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Thursday, October 11

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4 Categories of Affirmations

We have affirmations about our Guru. In Sanskrit,
Gu stands for Gunatita. One who is beyond the
attributes. Of Light, Activity and Inertia. In
Sanskrit, Ru stands for Rupavarjita. One who is
devoid of Form. Thus, the Guru is one who is beyond
attributes and is devoid of Form. Such a One is our
Guru. Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

And, Sri Bhagawan is always One with the Supreme
Self. And, which Supreme Self is also the essence.
Of the One Personal God. Of Hinduism. And, the One
Formless God. Of Islam and Christianity. Thus, we
must follow Sri Bhagawan. That too, wholeheartedly.
And, without entertaining any doubt in our minds.
Because, that also amounts to following the
Commandments. Of the One God of the universe.

Next, we have affirmations about our goal. As set
out by Sri Bhagawan. So that we do not get
distracted. By inessential egoistic attractions.
And, get side-tracked. From our main-pursuit of
Self-Enquiry. To attain our goal of
Self-Realisation. These affirmations describe the
Glory of the Self. And thus, inspire us heavily.
And, keep us persisting in Self-Enquiry. Despite
apparent difficulties.

Then, we have affirmations about our method of
spiritual effort. As set out by Sri Bhagawan. That
is, about Self-Enquiry. These affirmations throw
light upon it. And, clarify it. "When you are on
your beds, search your hearts and be silent"
(Psalms 4:4, Old Testament, The Holy Bible)

Finally, we have affirmations about our daily life.
As given by Sri Bhagawan. About the attitudes we
must possess in our daily life. About the
understanding we must have. In relation to the
events that may happen to us. As respects our outer
life circumstances. These protect us from being
unduly moved or shaken. By favourable or untoward
happenings. And, help us to persist in

The formation of our conscious mind. Until our
attaining to the teens. Through the affirmations
proceeding from the group mind. And, its impact on
our subconscious. And, then our spiritual
Affirmations. Using our Will Power. After attaining
to the teens. Through our conscious mind. To
reprogram the subconscious. So as to remove the
obstacles to Self-Enquiry.

These will follow in the next e-mail. And then,
will follow the actual translation of the text 'Sri
Ramana Padha Pancharathnam'.

Yours in Sri Bhagawan
RK Sankar



Need to contemplate the vastness and beauty of the

Take a look here.

Whichever direction one points, one points to
infinity. Take yourself out doors of a starry night
and look up. The moon and the stars and the streaks
of fire. What a show!

You are one with that vastness - that infinite
granduer. What bother to imagine otherwise? All
that can be seen is a fraction of what is. What a

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