity, which
elicits such massive defensive support, by means of
gearing immunity to defend it as though it were a
vital and necessary part of Being.

Now, the logical contradiction of this situation is
this; without identity, there is no need for
defense (against events of the world-dream).

As long as identity persists as the center of Being
(the 'idea of me'), the way of Being will be
unremitting defense; the world-dream will NOT go

The world-dream will be the stage upon which
fragile identity must stand, showered with decaying
fruits and vegetables hurled by an unappreciative
audience. The slings and arrows of outrageous
fortune pierce to the very heart!

As has been stated many times, identification with
and as a 'body' can be very problematic.
Identification with and as a 'body of beliefs' can
be very problematic. Identification with 'others'
who themselves identify as 'bodies with beliefs'
can be very problematic, especially if we assume
that these 'others' with their misunderstandings,
need to be saved from their own 'ignorance'.

If on the other hand, we are selfish and accept the
Gift of God, we will have quite a different

The Gift of God is 'Eternal Life' in 'Heaven', no
defense necessary.



To reach for the divine is not without passion.
To reach the divine one strives to be without passion.

To find the immortal one must be passionately moved.
As the smithy learns the heat of the fire
And gives the body into well learned action
Does the steel mold itself to the passion of the smithy
Who does but an hour's worth of good labor

huh? hahahahah!

I pray with the power of power for mine enemy.
I will set them visions of weeping
Show them thier own heart is breaking
Even when they have set their minds to terrible purpose.
To pray
To set before and offer
As a gift freely given
So much so that is can ever be given again and again.

I pray for their hearts to be broken
Broken open and beseeching the lord
To stop the pain of their bloody deeds
Burning there in the heart of sweet reason
For the unreasoning acts they have done.

For them I will open the burning door of love
Invite them in to real rest
For mine enemy will i gladly put down my life.

What else could i offer?
My blood may be drained out
And my bones ground to powder
My flesh left for vultures and rats
Utterly destroyed though i may seem
My love will always be there.

It is who i am
My nature
I am there in the shadows
Where tears do fall.
And there in the rising dew
Of this good good earth.

I praise and honor the one who made this.

Look for that one in a speck and there in a mountain.
Each is filled by that one
And stars whirl through
The galactic ballet in the one.

My tongue is dry from shouting the love and glory of the one
Thanks be to the one who set me here down in this place
You are everything to me
Mother Father Child
Yet you are as nothing when passions caress is turned away.

Praise for the passionate giver of life.



"Ahimsa is the only path to self-realization."

~ Uh oh! Not another *ONLY* way idea to be clung to.... : -)

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