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Wednesday, September 19


One of my former students was on flight 11 from
Boston that crashed into the WTC. It was heart
breaking for me to console her mom not too many
days ago at a vigil we held at my college. I have
written about them in a special message on my


People say all kinds of things.
But the truth is, there is no way to say that it is
real, or that it is illusion.

Yes, and either way, whether we call it real or
unreal, the pain will continue to be felt until it
is not felt.

First of all you guys must never have been in deep
meditation or deep sleep, otherwise you would know
creation is unreal.

Anyone who has been "in" samadhi will know it's
unreal too - because you come "out" of it. So deep
sleep and meditation are unreal too. Who cares?

Also there is a point in detachment where one can
rise above the pain in a Holy Indifference. That is
compassion but no emotion, as per the WTC bombing

Detachment and attachment are but 2 sides of 1
coin. Hence what matters is the destruction of the
potential for both - which isn't the same as
indifference. This potential destroyed, pain and
pleasure do not pertain to the mind-body anymore -
that is called "happy" or "free" - a "state"
inapprehensible as the "usual" modes of thinking
are gone as is all feeling. This potential isn't
destroyed at once, it's a gradual process, an early
effect being the destruction of the potential to
enter and leave samadhi - also called "natural"
samadhi or "natural state". From apperception to
"there" is a long road of no distance...



Hey, valkery, sweet welcomes and stick around.
You're lovely.

Have you ever read Thomas Pynchon's novel V.? Just
curious... hard to feel fellowship when there are
gators in the sewers and secret mail societies, I

Speaking of being out of touch, here's a little
twist on it from a book the husband is reading, My
Story as Told by Water (David James Duncan... same
guy who wrote A River Runs Through It). Within this
book exists a discussion of what it means to be a
native vs. stocker human. (Think of fish, as in:
native trout and stocker trout.) The realization is
that, beyond some exceptional individuals and
indigenous cultures still living entirely within a
symbiotic exchange with their environment, we are
all stocker humans.

What does it take to be native? Perhaps a balance
of "force" would play into this... and not just in
a human relational sense.

(Small funny: I was once compared to a stocker
trout in a job interview by my prospective employer
and "native (trout)" Western North Carolinian.
Looking back on that, I laugh, thinking about how
displaced we all are within our environments...
another layer of not functioning with our
"bodies"... how to extend that "inner looking" to
the "outer body"?)

(Even larger funny: The telethon hobbes blathered
about has been announced. 9-11 on Friday. ABC, NBC,
CBS, and Fox. Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise... and
Bruce Springsteen. My bet is that someone sings
Born in the USA. Oh golly Moses!)

have a great day, all,




So that your own heart
Will grow.

Love So
God will think,

I got kin in that body!
I should start
inviting that soul over
For coffee and Rolls.”

Because this is a food
Our starving world

Because that is the purest

(“The Gift” – versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)



The subject 'stop terrorism' is very intersting.
But seriously, the situation is actual, and we, as
most of the 'consciousness & Nirvana' oriented
people, though perhaps very insightful, we just
exchange views behind closed doors.. the doors of
the club of our choice. So, though we might not
contribute to the mess, what's the value of that,
in terms of waking up even a bit of the rest of
humanity.. ?! Just about, nill value, seems to
me, unfortunately. So, what do you say ?.. Shall we
keep on talking ?..



yes, surely let's keep on talking. This does not
happen behind closed doors in any case: "They" are
listening. And furthermore the talk and sharing,
even if just amongst us, produces effects: some
insight into our personal madness/unconsciousness
arises, a silence arises and then the ripple

We relate with our families and others, we relate
via other lists and privately....

I hope you'll forgive me if this seems like
partisanship: my second Osho quote/discourse in
just a few days. This time only a link will be
supplied. .



"Just as rain breaks through an ill-thatched house,
so passion penetrates an undeveloped mind."
--Dhammapada 13

"uh, um hmmm... this is good - i'm needing some
constructive suggestions here on how to develop the
mind such!"


~ Here's a suggestion: Keep your awareness focused
in the present moment. Paying attention to your
breath is a good way to do it. Try it now -- Just
notice your inhale and exhale for three full
breaths. Then notice how you feel. Now for 5 full
breaths. Keep extending it.

You can practice this while chopping wood and
carrying water. And while witnessing your sci-fi
mind. Even while witnessing your passions from the
sanctity of your conscious breathing.


Detachment does not mean anesthesia.... it means you no longer
identify with, yet are aware of, the body, emotions,
your grand ideas.

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