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10/16/01 Tuesday



All 'NOWs' are the same.

I have just spent a week with my family on the beautiful East African Coast.

This time things were different for me.
On the way to the Coast in a slow night train there was no excitement or
expectancy, nor impatience to get there. I was quite content with the NOW
of the train journey.
At the Coast my Wife and kids had the best holiday ever. For me it was just
another NOW to be content and happy with.
Back in Nairobi I am still content and peaceful with the NOW.

I think living in the NOW makes a person content, even happy with any
situation. I suspect it would make no difference to me living in
Afghanistan [at risk of a bomb falling on me, and a very uncertain future]
or on a beautiful deserted Island with friends [and comforts] of my choosing.

Anybody with similar [or more 'non-dual' ] experiences?

With Love,
Cyber Dervish


A puzzle

If all we know is only known in reference to something else
How can we know anything?
How can anything be certain?
Even uncertainty itself is uncertain.


Thinking about the segment of the population generally interested in
spiritual thoughts and approaches, and which reads spiritual books, how
would you explain to the people making-up that population why it is
important to understand nonduality?

Yes, I'm trying to con a publisher into publishing my book, which will
make us all famous.



Hi Jerry-ji,

Some thoughts that might help with the selling in your conference w/
publisher or agent:

-Teaches tolerance for all, something sorely needed these days
-No nondualist has ever attacked another country
-The core of all religions
-Has unexpected answers to purpose of life, where everything came from, and
what will happen after we die
-It's getting to be a hot subject
-Quietly becoming a grass-roots phenomenon (I know, contradicts the
previous point)
-It's what Deepak and Oprah's teachings are based on
-The Dalai Lama's teachings too, but buried a bit deeper
-Lots of internet activity in this direction
-Goes more quickly to the very heart of the matter than anything else
-No conceptual baggage, nothing to learn or memorize
-A person needn't have a religion, adopt one, or abandon their current one
-There are versions with spiritual practices, and versions without

Break a leg Jerry! If yours gets published, I'll write one next! What
about the NDS Books enterprise??




Good points Sir Greg. I'll keep them in mind for my book.
Its tentative title is 'The Awakening Heart'. However I have been
geting good response to the title 'Zen, Poetry and Other Spiritual

Other points to consider
- Non-duality is open, freewheeling, full of laughter and sharing.
- you can't do it wrong, only better.
- is low on calories but high on energy.
- meditation is optional.
- accepts you just as you are.
- always has a place set for you at the table.
- makes you a better lover.
- keeps you warm at night.
- is gentle but strong.
- lasts a lifetime.
- answers all questions.
- chuckles at itself.

loveya - michael


I think the main reason people turn to spirituality is to find
self-acceptance. If they can make themselves God, then of course
they will accept themselves, despite the fact that they're ugly,
or fat, or stupid, or freakish, or whatever other putdowns are
ruling their minds.

It begins this way, and hopefully leads to self-acceptance first,
and then, the self-realization, which cannot occur without self-
acceptance in place. This is why I believe psychotherapy to be such
an important component of sadhana. Therapy with a good counselor
will get you the self-acceptance. That's 90% of the program right
there. The last 10% is up to the Cosmos.


Ahh yes, it's a tough one!

Before we were seekers, we lived, and no more, asleep and suffering.
Being, actually, being what we are.
Suffering, perhaps, we see that there must be more!
Yes, the suffering did that!

So God knows, I look.
I see that there are some unanswered mysteries.
There are incongruencies, and yes,
with perserverence I begin to discover wonders.
Yes, suffering did that, and not accepting the status quo.

So I take my treasured shiney box,
Proof that there may be salvation.
I see by the light of this shiney box,
that it was my fettered mind that kept these treasures from me.
I see that I am not quite what I thought I was.
Well, how did I get here anyways?

Yes, with time, the door opens!
What a surprise, that "last?" barrier,
my point of view from "inside" snaps!
I want to tell the world not to waste their
time. I cry at the suffering, knowing now
that there really is nothing to do.

But I am free.
And the secret is there to be found.
Over and over again.
Could that be what it's all about?
Knowing THIS.

Love and Light,Dave


Dear Everyone,

These two sentences are an excerpt from a letter that I wrote to HS a month and a half ago:

"A surprise visitor from the past appeared on the scene and after the first day I became confused, disoriented, lost
my cool, etc. The result was a frantic search into the mind for various metaphysical explanations, which of course led to
further confusion, disorientation, and loss of coolness."

I have good news! (Someone dance with me!!)

Yesterday my old friend unexpectedly showed up in the driveway again. She is still who she is and I am still who I am,
but the difference this time is.....who cares?

I learned a secret: when I stop acting like myself and I start acting "nice," I find myself in a mire of tremendous

As myself, I may not be "nice" but I am tapped into a resource of love and compassion that is without condition and
without limit!

Aaaahhh!!! It is so very SIMPLE!

As fate would have it, my friend couldn't bear to stay too long. Silence makes her squirmy.
I wished her well on her journey and sent her off with great love.

She gave me a hug and a kiss and went to give one to Ananda (one month shy of 4) and Ananda said to her quite
plainly, "I don't like kisses on me." I just beamed. I guess my daughter already knows that secret.

And the autumn wind is blowing gently
loosening the crispy leaves from their hold
They are floating down without effort
and even though they are lifeless
they paint the earth unknowingly
with their radiance

Om Shanti.


i'll tell you where it is

it is not over there
nor is it here

it is not up there
nor down there

it is not on this side of the door
nor on the other side

it is not in fantasy land
nor is it imaginary

it is not in reality
nor is it unreal

it is not found
it is not lost

it is not a state of mind
nor is it mindless

it isn't found some where or some when

it is in every where and in every when

let this become very clear
and you will see it

loveya - michael

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