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Nonduality Salon (/\)

Highlights #86

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Today the editor is inspired to make the highlights nameless.
Somebody famous wrote ..."Don't look at me, take what is
in my hand." Who was that? Was it Jesus? Ha Ha. This is
funny. I don't remember who said it.
You weren't sitting next to Pee Wee Herman at the time, were
Alice Bailey one day, Pee Wee Herman the next. Now why
couldn't Kuthoomi have channeled his stuff through Pee Wee?
Then that stuff would've been FUN to read.
it strikes me that, if grace provides a guru in the form best suited to
stuff i need to learn, that form might appear to be a bit off center.
would explain why i have learned so much from some of the most unlikely
forms--not all of them human. it could be that a "teacher" is abusing
power-- that is a lesson in itself. could it be that what's-her-face
"survives" in order that atrocities born from words such as hers do not
happen again? or that the shenanigan's of others finally drive us to
point of true self/guru: silence and stillness of mind?

to me the paradox is that the truly non-dual teacher won't call himself
teacher, guru or whatever. that implies duality because of the
teacher/student thing.
I despair, after all the years of studying to realise
underlying harmony of life and still here we are *favoring*
one concept over another, one person over another and
blocking Love. Were's the freedom in it, calling
one person paranoid or another a white supremacists, right
or wrong and on and on.... Do we not gather together here to
behind all that?. Why cant we see how much it
keeps us from the real work of bridging the illusory gap
between each other and our universe.

Whats the point in sending in high fallootin' quotes from
our favorite Gurus or sweet words during rare moments of
insight and then continuing the dirty dance of the human
condition as usual. How can this be? Do we go through a
schizophrenic crisis before we drop all this ignorance? Why
do we spend so much energy discussing, what we do not seem
to have the energy to live. Have you noticed how active the
list is at the
slightest hint of controversy and how quiet we are when at
peace? It makes me wonder whether we really
serious about dissolving the illusory gaps here or prefering
to continue the deadly dangerous game, that the human
condition has become. Sure I love our human naughtyness ,
but when it
starts hurting then we are sick again.
Do we go through a
>schizophrenic crisis before we drop all this ignorance?


I would say, yes, we do. At least I do.

Someone used the term 'harmony thru conflict' the
other day. I'm not sure what that means exactly,
but it felt right to me.

I see it much like us having 2 natures: a God nature,
and a human nature.

And what we experience as we begin awakening to
our God nature are those spaces of 'incompatibility'
between the two.

I see it as simply a matter of evolution that man
will move from operating in a realm of human nature
(duality) to that of God nature (nonduality).

The value of these lists, for me, is not only
listening to the music of our God nature (thru
quotes from our beloved masters, or from moments
of inspiration), but also for the opportunities
to recognize all those spaces within us where we
are holding onto (attaching) to our human nature.

Conflict is nothing more than our attachments
(and shadows, fears) from our human nature being
projected outwardly for us to examine. I think
that's why you see so many postings in times of conflict. And that's
to me, conflict is not

It's a natural and quite effective process for
the spiraling of human consciousness, both
individually and collectively.
In my effort to gather together nondual
realizers and confessors, I'm bringing attention to a
diverse population of people who speak sincerely from a
nondual perspective, for what it's worth.
If a teacher can't teach in Silence, reading his/her
publications will do just as well :)
I just thought of something funny that George Carlin said,
He said , "If you guys (speaking of mankind) ever do get it all
figured out and the world is at peace, let it be known that I
still don't want to be a part of it." :-)
I can see now my disappointments are always an
attachment to 'my' need to see 'my' vision manifest 'my' way
NOW :-). Sometimes its so hard to see the suffering going on
knowing the attachment to beliefs that have caused it, but
to have to
allow each and everyone to learn their lessons in their own
special way and time, myself included.
Truth is simple. We must
make our "gaze" simple to recognize it. You are right that people run
those teachers who speak of past lives and talk to their dead relatives
a fee, etc. Many are the sophisticated and subtle deceptions of teachers
make so many promises which are meaningless. Rare is the Soul, who is
the teacher/student dichotomy and abides in the Silence of the Heart. I
like this following quote.

"O Devi, there are many gurus on earth who give what is other
than the Self, but hard to find in all the worlds is the guru
who reveals the Self."

For most people, living knee deep in bills
and family dramas, and their demanding
employers breathing down their necks,
the wisdom of 'this world is only
an illusion' or 'neti, neti' is seen
as escapism. The eastern masters
generally don't 'speak' to those that
are just beginning to stir from their

Not initially.
yesterday, at a local used book
store i asked the owner about his "new age" versus
section. he keeps having to shift the books around due to customer
complaints. right now, anything non-christian goes in new age. locals
complained about ramana and ram dass sitting on the shelves with jesus.
asked him if it would be okay if i accidently put some books back in the
wrong places-- he said "no problem." :)
by thomas merton

when no one listens
to the quiet trees
when no one notices
the sun in the pool
where no one feels
the first drop of rain
or sees the last star

or hails the first morning
of a giant world
where peace begins
and rages end:

one bird sits still
watching the work of god:
one turning leaf,
two falling blossoms,
ten circles upon the pond.

One cloud upon the hillside,
two shadows in the valley
and the light strikes home.
now dawn commands the capture
of the tallest fortune,
the surrender
of no less marvelous prize!

closer and clearer
than any wordy master,
thou inward Stranger
whom i have never seen,

deeper and cleaner
than the clamorous ocean,
seize up my silence
hold me in Thy Hand!

now act is waste
and suffering undone
laws become prodigals
limits are torn down
for envy has no property
and passion is none.

look, the vast Light stands still
our cleanest Light is One!

from The Strange Islands

Perhaps even those who have realized Self

are subject to having the unconscious shadow aspects

of selfness. Perhaps we would do well to be aware of the

acting out of the "shadow" by teachers, particularly

when this acting out involves harming others, imposing on others,

not informing or gaining consent from others. This "skepticism"

could point us toward realizing that indeed, it's

"not enough to realize Self." Reality involves the wholly Other

coming in to play, such that what was no longer is.

How can the self end itself? How can a vision that all is

Self truly be the ending of attachment? In other

words, Reality requires the ending of the vision

of all as Self, to discover the wholly Other that originates

this vision. In this Other is the ending of the known,

the self, the finite, the attachments, the contrast of

self with other. Infinity may then shine unempeded, revealing

God as God is (or simply That which is).

This emptying of self from oneself is not an act of

the self, of thought or emotion, or of one's realization of

something such as an ultimate Self. Thus, this emptying

reverses the emptying which occurred when the Other made itself

Other to itself, created a "space" which allowed the finite to manifest

from the infinite. Can Reality simultaneously absent itself

from itself, manifest the finite, and absent itself as finite

self from manifestation? Speaking symbolically: can God become Adam,

experience a fall, and simultaneously act as Jesus and ressurect itself

from the fallen condition that it predestined when it manifested

what is finite? This is the wholly Other acting within the Self,

beyond the Shadow, to end the dialectical process of Self and Shadow.

Thus, there is a reclaiming by the One of

itself, delivering itself from duality and death by ending

the false self that seems to suffer and die. A trap for

the finite or false self is to think that its thought

process can deliver it, that a guru will deliver it,

that its false and manipulative existence in any sense will

be delivered. Only that which it erroneously conceives as nothingness

will be left, only that aspect of itself that it considers most

other than itself, which is the still point where it

"touches" God. The ending of the falsely separate

self by God is Grace, and love, yet the self that clings

to a vision of Self my be attached to such a vision

in a way that doesn't allow a place for the truly

infinite to enter.

If the Other enters the self in a way that

ends the "selfness" or embededness in the past

of awareness, infinity may

act in our present lives in ways that are unknown --

not a "self-process" and beyond a "self recognition."

The shadow that you mentioned might be very important

to be aware of, fully accept, as a prelude to the Unknown

which is "beyond the shadow" to "enter" one's life process.

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