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Highlights #847

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Thursday, October 4


Ain't it just a weird world?

Deepak Chopra named his son Gotham.

Jenifer W. will alter your conciousness with table
tipping. Her slogan is 'have table will travel'.

Swami Beyondananda will give you a tape with
nothing on it. If you hear anything, it is all in
your head.

Stephen L. O. provides legal service for among
other things - meditation.

Can't find your soul? Dr. Alberto V. will help you
to retrieve it.

Sri S. assures all seekers of enlightenment that
they will get a light body and won't need food,
clothing, money or sex.

Brenda C. will help you to get rewired for the new

There are so many levels of Reiki that the income
potential is virtually unlimited.

If you have a bad akashic record, Christine can
clear it.

Ram Dass is being here now with his impending
death. And, Wayne Dyer had a heart attack - despite
his healthy lifestyle and the fact that he is an
all around good guy.

David C. can guide the tarot. This could be useful
if you can't do it yourself.

Your child is probably a mutant - that is it is
probably an indigo child. They are actually
Lemurians or something like that.

Feeling a little down in the prana? Take a class
from Master C. K. S. Both basic and advanced
classes are available.

Can't find your higher self? Craig J. knows all
about it, where you put it and who has it now.
Craig will help you to ferret it out of one of
those pesky past lives.

Have too much resolution and harmony in your life?
Well don't worry. Gina P. can help you to promote
it. It should be valuable to somebody.

Are you enlightened by still a klutz when it comes
to web design? Larry J. is your man!

Penny J. will feng shui you - FOR FREE!

Looking for a good trans-channel? Look no more,
Molly R. is connected! St. Germain, the brotherhood
of light, ascended masters, archangels, and of
course the space brotherhood are all readily
available to her.

Do you feel that you do not have the life you were
meant to live? Chetan P. can rearrange your
psycho-spiritual DNA and fix you right up! See? It
wasn't your fault after all.

Got dirty karma? Well who doesn't. Take advantage
of Rabbi Yehuda L.'s services. He doesn't do
windows - he does karma.

And of course the real problem is that everybody is
full of shit! Whoops, got to run - that colonic is
starting to work!


Peace - buncha goofballs - Michael



I wonder.

Am I acting on the world or is the world acting on me?
Am I a causer or a consequence?
A mover or the moved?

If there is neither me or the world
There is neither cause or result
How can this be?

Immovably yours,


There is only the whole
Not even nothing is separate
It is more than a weave;
Differentiation is merely virtual.

You know what happens
In zero-gravity situation;
If you push it is you
who moves.

Knowing the whole
Is ability to predict

System cannot be beat
All things are intrinsic to System
System is organic.

System rewards
For intelligence,
Punishes for retrograde behaviour,


Intelligence is its own reward
Hell is a portable condition
System conditions learners
Into the condition of System,

Those who will not respond
To conditioning by System
Invoke the power of System;
System power is seemingly infinite.

System cannot act against itself
Thus all actions are harmonious
Leading either to conformity to System
Or expiration of the actor,

One who pushes against System
Pushes System against himself,
By degree of disagreement
Provoking proportional confrontation,

Until Force meets Power
And Power absorbs Force
Leaving only Power;
Thus System self-regulates.


Re-action. Reaction. Re: action

A "movable" is a stool (shakespeare), a movable
object to sit upon, unmoving.

All the world's a movable. Or,

All the world's immovable.

The (im)movable world is neither (im)movable, nor a
world. Discuss.

Everything that makes us, makes us soo different,
accidents of birth and geography. Yet the same
stuff that makes you makes me. How can *this* be?



Dear Nina:

Yes I recall writing about portraits. I said
sometimes I have to animate people's faces to get
them to be themselves when I draw them from life by
pushing their buttons. Ushakov wrote about doing a
portrait of God. I don't want to push the buttons
of the Old Testament God. I became convinced a very
long time ago that when I saw the person in the
eyes that was really them, usually just a flash, I
was seeing myself. Quite often they would look back
and a moment of recognition just stretched out. I
could tell they enjoyed it as much as I did.

It was said that you could not look directly at God
or you would be consumed or something. Shankara has
told us in 'Drik Drisya Viveka'

"The Self cannot be seen as object, not being
perceived by anything else."

Draw the portrait of God Ushakov! Even portraits of
mortals lack their Infinitness, Tenderness, Peace,
and Love. But just show a little of it and others
can imagine the rest.

That's not much of a cage Nina if you can just go
over to the PC anytime you want. Have some wheat

Bobby G.



> > .. Can enlightened people, become jealous ?
> > Poonjaji, reacted heavily, when then-his-wife Mira, was having
> sex
> > with people in Africa.
> > JB

> well at least they were people. there's lots of gazelles and stuff
> in Africa.

If that doesn't make NDHighlights,
I'm unsubscribing. :-)

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