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9/29/01 Saturday



Dear All,

Thank you for the many responses to my Mind Bomb post. I am sending a
separate mail with those replies in it for anyone to browse through if
they are so inclined.

[Note: due to length, please see that message in archives.]

Here is my own summary and reflections.

The replies received ranged from the immediate, 'That's great, I think the
same, what can we do?' to 'Such an approach is too simplistic and will end
up part of the problem'. Also some replies seemed, to me at least, an
opportunity for the responder to supply either their own particular
preference for sorting the world out or a chance to air their own views and
prejudices. As my post was all about becoming free of viewpoints, truths,
solutions, dogmatisms and fundamentalisms of all kinds I'm not sure whether
this was just funny or sad.

The initial impetus for asking what we might do in the world to end such one
track mindedness arose out of the simple insight that dogmatism is causing
division and conflict in the world. I think many ordinary people might agree
with this, what they might not see is that dogmatism is causing division and
conflict within themselves and their relationships i.e. there might be such
a thing as 'inner freedom', without which the outer world, which is a
reflection of our inner state won't change. So there is a dynamic here that
is both spiritual and practical, freedom within and without. Of course
whilst the insight might be simple we are up against the determination to keep safe
and continuous one's own pleasure and likewise keep away the world of
trouble and pain. So there is a depth of psychological enquiry to be taken
personally and collectively. I believe freedom is the methodology of this
enquiry, freedom from any limiting conclusion.

One of the concerns raised was that of being in contradiction, that any
action will be just a reaction, a continuation of the problem. The form of
this might be stated as being like 'The fight for freedom is still bound to
an ideal just the same as the problem is' or 'wanting non-dogmatism is still
another sort of dogmatism'. These are certainly the sort of responses I
might well give myself given my own 'non-dual' inclinations. Can this be
answered? Certainly all that I am writing now is not a matter of truth or
dogma and there is no reason why anyone should agree. It would need to be
clear then that anything stated is only a view not a truth, not something to
argue over. This might be called the view of the view, the dogma of the
dogma, the theory of the theory. Such intellectual honesty might stop the
descent into hypocrisy and might allow that our lives have space for a sense
of fun and humour. That this might be a war of play against ideology seems
to escape the tied mind. At any rate this is the best answer I can give
right now regarding contradiction.

The next question would be that of individual responsibility. I think there
is a general acceptance that we are all doing the best we can in our own
lives and thus doing our own small part. Also we don't want to fall in with
any group or organisation that's going to end up falling into disrepute or
is going to be guided by some belief or other, most have already tried that
and got out. So what is the situation we have? We have a world that is
organised on the basis of belief and ideology, security, and energy is
constantly going into that in order to sustain it and keep it stable. This
is also reflected individually where effort is constantly being made to
sustain our own inner situations, beliefs and status amongst everyone else
doing the same. These are the strong forces at work developed ever since man
found 'truth' and organised it! So there is an individual responsibility to
be inwardly free with all that entails. Is there any energy in that or is it
a passive condition? that would be an important question. If the energy that
goes into ideology went into freedom would there be energy born of that

So what is the next step. Its seems clear that we all have the
responsibility for our own freedom, our own integrity, so there is no
compromise on that. Still there is nothing to stop us coming together,
sharing about this both privately and in the public domain. So far as I have
the energy to do that I will, and continue to welcome and support others
with a similar 'clear view'.

Love and best wishes,


Manifesting this day

It should be remembered that dead stars also shine upon the
eye. Light is a time traveler, thus what is seen is always a
presumed view of our reality. Likewise, all manifest things
are lit by the entropy of light and time, and cannot be relied
upon to be present. This is the actuality of this perceptive
moment. Unless we become this moments light.

In order for the perceptual world to be at hand. Instantly.
It must be manifest by awakened light, not dying light. To
manifest, is to bring to hand that which strikes us now.
There is only one light that happens now, and that is our
mindful consciousness.

After sleep we awake. This waking and sleeping is also star
shine. To be the light of the world we need to be a nova. To
manifest the simplicity of creative awareness. So that each
moment is contained within the alpha and omega of
ourselves. To self reveal beyond time.

There is no such thing as a day beyond our creation. Every
eventuality can be lit by conscious intention. Just as an eon
of karma is obliterated by one moments complete self
forgiveness, so this day is not before you, but is the birth of
your creative reality. That is its extent. It cannot be more or
less than the light you give to it.

Ye are Gods, is not some idle fancy the ancients dreamed of.
Only megalomaniacs dream small dreams. God-light is
beyond dreams, for it is free of the paths of time. Nothing
limits, but the belief in limitation. Thus we can create this
day beyond time, that it be the revelation of time.

Momentary revelation is as a message in a bottle sent by the
All of us, that arrives upon a present shore, between past
and future. Like all Real messages it is not written in time,
but reveals itself within it. Yet without mindful light, we do
not see it clearly. Essentially it manifests the sum of our
willingness to be the creation. It is the manifesto of- Let
There Be Light.

Each morning, awake before you wake up. There is a light
in you that does not sleep, return to that. Rest at peace,
knowing that the day you want to be, shall be according to
your love for its creation. Understand though, that a
spiritual reality can take any form, so be ready to see any
manifestation in this light. It is not a question of striving to
be the light of the world, but accepting the light of you as its
creation. We are responsible for what we see, so let us be
responsible for the seen, knowing that they are talismans of
our present consciousness.

This day is an unbegun beginning of You. It is good to have
a beginners mind, it is perfect to have an un-beginning
mind. Such a mind is beyond beginning and ending, it is
creation in the transmission of love. The action of no-action.
For that which manifests is your creation in the light of
what you allow of yourself to shine. Be willing to be this
light, and there is nothing that will not be revealed to you
this day. There is explicit truth and implicit Truth. Be that.

A moment of awareness is the glance of God.
Give yourself - what no eyes has seen,
eat at the table that love sets.
Before time, you are Yourself.
Perfect abundance.




For many of us the attacks two weeks ago were a bell of mindfulness, calling us to rethink our individual and collective
commitments, an assessment of what we should have done, a reconfiguring of what types of actions make sense in this
world. In a recent interview Thich Nhat Hanh was asked the question: What would you say to Osama Bin Laden? His
reply is below.
May all beings be well, happy, and peaceful.



Might want to check this out


"From the beginning of time into present-day
civilization--whether it's ethnic cleansing in
Kosovo or in Sri Lanka--if there's been bloodshed,
it's been into the name of God, and it's been in
the name of a fragmented God, not a God of
wholeness, not a God of nonduality." --Deepak

I think we're stuck with a fragmented God because
it is made in our image. I don't think there will
ever be the God of nonduality, because it couldn't
possibly last; it would consume itself in an
instant. If it doesn't then it's another fragmented

I don't know of any leader or nation that can
handle this fragmentation, including the U.S. and
the Taliban. Fragmentation and differences rise
forth like mountains. I feel like I'm in a mountain
climbing club led by a bunch of people that hate

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