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Wednesday, October 17

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There is a divine nostalgia that moves the soul
outward to find itself in the world. There is a
subtle way of uncovering the soul of ourselves
within heart vision. It is seeing the love of our
child self as we emerge in loves reality.

The nostalgia of the soul is a yearning to be so
visible in the world that only the soul itself can
be seen within it. This is a remembrance of how the
sun was created to rise and set in each being, that
the world could turn around One heart.

The child of love seeks its sacred inheritance in
the birth of itself, and claims nothing but its
original face. It knows that to be the eye of God
it must live free of the appearance of form, while
loving the form as the dress of its existence. Only
children can make love-play like this. Playing in a
dolls house or pirates den, knowing that the tales
they tell, are love stories shared together for the
souls escape to wonder.

Each moment we are dressed into creation, that we
might cloth the world with fresh garments. Just as
a child will make-believe by dressing up in
whimsical clothes to enact a scene, so the child of
love imagines its playground the home of itself
also. It can never be orphaned from its reality,
for it has made the world the house of its love.
Knowing nothing else matters.

The home of Holiness
is the Love you allow yourself to be.
Forget about being here
and not being here.
Of being homeless,
or journeying home.
Turn your heart
to loving the world into being
in every moment of awareness,
and you shall return to God
what has always been.



"When we admit we are gullible, easily seduced by
the senses and deluded by glamour, including
intellectual glamour, we have at least the
beginning of discernment.

Fortunately, in this world of duality man has been
given a consciousness which can instantly detect
that which is destructive and signal it to his
otherwise ignorant mind by the grossly visible
weakening of the body in the presence of the
inimical stimuli.

Wisdom can ultimately be reduced to the simple
process of avoiding that which makes you go weak -
nothing else is required."

(by David R Hawkins)

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